The biggest reptiles in the world

The biggest crocodiles

Saltwater crocodile

Living reptile the largest saltwater crocodile. It is also called sea crocodile and a man-eating crocodile. These reptiles attack people.

Meet in the East Indian States of Indo-China, in the North of Australia. Live in lagoons, estuaries, swamps.

Come across individuals up to a length of seven meters and weighing up to two tons. Normal – a five-meter saltwater crocodiles. Say that used to be man-eating crocodiles with a length of ten feet.

Nile crocodile

Large size reaches the Nile crocodile. Its length is from two to five feet. According to some reports, there were also ten instances.

Record length living on the American continent of an alligator is 5.8 meters. Weight more than a ton.

The biggest snake


The title of the largest snake on the planet expect a giant Anaconda and reticulated Python. The boa constrictor, the Anaconda lives in the Amazon basin.

Was found and measured an Anaconda which was up to 7.5 meters and weighed 250 pounds. There are many reports of Anaconda and large sizes – up to 11 meters. But this is unofficial data..

Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python living in India and Southeast Asia, may have a length of 9.7 meters. However, the weight of the Anaconda, he concedes.

And the Python and Anaconda snakes non-poisonous. From the largest of poisonous snakes – the king Cobra. The length of these reptiles is 3-4 meters. In 1937, caught a special length of 5.71 metres.

The biggest lizards

Komodo dragon

The largest lizard the Komodo dragon is considered to be. It is also called the dragon of Komodo. It can reach three meters and weighing 120 pounds. Hunting for deer. The biggest turtle – the leatherback sea. Sometimes there are turtles with a length of two and a half meters and weighing 900 kilograms.

The big dinosaurs

Turtle arkhelon

Striking size fossil reptiles. Almost all of them disappeared from the earth about 65 million years ago, as a result of a natural disaster. Turtle arkhelon, a relative of modern sea turtles lived in the Cretaceous period.

Its length reached up to 4.6 meters, weight up to 2.2 tons, a span of fins – up to five meters.


Another giant fossil reptile that lived in the sea – ichthyosaur.


Its length approaching 24 meters. He had huge eyes. Ichthyosaur developed a speed of 40 km per hour. It is the largest marine reptile in history.

The largest flying reptile is Pteranodon, a species of pterodactyls. Its wingspan was 15.5 meters! Pteranodon lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.


Predator t-Rex reached a length of over 12 metres and a height of 4 metres. It weighed, according to the latest calculations, 9 tons. This reptile is well known to the film “Jurassic Park,” in which she makes all indescribable horror. But the largest land predator of all time was, apparently, a fossil alligator. His remains date back to 8 million years. He had a 12 meters in length and weighed 18 tons.


Colossal dimensions had herbivorous dinosaurs. Diplodocus was up to 27 meters. He weighed from 20 to 80 tons. Found complete skeletons of Diplodocus. Little inferior to it in size Brachiosaurus. Its length was 25 meters height – 13 meters, weight – 36 tons.


Some dinosaurs are known only from a few fragments of the skeleton. Therefore, their sizes and even the fact of existence remain a subject of scientific disputes. Among them are real giants. So, supersaver presumably reached 34 meters in length and weighed forty tons.

Mamenchisaurus was a length of 35 meters. Of these, 15 meters had on the neck. This is the long-necked animal in history. The length of ampicillin ranged from 40 to 62 meters, weighs 140 tons! It’s hard to imagine such a monster. It is the largest creature that has ever lived on earth.

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