The most dangerous fish in the world

In the oceans and fresh water bodies lives more than 30 thousand species of fish. Among these bright floating vertebrates there are those who pose a greater danger to people and other living beings.

Beyond the well-known sharks in the seas, rivers, lakes around the world there are aggressive parasitic and predatory fish, attacks which often lead to fatal consequences.

And it is not a poisonous fish that enter their toxins in the victim’s body, mostly those that attack and affect the living beings physical strength and a powerful bite. So which fish are the most dangerous in the world?

Fifth place – Candiru

Candiru, vandelliya normal (Vandellia cirrhosa) – acne-like parasitic fish, which on average grows no more than 2.5-6 cm Is a tiny translucent creature is also called “fish-vampire” because it feeds on the blood of gabrovec in the cavities of other fishes. Vandelliya normal inhabits the waters of South America, mainly the Amazon river, and attacks animals and people who bathe.

Candiru comes into the human being and lengthen short spikes on the gills to gain a foothold inside the bodies and sucking the blood. This leads to inflammation, hemorrhage and even death of the victim. The fish difficult to remove from the body even surgery.

Fourth place – tiger fish

Tiger fish – most dangerous fish in Africa; it is a predator with large sharp 5-inch teeth and dark vertical stripes on the body. They hunt in packs for large animals, destroy production for a couple of seconds. The two largest species of this fish – the common tiger fish which reaches a weight up to 15 kg and lives in the rivers of Africa called the Lualaba and Zambezi; tiger fish Goliath, which reaches up to 2 meters length, more than 50 kg in weight and lives in lake Tanganyika and the Congo river;

Tiger fish Goliath – extremely fast in pursuit of prey, its speed is 100 km/h. She has good far vision and good hearing, which makes it easy to find the production of several kilometers.

The largest predatory fish in the world

The great white shark is the largest predatory fish in the world, which lives in cool, coastal oceanic waters. Adults grow up to 4.5-6.4 m in length and weigh 700-1100 pounds. they Have massive jaws, grey body and white underbelly (hence the name), powerful tails which help to reach speeds of over 40 km/h. the great White shark has an extremely accurate sense of smell and a special organ to detect electromagnetic radiation from the animals. They are able to detect even minimal amounts of blood from a distance of 5 km.

A white shark of more than 300 sharp teeth with a length of 8 cm, which are aligned in several rows and are combined into a scissor bite.

These fierce carnivorous fish eat sea lions, seals, whales, sea turtles. Known for unprovoked and often fatal attacks by white sharks on humans, hence its other name – “man-eater”, “white death”. Of the more than 100 shark attacks that occur annually, one third to half of the attacks great white sharks. White shark gets one bite its victim, then retreats.

Fourth place – electric eel

Electric eel is a long predatory fish with a tapered head that lives in the Amazon, Orinoco and other freshwater rivers of South America. It grows up to 3 meters in length and weigh up to 22 kg, has a gray-brown color and yellow on the lower side. Electric eel lives in the muddy, stagnant water, coming to the surface every few minutes to breathe through the mouth.

This fish is very dangerous because it produces an electric current (hence the name Pisces) voltage to 600 volts for protection from predators or stun food. This electric charge sufficient to kill a person or other living creature (horse, crocodile, etc.).

Preys on invertebrates, fish and small mammals. Electric shock in humans causes temporary paralysis, respiratory or cardiac arrest that may lead to drowning.

The most dangerous fish in the world

Piranha – most dangerous fish in South America and in the whole world because of the strong sharp triangular teeth, powerful jaws and hunting in a group. Piranha found in the Amazon river basin, is also common in the Orinoco and other South American freshwater rivers. There are more than 60 species of piranhas, most of which grow to 50 cm long, weigh on average 1 kg and vary in color from a silvery color with an orange underbelly and black.

Piranha attack crustaceans and other fish; threat to humans. These predators come out to hunt in packs of about 100 fish to catch the big prey. The pack of piranhas in a few minutes destroys an animal weighing 50 kg. These fierce aggressive predators can also kill deadly fish and even whales. The bite force of a piranha 25-30 times its body weight. Piranha bites cause severe bleeding and pain.

The list of the most dangerous fish on the planet consists of fish, differing in appearance, size and habitat: parasitic small fish “Candiru” and fierce predators “tiger fish”, “great white shark”, “electric eel”, “piranha”, which is the most dangerous fish in South America and around the world.

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