Why the dog growls at the owner

Any dog owner is of the opinion that if the dog growls at its master, this situation is extremely abnormal. Of course, the calculation can not take those situations when the dog is in severe pain and is not himself.

What happens to the pet and why he begins to growl, whether you want to deal with it, what difficulties have to be overcome and how such behavior may face.

All these questions affect each and every watchful of the owner.

Interesting facts: more than half of the dogs ever showed aggression to the owner, in most cases, able to inflict physical harm.

Common causes of aggressive dog behavior

Experienced handlers and veterinarians, and many other experts believe that no dog ever just do not bite humans. Excluding sick animals. In any case, the person purposely or inadvertently is for the dog a threat, so that the dog can start to behave aggressively.

The most common reasons are:

  • the mistakes made by the breeder for breeding;
  • poor conditions of detention of the animal;
  • aggression directed towards dogs, wrong upbringing.

Interesting facts: hif ye only injure the dog owners or members of his family.

Any aggression is primarily the result of incorrect actions, but also aggressive behavior can be corrected. For this you should know the main types of aggressive behavior.

Types of aggressive dog behavior

This behavior is due primarily to the fact that the dog is trying to establish a leadership in the family. The dog may be trying to pin down the owner, to jump on him, to refuse to perform learned commands, and so on.

Interesting facts: the most frequent victims of bites become old people and children.


Occurs when the dog is angry with his kinsman, another dog. The owner pulls the dog, and the aggression is redirected at him.


Most common in male dogs, the dog is aggressive only to dogs of their sex. For the owner the danger is the same as the paragraph above.


This type of aggression is found only in dogs female. When they either protect their offspring and are not able because of the instinct to control themselves or aggressive attitude towards other bitch. But most often this behavior is quickly corrected.

Interesting facts: more than half of physical injuries are applied to dogs, which in the past was brought up man.


This kind of behavior is safe for the owner only if the dog believes it is leader of the pack. Otherwise, the dog starts to guard his territory from the owner.


From the title becomes clear, aggression is manifested only at the moment when the dog takes the food.


The danger of this behavior is that while the puppy is small and the game snarls and bites the owner him get away with it, but when the dog grows up, this behavior is firmly at it to gain a foothold. Therefore, all aggressive manifestations of the puppy must stop.

It may be noted that aggressive behavior is of several types, but it is important to know one thing. Wean pet’s growl on the master is not difficult, important to know the causes of aggression and eliminate them.

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