Bridle and halter for the horse, a bridle with his own hands

Sitting on a horse riding, the ancient rider had used the rope, most primitive rein, allowing to slow down or stop the movement of the horse and nothing more.

Over time, the horse began to be used in different industries and the equipment list began to expand. Consider some items of the stable items such as a bridle for a horse and halter.

Bridle for horse

Bridle for horses is the ammunition with which the control animalsused in a harness horse.

There are several types of bridles: bridle, cowboy, andscuba, jacamar, Western headband, bridle for endurance.

  1. Let us learn more the most simple equipment for the novice rider bridle reins. The bridle on the horse’s head is a headband.Key distinguishing elements are the occipital, nadezhnyy, chin strap, nalobnik, primer, reins and bit. Occipital (ugolovnyi) strap holds the reins on the horse’s head. Nadejnie straps are on both sides of the head and connect the bridle ring and the occipital strap, thanks to hold the bit in the horse’s mouth. The chin strap keeps the bridle on his head. The cap limits the ability to open the mouth, when exposed to the snaffle iron mouth of the animal. The bit consists of one or two toes connected to each other. The horse is hurt and she wants to open his mouth, but the capsule does not allow you to get rid of the fixture and has to obey the hand of the rider. The reason-it’s a long braid, reaching to the bit by which the rider affects the horse.
  2. Cowboy bridle made of thin pieces of leather, which allows the gap themselves quickly to repair it. It is adnosna and slit. Back slit strap harness consists of a piece of leather with holes for the ears is necessary in order that the horse is not pulled off the harness. In odnoosnoi use a separate loop for each ear separately. Cowboy headband consists of three main straps nadeznogo, ugolovnogo, podboronov and has no capsule, it is used the bit and mouthpiece. Reasons not connected to each other and the horse when you fall to the ground is not entangled in the harness legs.
  3. In headband mouthpiece attach the mouthpiece and the mouthpiece the reason. The mouthpiece is a complex type snaffle, which is composed of the snaffle and a special lever, which affects the sky and the language of the horse. Very convenient to use two types of bit and two reins for better control of the animals. Be sure to use the primer. Headband consists of ugolovnogo, headlamps, podboronov, nadeznogo belt also features a bridle strap and mouthpiece. Used mouthpiece, chain, snaffle, bridle mouthpiece and the reins. This headband used by experienced riders team is dressage.
  4. In hackamore (bridle without a bit) not used iron. The horse is controlled by impact on the nose, neck and podbrozny the hole. This component of equipment is used to trained trained horses, or having injury to the mouth. Jacamar is English “Blah” and German.
  • English is made from a portable strap lined, metal cheeks and Podgornogo belt.
  • German is a rubberized metal noseband with sheepskin and mouthpiece chain. Control occurs through the action of a longer face. The longer the leverage, the greater the pressure. It should be noted that Acamar is a very painful harness. It is used almost exclusively by professional equestrians as too much pressure leads to the fracture of the bones and cartilage of the animal.Not all horses respond adequately to the pressure on the nose.
  1. Western (show) headband used in Western disciplines. Used without primer, instead of the usual nalobnik uses a strap on one ear holding the headband. Often, these bridles do not have this belt.
  2. In a harness for runs connected by a bridle and a halter, and if necessary, you can feed and water the animal, unfastened the reins. Nadejnie straps and quick release and there remains only the halter. The reins can be attached to a portable strap for easier management and to relieve the animal from excessive pressure. This type of headband is used to long hikes.
Halter for horse

Horses are very sensitive.For horses with particularly sensitive skin apply basic halter that has a full set bridle but without a bit. It is used to tame horses out of a corral and holding on a leash. Halter for horses is made of leather or special braid. When exposed knots of the rope harness, the horse obeys, to get rid of the discomfort. To choose nylon halter yacht rope of a certain thickness, but due to the slipperiness of nylon, sew the harness of her problem.

A more advanced leather halter consists of namorinho (capsule), podboronov, buccal, and occipital straps and buckle or carabiner to fasten.Halter wear when the animal is removed from the pen to secure it in the stall. It is convenient to control the position of the horse’s head.Wear this harness because of its structure much easier than the bridle.

Walking horse, you want to hold on tight to the reins near the head, to go on the left side of the animal. The horse should be parallel, as the horse can show your character, to make a sudden jerk to the side, hitting or stepping on the rider, out of the bounds of decency. Basically, this kind of equipment is used for animals with a calm and docile temperament.

How to make a bridle for a horse with his hands

The bridle and the halter can make yourself. Consider how to make these accessories. Making the bridle for the horse with his own hands, first stitch the cheek straps with the head. Prepare tethered ring chin strap. Made of an occipital strap and a nalobnik. Then fasten all parts together. Optional treated water-repellent composition.

Halter construct using simple components. For correct size measure the length of the circumference of the nose, below cheek bones. The amount varies from 50 cm to 70 cm in different breeds of horses. The product needed to do a little more in size, so it is not rubbing the delicate skin of the animal. Horses must not be closely, but care must be taken that the free fit she could not get a hoof in the formed space. The halter was developed by Voinovym A. B. more than seventy years ago, but still relevant to this day


The halter is very solid as made from a single rope. To ensure the safety of this harness make bursting with a leather insert at the top. Detail replaceable, attached buckles and if the animal caught on a fence or tree, bursts under high pressure. It saves the horse from injury or sometimes even death. So beware to leave a horse unattended in order to avoid injury or accidents.


Most bridles are made of leather that requires special care. After using the reins (iron) it is necessary to take in hand and rinse with clean water, wipe with a rag inside and the outside of sweat and dirt. Headband is carefully cleaned and lubricated with a special fat cream you can fat regularly once a week.Ribbon reins just washed with water. With proper care, the harness will serve you faithfully for many years horse riding.

How to choose a harness

In the view of the ancient Slavs when horses were bought and the harness. It was believed this animal better and faster get used to the new environment. When choosing an outfit, you want to look at the country of the manufacturer. For entry and show jumping are best suited the German and Dutch bridles.For trotters worth to buy Italian gear manufacture. For racing, eventing and riding for the young German or Russian. Harness from India it is better not to take. A bridle should not be selected only on appearance and buying the harness, should heed the advice of experts.

It is necessary to consider individual features of the structure of the animal, breed, character, purpose, and measure the exact size. There is the concept of “degree of freedom”. For its determination it is necessary to count holes on ugolovnom belt. Their number will be the degree of freedom. The accessory may be a little more, but no less than for complete reliability and emotional comfort of the horse. Correctly matched headband, according to veterinarians, extends the life of the horse because a raised head and summed up the butt free from the load of the front legs and shoulders of the horse, overwhelmed by the weight of the rider.

When you work with animals person is responsible for their actions should be humane and caring. The horse should not suffer because of the inconsiderate and incompetent approach of the owner to the issue.

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