All the interesting facts about horses. Breed, profession

The mankind since ancient times used to take the horse with his helper, friend, companion. The horse was needed everywhere: in the economy, combat, travel, in peace and war. All these animals are the heroes of many fairy tales, where they appear before the reader in the form of heroes and saviors.

The horses were dressed, they forged special armor for which she is judged on the financial welfare of the owner, they were driven in luxury coaches, in a simple peasant cart. Horses since ancient times and are considered the pride of their owners.

All horses are considered descendants of domesticated wild horses. By definition, a horse – an animal belonging to the class of mammals, the family horse, to group of equids, horses.

This stately animal with a well developed muscular frame. About the high intelligence of this animal is legendary, man has long considered it one of the smartest animals.

All about breeds of horses

Horses in the breed are divided into several types. Each breed is unique, each has its own advantages.

Rocks can be divided into:

  • the Shire;
  • sled;
  • trotting;
  • riding;
  • verhove-draught;
  • pony;

In turn, each species is divided into subspecies. So, a little more about the types of draft horses breeds.

Types of rocks

Representatives of this breed differ impressive force. The power quality of heavy horses were particularly prized in the USSR, you individuals had a calm personality, was absolutely not capricious in life, great at work. The view is beautiful, a large animal with a small head, small ears, wide, powerful chest and well developed, muscular legs. The mane and tail are average length and thickness. In the height of this breed reaches 165 cm, mainly dominated by 2 suit – red and brown, rarely chalye, chalye and he has Bay chalye red.

Heavy draft breed, in turn, has several subtypes:

  1. Vladimir heavy draft.
  2. Battle of the bulge.
  3. Brabanconne.
  4. Percherska.
  5. Soviet heavy draft.
  6. Russian heavy draft.
  7. Shayr.
  8. Jutland.
  9. Clydesdale.

Horse breed is characterized by an intense Pregny type of structure, the head is proportional, the back is medium in size, broad chest, of legs well developed, strong hooves. But, despite such a pronounced working qualities this breed is not used as, for example, a navvy. This breed is in most cases used to move in the harness. The growth of this species do not exceed 160 cm, weight about 600 kg.

Draught breed has the following types:

  1. Latvian.
  2. Belarusian.
  3. American trotting.
  4. Tory.
  5. Dutch draught.
  6. Boulogne.
  7. Breton.
  8. Suffolks
  9. Oldenburg.

Trotter breed is often involved in various equestrian competitions. The view is of harmonious build and individuals, with a massive rump, with a broad forehead, a straight back, expressive big eyes, high Royal neck. These horses are sturdy skeletal frame, extremely quiet nature. This is inherent in the breed is Bay, brown, black and rarely grey suit. Horses height ranges from 145 to 170 cm.

Unlike others, this breed has only 2 species:

  1. Orlov Trotter.
  2. Russian Trotter.

Horse breed looks pretty nice. The trunk is rather square, ligaments developed, the muscles strong, the head is of medium size, broad forehead.

Ears of medium size, beautiful eyes, and long expressive neck.

Chest deep, of medium width, are false ribs. Legs smooth, strong hooves correct form. The mane is thick, the tail is not inferior to her in beauty.

Types of horse horse breed:

  1. Trakenenskaya.
  2. The Wielkopolska.
  3. Pinto.
  4. Palomino.
  5. Quarter.
  6. Budennovskaya.
  7. Andalusian.
  8. A thoroughbred horse.
  9. The Arab horse.
  10. Russian horse.
  11. Ukrainian horse.
  12. The Terek.
  13. Akhal-Teke.

Verhove-draught breed has a strong and fully developed muscles, the head has a raised profile, high neck and long, the shoulder is strong and sloping, chest deep, legs strong, hocks well developed. The height of the animal varies from 145 to 170, dominated by red, he has Bay and black suit.

The types verhova are the draught breeds:

  1. Donskaya.
  2. Holstein.
  3. Kabardian.
  4. Hanover.
  5. Morgan.

Horse breed ponies especially loved by novice riders and children. In the amusement Park, you can often find a cart, which harnessed pony. Ponies have a small height, not exceeding 145 cm Pony is often called a miniature horse. This breed is inherent to short strong legs, large head with a straight profile, heavy bones and strong sturdy neck.

Interesting facts about horses. Under the influence of the environment a pony and a distinctive appearance. Rocky soil influenced short stature and strong limbs, and cold climate has contributed to the growth of wool as a natural protective factor against cold and wind.

Ponies also have their types:

  1. The Connemara Pony.
  2. Icelandic ponies.
  3. Dartmoor pony.
  4. The Gotland pony.
  5. The Shetland pony.
The “profession” of horses

Matter how unusual it may sound, these animals have a hierarchy. Horses have their own profession, and not one or two, and much more.

Since ancient times, the horse is assigned certain responsibilities. Duties tried not to mix, war horses are not harnessed to the plow, post tried not to bring to the battlefield.

Horse profession
  • Combat. These horses were specially trained for war. A lot of cases, when the horse threw the host on the battlefield and even the dead brought him to the native threshold. Horses were taught not to be afraid of the noise to be as hardy in “Spartan” conditions.
  • Mail. In peacetime, this kind used to transport goods, to send important emails and messages. The postage horse, a messenger could cover a huge number of miles, often the journey took more than one day.
  • Passenger. This species is used primarily to transport people. They were harnessed to carriages and carts, ran a crew driver. Yoked animals were able to travel long distances.
  • The horse-actors, athletes. To date, the major occupations of horses is a sport and cinema. This animal equestrian involved with a man on equal terms. In the film the horse occupied a special place, they understand what they want and perfectly in character.
  • Workers. This kind of indispensable in agriculture. Something to carry, plough, plow the earth, to bring hay and feed. In the mining industry horses have long been indispensable helpers.
  • Leisure horse. This species is appreciated by lovers of horse riding. During a horseback ride (scientifically proven) a person is resting, calming down, he lifted the mood and receding apathy.

Interesting facts about horses. Horses – true friends, great helpers and great companions. People had noticed that the horse is smart enough animal understanding and sensitive. People who know all about horses, say, practically not prone to depression and mood swings.

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