Horse breeds: types, photos, description of thoroughbred horses

The horse is a graceful and intelligent animals. To date, a large amount of their breeds. Horses bred for work, racing or just as a pet.

Before you purchase an animal, you must carefully study the characteristics of the breed, temperament, physical characteristics and maintenance requirements. Description of horse breeds with pictures and names will help you learn more about the animal.


The name comes from the area where there were these animals – province of Akhal, Teke, indicates the name of the tribe, which was the first owner of this beautiful animal.

Akhal-Teke is a purebred horse. In his blood there is no impurity of other breeds. From the Akhal-Teke has been other modern breeds.

These animals are of extraordinary beauty. Graceful, swift, they are arrogant disposition. Recognize only one master. Only he is infinitely faithful and loyal.

The Akhal-Teke horses come in a variety of colors. From Raven – resin to sand.

Suit Akhal-Teke:

  • crow
  • buckskin
  • sand
  • grey
  • chestnut

In service they are unpretentious. Onlyshould restrict them from drafts and cold wind.

Orlov Trotter

The pride of Russian breeding. Bred by count Orlov, Rostopchina, Orlov Trotter became the favorite horse at the racetrack and stud.

Grey suit, sometimes there are “apples”. Orlovtsev used mainly in competitions on run. Harnessed to the swing, orlovtsy stunningly beautiful and bring great results in competitions.

These beauties will be an excellent decoration of private stables.


This breed, which brought Russian breeders. The don Cossacks did everything to save and spread this beautiful horse. The don horse is designed for riding and he’s good in harness. This horse, along with the Orlovsky Trotter, is the pride of the Russian breeding.

The suit of the don horses exclusively red or brown. These animals have good health.

Use of the don horses in all equestrian sports except racing. They are used in the mounted police. Animals different steadiness, good temper, and perfectly trained.


They were bred by Russian breeders. On the basis of the don and an English horse, managed to get a lovely horse.

Koni red color, with different shades. Is of good health and a balanced nervous system. They are used in the mounted police. Purpose – sports. They are good under saddle and in harness. This versatile breed, which is available to any equestrian sports.

Norwegian fordka (fjord)

It is the oldest and most purebred breed. They are similar to the animals depicted on rock paintings in caves during the stone age. It is assumed that the history of these horses began to be used approximately more than four thousand years ago. This pony, preserved in its first appearance of the primitive features of these horses. The Vikings used these ponies in the cavalry and rides. Agricultural work was also carried out with these horses.

This is a strong, hardy, good-natured animal. In our days it is used as verhove-carriage horse. But you can also use them as horse riding.

The color of these ponies, mostly dark buckskin. The hues range from dark to light sand and grey. Meet sarasou. Norwegian fordsee horses are known for their excellent character, legkousvoyaemogo, diligent attitude to work, endurance and vigor.

The Shire (English trailer)

It is a large animal. Differ high growth and a strong physique. They are considered to be the tallest horse in the world.

The Shire traces its history from the horses belonging to the Roman Empire. Is one of the oldest breed of horses.

The name comes from the English word “Shire” County. Despite its ancient origins, the breed is not quite uniform. It varies from very large to medium height horses fit for the saddle and the plow and the cart.

Suit various: characteristic bald spot on head and white stockings, often on the hind legs. All parts of the body are composed of proportionally broad chest, back and rump also quite wide. Shires horse willingly crossed with English breeds. It gives a perfect seed, fit for harness and riding.

Hanoverian horse

This is the most popular in Europe the breed. They are used for riding and for horse and carts. You can see them at international competitions in jumping and dressage.

The Hanoverian breed was carefully established over TRESTA years, and its rock quality is consistently improved. Allowed to breed only horses with good character and balanced temperament. Hanoverian horse – the leader in competitive price, also it is used in eventing and dressage.

Holstein breed

This breed was developed in the German city, the factory Cravendale that no longer works. Now Holstein bred in Elmshorn. It is the oldest German horse breed goes back several hundred years. Especially valued by German farmers for its hardiness, gentle disposition and reliability.

Horses used for military purposes, noting their courage and strength. In the eighteenth century they were crossed with the Yorkshire post horses. It brings to breed the elegance of the step, grace and superior posture. Dobrochesnosti animals has also improved.

Konezavodchik don’t appreciate this breed, so breeding her is mainly at the edges where it was removed – several provinces of Germany bred these horses.

Most successful Holstein is evident in competitions in dressage and show jumping.

Vladimir heavy

The breed was developed in the Soviet Union. The basis is Clydesdale Scottish, and English Shires, which were crossed with horses of local breeds.

This good-natured and calm horse, endurance and performance. They are also suitable for harness and for riding.

The horse is unpretentious and has excellent health. It has a vigorous and free gaits. These graceful animals can move cargo weighing more than six tons. Often these horses harnessed to the Russian Troika.

The Karachai horse

These graceful animals brought in the Elbrus region. It is here, thanks to the amazing picturesque nature, among kavazskogo mountains and beautiful valleys, originated this noble breed.

A great influence on the breeding of this breed had a horse Scythian and Nogai blood. In the nineteenth century, these horses were known far beyond the borders of their homeland.

This is a very large, wide body horse. It is meant specifically for mountainous terrain. These animals are not afraid of high cliffs and the calm I feel in the mountains.

There are three types of Karachai:

  • horse,
  • characteristic
  • massive.

More common are the typical representatives verhove – draught stock. All breed types are distinguished by great fertility.

The horse is plastic, she is in perfect health and perfect genotype. They are well acklimatiseras any terrain. These horses are often used for circus performances. Thoroughbred Karachai make any stables.

Trakenenskaya horse

This breed was developed by the labors of the East Prussian breeders. It was necessary to bring a horse that is not afraid of the cold weather was manageable and could serve not only under saddle, but for a sled ride. In addition, it required a strong, bold and hardy horse. Tremendous work on the breed, marked the birth of the light of this beautiful horse.

This is a very ancient breed. Horses of this breed could boast of the knights of the Teutonic order. In 1400, the Teutonic order had three plants, which bred trakhanov. Modern species of horses became popular starting in 1732. Breeders have worked over the animals in two ways – it needed great endurance horses for riding races and excellent healthy draught horses. For cultivation used the Eastern, Danish, and English breeds.

It is quite active, moving and healthy horse. They are quick, patient. hardy. They can communicate with humans on equal terms. These horses used in the cavalry, as well as for agricultural work.

The types and names of the horses are different. Must carefully and accurately treat them. Then time together becomes for both parties a great time. Thoroughbred horses attract attention. All breeds of horses differ from each other, but they all need daily care and love.

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