The speed developed by the horse: average and maximum

The horse is one of the first animals tamed people during its existence. These beautiful, graceful creatures since ancient times lived side by side with people. The galloping of hooves accompanies man for thousands of years.

Many people have appreciated not only the quality of working horses, but also a pleasant taste of their meat and milk.

Horsepower Mare’s milk is the unique cure for many diseases. Many benefits they bring, but more importantly, what they need is movement. Just horse race on the speed, freight, or jump riding – agility of the horse has always been the main criterion to evaluate the horses.

How fast horses go and what is the average and the maximum speed that they are able to develop a topic worthy of close attention.

Main types of horses

Only the main breeds of horses have numbered over three hundred, but in working qualities, weight of cargo and ,most importantly, the speed that they are able to develop their be divided into four groups:

  1. Riding
  2. Verhove – sled
  3. Sled
  4. Draught

The maximum speed is able to develop horse stallions. For a short time it can reach sixty miles per hour. Of course, no one individual is not able to rush with such speed for a long time.

All this applies to thoroughbred horses that have acquired the ability to move at great speed as a result of centuries of breeding. Wild stallions do not show such results and is able to ride much slower than purebreds. Thus, the maximum speed of horses in the wild are much lower than on the racetrack.

There is a widespread belief that the speed of a stallion, among other characteristics, also depends on the suit. Traditionally, the red horses are “fiery” temperament and therefore jump much faster than horses of other colors.

Ways walk

In addition,some speed, a horse develops depends on the type of step.

distinguish between these types of gait (step)

  1. Step (slow gait)
  2. Trot (gait, accelerated in two tempos)
  3. Shortened trot (trot)
  4. Field lynx
  5. Extended trot
  6. Gallop

Running horse is the gallop – in this way run with an average speed of most horses.

Was specially bred several breeds, capable of running at a trot, these rocks are called trotters. But still the fastest way of movement for the horse is a quarry. It is also called rapid gallop. Not every poskakushka can go from canter to a quarry. More rarely, animals with step type “amble”.

Such horses are called Pacers. Pacers are found among many breeds of horses, not one. It’s such a genetic feature horses that sometimes some of them are Pacers. In this step, the horse moves the front and hind legs simultaneously. First both right, then both left.

Amble is not the fastest gait, but it has two advantages – firstly, the way the horse is less tired and can move evenly and consistently for quite some time. And secondly, the amble is more comfortable for the rider, it shakes less and less tired while sitting in the saddle.


The fastest breed of horse, andy is called the “English horse” thoroughbred representatives of this breed – speed racers. This species belongs to a still unbroken speed record for a racing horse.

In 1945, in Mexico city, a stallion named beach Rakit could gallop at a speed of 69 kilometers per hour. Since then to the present day, this record was not broken, no horse, and only once he was able to repeat. That is typical – also a stallion thoroughbred racehorse breed. Thus, English skokovie – an absolute record among all the horses at speed.

Numerous studies have shown that these characteristics Thoroughbreds owe their unique physiological structure – their lungs and heart have higher volume than other breeds of horses. For example, at the opening of the thoroughbred racehorse named Secretariat, it became clear that his heart is in two and a half times larger than the heart of a normal stallion.

Just give them the horses of the Arabian breed is able to run 55 miles per hour and above. Also considered very fleet-footed French racing and, finally, the trotters: Russian Trotter, Orlov Trotter, French and American trotters.

These rocks are, as a rule, you can ride with a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Their average speed is much lower, at around 40 km/h.

With regard to draught horses breeds such as Kladrubska breed (aka the Czechoslovak sled), Bashkir, Belarusian sled, Tinker – he’s an Irish cob that their average speed is usually in the region of 15-20 km/h And a maximum speed of draught horses is highly dependent on the workload of the team working qualities of the Wheeler – main leading stallion in harness and is usually not more than 50 km/h

It is clear that the speed of the horse breeds heavy even lower, and ,most likely, has never been seriously measured, since stallions for heavy draught breeds the main thing – not speed, but the weight of the load they can move.

Thus, we can say that average speed of a race horse at a distance of over 3000 meters is 55 miles per hour. Draught at the same distance, will show the average horse’s speed is 40 km/h.

The maximum speed of a racehorse for a short distance, 600-800 metres to be over sixty miles per hour. Recorded record the maximum speed of the horse is 69 kilometers per hour.

The horse is a very smart and useful animale that help people for many hundreds of years. From ancient times they bring their owners joy and health.

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