PETA Puts Restoration Hardware Execs on Blast: ‘Stop Funding Animal Abuse’

Inside the meeting, a PETA representative called out executives over the company’s continued use of cruelly obtained down feathers and mohair, asking:

“When will Restoration Hardware stop supporting this abuse and commit to no longer using mohair in any of its products?”

Today, a group of PETA supporters bearing signs proclaiming, “Restoration Hardware: Stop Funding Animal Abuse,” gathered outside the company’s annual meeting in Corte Madera, California.

No pillow or comforter is worth the terror experienced by a baby goat sheared bloody for mohair or a bird plucked alive for a feather filling. PETA is calling on Restoration Hardware to stop supporting cruelty to animals and take all down and mohair items off its shelves.

We recently revealed that angora goats were mutilated, dragged, thrown, and killed in cruel ways in the mohair industry. PETA’s video exposé on the subject has already prompted more than 250 top retailers worldwide to ban mohair.

In the down industry, workers often restrain birds and rip out their feathers by the fistful, sometimes leaving them with bloody, gaping wounds.

Buying down can also support the foie gras industry, as producers often boost their profits by selling the feathers of birds who were force-fed until their livers became diseased and swelled to up to 10 times their normal size.

Join Us in Demanding Compassion From Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware offers a down alternative for nearly all its bedding and upholstery, which it describes as the “lightest, loftiest and most natural-feeling” material of its kind. There’s no reason for the company to continue selling items made with down feathers-nor is it necessary, chic, or kind to continue stocking shelves with mohair that’s been crudely taken from screaming goats. Join us in urging Restoration Hardware to stop supporting animal abuse:

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