Budennovskaya breed of horses: features and characteristics

Budennovskaya breed is a rather young breed resulting from the crossing of the thoroughbred and the don horses for purely military purposes.

But now the breed is at the peak of popularity, buyers all over the world wish to own such a beautiful horse at any price.

What is the reason for such a demand of the thoroughbred budenovtsev?

The origin of the breed

Their appearance budenovtsy resemble don horses, which is quite logical: these are tested in a heated battle horses became the basis for the breeding program. However, Budennovsky horse surpass their predecessors in endurance and strength, different hot temperament and playfulness.

Created unusual rock in a turbulent time for the country, at the beginning of the 20th century when war and revolution had forced the blood flow. In 1920 he formulated a very specific task in front of Dona breeding: to breed military horses, strong and fearless. The work was carried out in difficult conditions, many war horses were killed on the battlefields, the researchers simply not enough good material for breeding. Yes, and the breeders became smaller: the war has claimed the lives of at incredible speeds.

Engaged in the work and the man who gave the name to the breed – Marshal Budyonny, who managed his incredible energy, work ethic and knowledge of the needs of the army to direct the process in the right direction. Gradually the plant began to flock to the best breeding stallions in the end, gave the world a new breed.

But the work was conducted in difficult times, feed for full dilution was not enough, so to truly appreciate the first results was only in the late 40-ies. The breed for riding, it was finally withdrawn in 1948. The work that has been done on the stud farms of the Rostov region, was led by major-General and breeder Mikhail Chumakov.

Description budennovskaya breeds of horses

The breed was originally bred as high-draught for the needs of the cavalry regiments, but gradually the cavalry was gone, so the purpose budenovtsev changed. Now these Golden-red horses found use in the sport. However, the initial function resulted in the appearance of animals.

Find out the representative budennovskaya breed is possible by such features:

  • Large muscular body;
  • Height up to 166 cm, individual specimens can reach 170 cm and Average body length – 163-165 see
  • Wide and deep chest. Girth – 189 cm;
  • Blades with a well-degenerate musculature.
  • The withers are well developed.
  • Powerful elongated grains.
  • Long neck.
  • Neat head with a smooth profile.
  • The forehead is broad.
  • Eyes expressive.
  • Curved elongated neck.
  • Shank and Podlachia muscular.
  • Wide pastern, the tendons are well developed.
  • Grandmas have the correct slope.
  • Properly set limbs, the hind legs while a few weakly developed.
  • The carpal and hock joints are well developed.

Suit – red with gold shimmer, rare horses he has Bay or brown. Also acceptable are varying shades of red, all the way to terracotta.

Horse Budenny breed is characterized by the following character:

  • Obedience;
  • Complaisance;
  • Intelligence.

Thus the perversity of some individuals, scientists are trying to resolve in the course of selection. The disadvantages of the breed include the attachment to a single person, which creates some problems in equestrian sports, because in the preparation for the races attended by several people. Also horses are different some nervousness.

Because the original horses were created for the needs of the cavalry, the breed’s inherent endurance: horses are able to go more than 100 km and keep the power to attack or hot battle.

Inbreeding types

Within the budennovskaya breed of horses it is customary to distinguish between three types:

  • Massive. The bodies of these horses differ a little rough around the Constitution, with well developed muscles and strong bones. Found wide application, used for harness and under saddle.
  • Eastern. Similar in appearance to the dons more than other types of have smooth rounded shapes and dry Constitution, are very energetic, need careful care.
  • Typical. In this type of best combined quality thoroughbred and the don breeds. These frisky holders muscular bodies and powerful limbs were units of the army of Budyonny. A distinctive feature of the type of Budyonny horses – performance and increased endurance.

Very often you can find Budyonny horses of mixed type, for example, characteristically Eastern or Eastern massive.

Differ, albeit slightly, the natives of each of the three horse plants:

  • Plant named the First Cavalry: horses features a large head. The slight angularity of lines is also common Bay the suit.
  • Zavod imeni Budennogo: it is characterised by very beautiful elegant horses with Golden-chestnut with a strong musculature.
  • Yulovskiy plant: horses Golden color look very impressive and proudly.
The use of Budennovsky in sports

The war ended, but budennovskaya breed of horses has not faded into the background, she continued to be actively used by man, but differently now – in the sports life.

Best quality cavalry horse was quite popular in horse racing, eventing, steeplechase (competition hurdles), jumping. At the moment it is one of the few half-bred, allowed to participate in the races. Here they showed not only great speed and endurance, but also great jumping ability.

While the Eastern type budennovskaya horses appear more attractive than others – takes part in competitions in dressage. Essential these frisky horses, and in carriages.

The specificity of breeding budennovskaya breeds of horses

For cultivation of Budennovsky used for a herd or krupnooptovaya method: the content of young animals and ewes together.

In such a method of breeding in summer and autumn horse independently produce their own food, educates them unpretentiousness in food.

In winter, horses are kept in the barn, fed hay and compound feed.

This technique is used on all the stud farms specializing in budennovskaya breed. From the herd (and thus from the gene pool) are excluded too skittish Mare that prevent all the flock, the remaining horses are quite docile and humble, have patience and sociability. Also for reproduction, is crucial ingenuity and quick reflexes, the absence of conflicts with other members of the herd.

With each successive generation able to get all over the contact and docile horses. The most convenient breeding Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol and Rostov oblast.

Two separate herd – stallions and mares – form after weaning of the young.

Weaning from mares is held from September to November, before the young are stigmatized by cold method (using liquid nitrogen): brand indicating the year of birth, individual number of animal and emblem of the plant is applied on the withers with the left hand or to the left thigh (Zavod imeni Budennogo).

The youngsters, featuring best qualities of the breed, the herd is not sent, and contains malthrope: they will in the future be used for breeding or train for sporting events.

In calthrope young contains in pairs, the animals are taught to communicate with people, give names. Experience of selected horses on a smooth race on the racetrack for a distance of over a kilometer at maximum speed. These races are held on reaching of horses 2, 3 and 4 years in the Rostov Hippodrome.

Breeding horses must be included in the national stud book (Studbook), which is published every year. Therefore, each horse has a passport issued by the Russian research Institute of horse breeding (VNIIK) .

The breed is very unpretentious in care, so breeding is quite capable to cope and newcomers to private breeders. However, when deciding on the breeding of the Budenny breed representatives, it is important to understand that these horses are not suitable for obtaining traditional in horse breeding, meat and milk.

Nevertheless, the breeding can be used as a business such directions:

  • Sale of pedigree cattle;
  • Equestrian tourism;
  • Horse riding;
  • Participation in races and exhibitions;

It should be understood that a particular horse will not be able to create a real competitor to one of three breeding plants.

Horses Budenny breed genuine samples strength and endurance, show excellent results in speed and jumping, low maintenance, therefore widely spread throughout the world. Foreigners are often put a lot of effort to get yourself such a Golden beauty.

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