The most adorable dog breed

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without four-legged friend. Dogs have always been the best and most faithful friends of man.

Presenting your attention the several species, from one sight on which it is impossible not to smile.

Siberian husky

Get along well with all people. Love affection and tenderness. They are calm, but active and agile, easy to find adventure. Try to please the owners, but at the same time they are very stubborn.

They should continuously and intensively trained from childhood, otherwise in older age will be hard to communicate with unmanaged pet. Very large. Growth up to 60 cm and weighs 27 pounds. Live up to 12 years.

American actor Jared Leto said about his husky: “My loyal Pets. It seems to me that they understand me more than people”.

Akita inu

Akitas are brave, fearless, proud and loyal dog, able at any moment to protect yourself and beloved master. Demand respect, understanding, acceptance to become a member of the family. In a shower very vulnerable. Used to live in the Royal families at court. Each Akita was a personal servant, and every dog still remembers about that time, because they are hard to train. Grow up to 75 centimeters and weigh 50 kilograms.

All famous dog Hachiko this particular breed. In Tokyo is a monument to him, Hachiko became a symbol of loyalty and devotion. Often lovers here designate the meeting place before a date.

Welsh Corgi

“Perpetual motion” – about the exact Corgi. This breed of dog is one of the oldest. They helped the shepherds follow the sheep. You can’t show Corgi that they don’t need. It is important work and activity. If you don’t have herds that need to overtake, it will catch mice, and if not, do not hesitate to make tireless workaholic will easily find something. Can’t live without the attention of the owner. They are petite. Growth of 30 cm and a weight of 9-14 kg.

There is a legend according to which on the Corgi went fairies. And maybe it’s true, because on the face left of the shape, like a bridle, but on the back traces of a small saddle.


Will no doubt be a full member of the family! Spitz are very sociable, affectionate, joyous, cheerful, energetic. Love to play and spend time with their owners. Despite its small size, they will warn you about the danger of a shrill bark. The Pomeranian is able to train and quickly learns new commands. Dogs of this breed need to be liked all at once.

Weigh about 3 pounds and grow up to 30 centimeters. Live 12-15 years. Thanks to their furry coat and eyes, like beads, they resemble a plush toy and cause the surrounding emotion.


Love to take part in all the Affairs of the family. Imagine a large and menacing dogs. Even though they are small in size, but the shrill bark easily frightened even larger counterpart. Do not require long walks and a large space, so even an elderly person living in a small apartment. Wayward, but as soon as I can find a common language with the owner – faithful four-legged friend secured.

You need to be very careful when playing with them, as they have very fragile bones. As previously mentioned, Chihuahuas are very small: up to 20 inches in height, weighing up to 3 pounds, but live a very long time – 12-15 years.

Interestingly, Chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the world. Of course there are more little dog, but it’s artificially bred dogs.


Miraculously combines the charm of a little dog and courage of a loyal dog. Energetic, lively, affectionate, neat, active, and funny pug will never make you bored. He will entertain you with unusual sounds. Funny they wheeze, sneeze and even grunt! I love to learn something new and without difficulty trainable. Options: growth to 25-30 inches and weighs 3-7 pounds. Life expectancy up to 15 years.

Pugs were bred in China. They were dogs of the emperors and lived in large palaces. While pugs do not have a clear wrinkles, but the pattern of wrinkles on the forehead was in the shape of Chinese characters. For this reason, wrinkles on the forehead pug began to call “Emperor’s mark”

All dogs undoubtedly beautiful. The main thing – that the owner showed unconditional love and care to your pet.

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