The most intelligent bird species

Many representatives of mammals and birds prove that they are very intelligent and have a good intelligence and a great memory. Below, you can learn about the top five most intelligent birds on the planet.

It is considered that man is the smartest creature on the planet Earth. It is possible that it do so. But still, besides humans, many animals demonstrate high IQ and intelligence.

Fifth place for intelligence – Sokol

Mental abilities of falcons are not forced doubt. After all, since ancient times, people tame falcons to help them hunt. There is even a sport like falconry. The representatives of these birds get along well with people and are well tamed.

But, one bird may make contact with only one personwhom she would respect and obey. Other people, tamed by someone Falcon will be avoided. Maybe the bird will even show hostility to others.

Also, hearing a sharp sound or seeing a sudden movement, a bird may be frightened and perceive this gesture as a threat. The result – will begin to behave aggressively, defensively thus from possible danger. During training, the falcons are capable of various tricks and gimmicks to get what they want a treat. I can also show character by refusing to help man. Therefore, to train them better under the auspices of an experienced person.

Fourth place – Turkey

Turkeys, it turns out, have a very high level of intelligence. Their mental faculties predominate over instincts. Despite his slightly ridiculous appearance, these birds are able to find a way out of situations, making decisions quickly and deliberately. For example, they can always figure out how to get to the bushes or trees delicious fruit. Each representative of the kind of producing food not only for themselves, but with reserve, and enough of his brethren, who also make a living for him.

These birds never fight for food among themselves, unlike many other birds. Food they won’t eat bad foods, so the infection can not tolerate. The same has been proven that turkeys are able to remember and recognize their owners. At the same time, for others they are not trustingly.

Owl – third place

Owl in many Nations is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. This bird really looks very serious and academic. Her head can turn almost 270 degrees, and its large round eyes notice everything that is happening around. Owls are very smart and cunning, especially in matters relating to search and catch prey.

Quite often these birds are kept in homes as Pets. They are able to recognize people, able to get used to humans, respond well to training.

Parrot Jaco – the second place in intellect

Stopped short of the leadership the parrot, Jacquot. It is worth noting that all the parrots are of good mental ability. It Jaco are the most intelligent among all his relatives. These great not very colorful birds capable of a lot if you want. Members of the species are able to remember a great number of words and understand their meanings. They can communicate in human speech, consciously formulating complex sentences. In addition, they are able to remember and mimic the sounds of other animals (meow, bark, Moo, and others).

To person Jaco used very well and be able to communicate with him, realizing the essence of the conversation. Birds friendly to her, but remember the resentment and revenge when right opportunity, as they are vindictive. In relationships with other dogs very gentle and loving, they have well-developed family ties.

The most intelligent bird in the world

New Caledonian crows

No matter how unexpected, in the first place, for their mental abilities, is a new Caledonian crows. Although, the usual crow, that too not very far behind in their ingenuity and resourcefulness. New Caledonian crows are interesting because they have their own special language with which they communicate. They are capable of in large groups to crank out a variety of operations, working together and communicating.

They are able to invent tools and devices that can help them make life easier. For example, to bend the stick a special way to its end was a hook. With his help the ravens get one of them for bugs and larvae from under the bark of trees. Still, they can put a nut on the roadway when the traffic light led lights for cars by red color. Then they wait for traffic to die down and again it will light up red for cars, then a Raven comes and eats the nut. There are plenty of examples where these birds have come up with different interesting tricks. In addition, some people keep such Pets. These birds are amenable to training, have a good memory, understand a lot and can remember some human words.

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