The strangest animals in the world

Sea snails (“nudibranch”) have different shapes and very bright colors. Some of them are striped like tigers, others covered with neon spots.

Sea snail

Some just can’t be accurately defined and described, but they are really amazingly beautiful. Sea snails can be seen on the coral reefs around the world – from the Australian great Barrier Reef, reefs in the Red sea to the island of San Miguel.

Be careful, because the vast majority of marine snails are very poisonous.

Narwhal (“Edulis monoceros”) is the closest species to unicorn

In the cold waters of the Arctic ocean can be seen narwhal cetaceans. This is the “close relatives” of animals-unicorns in the world. Whales are medium in size, coiled horn, which is actually a tooth. In male animals – the horn can reach 2.7 meters.

Although nobody knows what this horn is, it is believed that they use it for rituals when courting females. This activity is very similar to the battle with the sword.

Giant anteater

Giant anteater (“Myrmecophaga tridactyla”) inhabit the forests and savannas of Central and South America. Members of this family are particularly common in Western Brazil. Their very name suggests that these animals feed on ants and termites. They have a fairly bizarre form, and ten inch claws to get to the food, shaggy tail that keeps the balance when he is digging the ground.

Interesting fact: anteaters never step on “their hands” so that the claws remained sharp.

Monkey trunk

The trunk monkey (“nasalis larvatus”) – red-brown color, closer to a brick color. They have an amazingly large noses and hang like the trunk. When they feed, you need to push the nose to the side so the food can be put in your mouth. This is a great swimmers that, in General, is not typical for monkeys.

This species of monkey is threatened with extinction, and the only place where they can still be found, it is the forests and swamps of Borneo.

Chameleon Jackson

Chameleon Jackson (“Trioceros jacksonii”) – pretty wild-looking chameleon with three horns on his head. Like all other chameleons, he has a rotating eye, quick tongue (1000 times faster than any other part of his body) and the ability to change skin color when he hears predators.

These chameleons are extremely sensitive and are aggressive if the male enters the territory of another. These “beautiful” creatures can be seen in the forests of Kenya and Tanzania.

AI-AI (aye-aye)

AI-AI (aye-aye) is one of the strangest and rare species of lemurs. Unlike other lemurs, they look pretty scary. They have big eyes and long sinister fingers (especially on the front paws). They serve to the animals could hold on to branches. The local population considers them to be a harbinger of failure.

These quaint little lemurs can be seen only in the Eastern forests of the island of Madagascar.


The pygmy-marmosets long tail skin, which is quite lush and gives the little monkey a little lion. In fact, they are less representatives of their species. Mature male marmosets weighing 140 to 160 grams. These monkeys, in addition to their size, are also impressive by the sounds they make to communicate with each other.

These little creatures can be seen in the Amazon rain forest, including parts of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

The bird is a frigate

Magnificent frigate (“Fregata”) is a bird whose males have a unique way to care for females. Males have the so-called “breast bag” – it resembles a balloon, which completely covers not only the throat but also his chest. Every year during the mating season (April, may) the males are on the branch or on any elevation and inflate “breast bag”.

At this time, they are unable to fly, but to attract the attention of females, they beat the beak and quickly waving wings. If you want to see these beauties during their breeding, you should visit the Galapagos Islands.

Malayan tapir

Or black Malay tapir (“Acrocodia indica”) is the largest and most beautiful species of herbivores tapirs. Malayan tapir has a white and black spots like a Panda, and a long, flexible nose that they use when they swim. Little cubs perfectly black up to six months. This allows them to hide from predators in the dark bushes of the forest. These fauna inhabit tropical forests of southern Thailand, the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra.

Because these animals are difficult to observe in their natural habitat, the best place to experience them will be of the Malaysian national Park “Taman Nagara”.

The platypus

Platypus (platypus), also one of the strangest creatures in the world. They have a flat tail of the beaver, the strange “fins” and a large bill like a duck. It is definitely a very interesting specimen of the animal world. The platypus is one of the few mammals on the planet that lay eggs.

You can see them in rivers and freshwater lakes of Australia. This unique animal is one of the symbols of Australia.

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