The names of horses or how to name the horse and the Mare

The choice of a name for the horse is important and difficult. Especially hard to pick names for the sports and breeds. There are several rules and guidelines that you should pay attention, thinking over how to name the horse.

Some horse owners believe that it is from the name will depend on the nature and fate of pet.

Therefore, the choice of name , should be approached carefully, while paying attention to all the details related to the horse from its color, to its habits.

Key tips for choosing a name for a horse

First and foremost it should be notedthat there are several key points that you should pay special attention.

The choice depends on:

  1. The presence or absence of pedigree branches.
  2. Whether the animal is to participate in various races, exhibitions and other competitions.

These two criteria are very important. This is because horses that belong to some tribal branch or participating in competitions there is a special selection of nicknames. If the horse contains just as a hobby or to help in the household, then the name should be based on other factors.

These factors are:

  1. Appearance of the animal. Before you come up with a nickname should be looking at the Mare or horse. The appearance of the horse can guide you to an appropriate name. So, you need to pay attention to the color of the animal, white “socks” on the feet and on other notable features.
  2. Breed horses too can be a point of reference. For example, frieze or Friesian is not necessary to name some simple name of type of Rum or darling. But for local breeds such names would be perfect. The size of the animal also may suggest a possible name. So, a big horse can be called a Giant or Atlas.
  3. The character of the animal plays an important role in the choice of a name of a horse. Sometimes looking at the behavior of the horse, once it becomes clear what to call it. Shy and quiet horse can be called a Bunny or blue. But catchy and fun a horse can be crowned with the name of the Talker, or the Naughty.
To call home a rustic horse?

If you buy an adult horse, then he is already likely to be a nickname. But sold little horse, you will have to think about the name. If we are talking about the Mare and horse, which are designed to homemaking, the nickname is at the discretion of the owner. Restrictions in this case, no. Often chosen some simple and heartfelt names. They can display both the breed characteristics and any traits of the characters.

The most common names include, are:

  1. May
  2. Borushka,
  3. Ryabushka,
  4. Chubar,
  5. Woronko.
How to name a breeding horse?

Names for mares and horses, which relate to breeding, must be selected in accordance with defined criteria.

The name can be chosen so: name may begin with the first letter of the name of mother Mare, and the middle name must be the first letter of the name of the father. But if the horse belongs to the half-breeds, we can not observe this rule. You can simply give the name that will begin with the first letters of the names of the father.

If to speak about sport horses, it should be noted that their names should give information about the stable or the club to which they belong.

Selection of famous name

Some farmers call their horses in honor of some famous mares. For example, many who called his horse Absinthe in honor of Olympic champion. Or very often horses are called Ashes, in honor of the world champion. Such nicknames can be many, it all depends on imagination of the owner.

Is there a classification of the names of the horses?

It is noteworthy, that there is a whole science on the selection of names for mares and horses. It is called zoonomia. There is a certain classification for which you can choose a nickname for your pet.

For example:

  • If the horse is emotional and quick-tempered, then it is very suitable for such nicknames as Gladiator or Fighter.
  • Also called natural phenomena – Storms, Thunderstorm, Sunset or a Hurricane.
  • Called by nature Aggressive or Good-natured.
  • Call on the name of the precious metals – Gold or Diamond.
  • Called distinctive features of appearance of shaggy or Wavy.
  • Also called old Russian names Prokhor, Lubomir, or Perun.
What are the names of horses given in Europe?

First and foremost it should be noted that Europe is very often the name of the foal give based on the first letters of the names of the father. Despite the fact that this tradition applies to many breeds, it is not mandatory. However, the breeders still adhere to this unspoken rule.

Should pay attention to the following exceptions to the above rule, as trakenenskaya and the Dutch half-breed. So, tractinsky stallions called by the first letter from his mother. It is noteworthy, that this rule works in all countries.

If to speak about the Dutch breed, the name of the foal is selected by his year of birth. On the same principle called the horses and the tribal Union of Holstein. That is, the first letter of the name determines the year of birth.

Speaking about the Hanoverian breed, it should be stated that the names of stallions very often derived from nicknames of the founders of the entire lineage.

You should pay attention to the fact that the choice of nicknames for the Oldenburg breed there is some separation. So, there are names that are designed for sport, and there is for breeding. If a small horse is suggested to be the sporting animals, the nickname will be selected on the basis of the first letters of the name of his mother. If the Mare is intended to further the divorce, then the nickname is selected by the first letter of the name of the father.

It is noteworthy, that the names of horses that belong to the Dutch breed needs to be at least 21 characters. In addition, it is obligatory to register the nickname in tribal Union. This should be done before March 1, a year after the birth of the animal. The procedure is: the owner must record on the form about six prospective names for your horse, and then send this form to the Association of Dutch horse breed. Further, experts will choose one name and make it into an official register.

Sometimes a horse’s name can be added to the factory console. For example, for Russian trotters officially registered the prefix Lok, which stands for Lokotskogo stud. For such breeds like the Akhal-Teke added the prefix Shah. She says that these horses was grown on the farm Shah-Teke. In Europe, the most famous is the prefix Glosk.

You should pay attention to the fact that in England and Ireland there is no specific attachment of the young stallions nicknames for nicknames of their parents. Often selects some sort of witty or associative name. It often happens that each of them has a special long and interesting history of occurrence.

As a result, it should be noted that the choice of a name for a young stallion or filly – is a very serious matter. First and foremost, before giving it the nickname of the animal, it should be good to watch him. Of course, if we are talking about pedigree breeds, in this case, you should adhere to all instructions and rules. In addition, be sure to register the name of your horse. And if you have a horse as a hobby, or a faithful assistant in economic matters, the choice of name is purely up to you and depends on your imagination.

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