In the big world the big horses

Man domesticated the horse in ancient times, in order to make their life easier. It happened a few thousand years ago (approximately 6) and the horse faithfully serve the person throughout this time.

The horse is one of the most beautiful and graceful animals of large size in the world.

She has been indispensable in the household and in the military sphere, and just travelling around the world for travelers, and could drink its milk and eat its meat and skins used in clothing and home insulation.

Since the first centuries of taming horses depicted on the walls of homes. Some types of animal did not survive to our time and to know about their existence we can only thanks to these drawings.

The years went by and people were taken out of new types and breeds of horses that have met certain goals and objectives. The properties of the various breeds of horses began to vary as climatic prisposoblenny and physiological characteristics.

But science is moving relentlessly forward with huge steps, and horsepower was gradually replaced with mechanical or electronic, which led to a global decline in demand for these animals. Thus, some species on the verge of extinction, and some in the end just did not. But the world’s breeders and caring horse lovers still corrected the situation. They began to organize competitions, festivals, horse racing – these events have given us good motivation for breeding different horse breeds.

Throughout our history, the breeders tried to breed the hardiest breedsthat can be used in agriculture. Needed a horse that can carry heavy loads over even longer distances. And they did it for the glory. In different countries of the world brought a lot of rocks about two metres tall and weighing about a ton and a half. These horses were bred or found randomly in the Middle ages.

Breed big horses

Consider some of the breed the greatest horses of our world:

  • Shires;
  • Percheron;
  • Russian heavy draft;
  • Soviet heavy draft;
  • Vladimir heavy draft;
  • the Irish navvy.

The history of these animals starts in the middle Ages. The breed was held in high esteem by the knights, as they at that time needed a horse that could carry heavy loads, because a suit of armour weighed a lot, Yes, and the rider was heavy.

These animals have British ancestry, what the name implies. They lived in the territories of Ireland, Holland and England. These horses were considered the elite, they were bred in the Royal courts and was not raised foals that were less than a certain growth. Thus was bred a pure breed.

This breed was used as driving horses in wagons and carriages, and also as a war horse. The horse was hardy, and could carry large loads. It is from this type of horses went genetic basis for horses heavy horses all over the world. Today, this breed of horses bred worldwide for her appearance distinctive “white socks” on his hind legs and a small bald spot on the head. This is the largest horse has a very beefy mill, broad back, well-developed chest. In General, the structure of the body is proportional. Perhaps, this breed became the prototype of our Sivkov Bourke, it is very good.


By results of researches of anthropologists, this horse breed originates in France, and rightly bears the title of the biggest horse in the world. A distinctive feature of this breed is high endurance and strength together with beautiful pace and smartness, the researchers suggest that this is due to the territorial location of origin. It is the smartness of the body and grace provides a quiet pace of this animal that loved knights. At the same time, she was carrying very heavy loads.

But when the days of knights gone, these horses quickly redeveloped in the sleds and they didn’t mind and did his job efficiently.

The horses of this breed are undemanding diet and conditions of detention, have pretty good character and patience, are easily understood by the owner and willing to learn new things. Now this breed is used in parks for the transportation of tourists and in agriculture. They reside on any of the continents and unpretentious to weather conditions. Percherons have a broad chest and powerful, muscular legs and thighs, and with their help, improve other breeds. This seemingly huge heavy horse has a light and graceful movements, very hardy. The color of these horses is white or black.

Russian heavy draft

This great beauty came to light thanks to the work of domestic breeders and is the most impressive of the breed in Russia.

She was bred to work for the benefit of local agriculture, through complex selections and crossings, and experiments with feeding.

Its creation involved individuals of the local horses. From their brethren they are distinguished by the smaller size, but they have a long life expectancy, give good offspring, economical in feeding and great feel in the harness. Officially, the breed was registered in 1952, and in 1900 her representative (at that time the biggest horse in the world named Loaf) took part in the international exhibition in France, where he won the highest award.

Soviet heavy draft

During the rise of the state, the breeders have considered that you need a horse that will have a high load capacity. This pushed them to the excretion of this breed. This breed was the result of the experiment by crossing Belgian draft horses and native species. And of course, because of the availability they became popular among the peasants. At the age of about three years, it can gradually begin to perform their duties in agriculture.

While other horses Mature much later. Another important aspect that attracts gourmet food lovers is horse meat. It is very delicious and has high quality. Many farmers grow these horses solely as meat.

Vladimir heavy draft

Pride domestic breeders is the Vladimir heavy truck. The breed has become famous abroad! It was developed in the Vladimir region from the English stallions crossed with a domestic. Then selected stallions with the best parental performance. They are used for riding. In harness the horse looks great, even taking into account the fact that often the suit turns brown.

The breed differs from the tribespeople significant increase, feels great in the Russian climatic conditions.

Irish heavy

The hardest working horse in the world is Irish navvy. These beauties are equally well carrying heavy loads, pulling a plow or accompany hunters on hunting. But at one point the interest of the breeders of horses was lost, and the breed was on the verge of extinction. Then breeders began to try to rectify the situation and crossed the Irish with the Shires.

Unfortunately, this is absolutely nothing. Of course, a little later, was carried out certain work to restore the main qualities of this breed, which was a success. Currently, the Irish navvy is used only in agriculture, because due to its low cost, simplicity of food and the content of his can afford even the poorest peasant.

The largest horse in the world

In the first place among all the world’s species today is, of course, the biggest horse breed the Shire horse, the giant named. His height is about three meters and a weight of about 1.5 tons. Every day he drinks 8-9 buckets of water and eats about 10 kg of grain and hay. In order to get on the horse, its owner have to first climb the ladder.

Early in the first place was a heavyweight Sampson, who was born in 1846. At the age of four, he became known as the Mammoth, due to its huge size. The growth of this champion was two meters twenty centimeters, and it weighed 1520 kg. This unique stallion was a member of the charity show and enjoyed great popularity among visitors of the stables.

In the end we can say that the biggest horse in the world should have the necessary parameters:

  1. The growth of about two meters.
  2. Weight about a ton and a half.
  3. Good pedigree.

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