Types of most expensive horses in the world

Horses are the most common members of the genus equine animals, and is the only representative from the order of equids. Indeed, some of the most respectable and beautiful animals in the world.

They fascinate with their elegance, grace and strength. These animals want to watch forever. Illustrations and movies with horses magnificent.

The greatness of these representatives of the animal world cannot be described with words.

The most expensive horse

Most famous and influential people can be sure to find a good horse. This fully emphasizes the status of the owner. Maintenance and care of a good stallion or Mare must be a sufficient large number of funds, labor, time and nerves.

Breeds of horses are quite varied: from the most common and cheap to rare, worth a fortune. In this article, we will touch the topic of elite breeds of these beautiful representatives of the animal world.

Beautiful, well kept and most expensive horses everyone can see at any racetrack. Horse racing is a very expensive and profitable occupation. Since ancient times it was believed that this entertainment for the rich. Earn as athletes, and those who make bets. Now we can see that the value of the breed of horse depends on its sporting achievements, performance in the competition. If a young foal is trained and trained since birth, with age has a number of landslide victories, it can be sold to professional sports for a lot of money. It is very important not to forget about the pedigree of every racehorse.

Achievement in sports is only a small part in determining its value. The purity is valued above all! Sometimes it is not important success. The price may be prohibitively large due to the only genealogical tree of the horse. And also you can give a huge amount of money for crossing with the thoroughbred. Many entrepreneurs came up with business at the individual breeding horses with the famous rocks.

The most expensive horse in the world

England is world famous for the best and most expensive horses. Parades in honor of the Royal family can observe the most well kept and most expensive horses on the planet. It fascinates the spirit. One of the most expensive breeds can safely assume that the English racehorse. And it is often called is a thoroughbred or thoroughbred horse.

Based on the pedigree of the foal, its price can exceed a million dollars. Horses to auction whole herds. Unconditional, a representative of this suit is unmatched.

This suit was withdrawn with mixing English breeds of horses with the best representatives of the Eastern breeds:

  • Arabic;
  • Turkish.

The blood of the East, of course, predominates in the English race, which is reflected in their external characteristics.

The health of thoroughbred horse will strike any breeder. It is this diffusion of genes allowed to identify the best training and racing suit. Therefore, it was assumed that this gene fusion is perfect for race horses. Suit the most expensive horses bred the most elite horse clubs around the globe. Special peak breeding such a suit was in the middle of the XVIII century.

England then was one of the most powerful military countries with unbreakable authority. The army needed the largest possible number of goals frisky, powerful horses to improve the equipment of the military forces of the state. Thoroughbred race horses have become a wonderful addition to the overall arming of British troops.

Race horses

At the end of hostilities, English entrepreneurs soon realized that these horses will be the best horses in the world. So, after the war, many arranged a good business. Why this breed? The English racehorse was some growth characteristics and suitable for military standards of the period. Funds for the elimination of was spent very large. And, of course, it met all expectations. Family tree of the English thoroughbred takes us to three of their very distant ancestors. The ancestors of the thoroughbred originated from the Eastern regions of the globe, and was the most expensive horse in the world.

Specialists, experts and scientists cannot agree about who is from Eastern stallions was a founder of such a great, well-known across the planet dynasty.

Historical notes tell us that three legendary steed had the following nicknames:

  • Darley;
  • Godolphin;
  • Beyrle.

Dardi, and Godolphin belonged to the Arab breed, Beyrle is of Turkish origin. But again, with full confidence that it can not be assumed – write could be misinterpreted.


Due to the lack of knowledge, lack technologically accurate equipment, while the breed can determine a hundred percent, it was absolutely impossible. The most expensive horses repurchased, replaced owners, they changed nicknames. Nicknames were given different translations, and pronounced them with an accent that could result in incorrect pronunciation. Individuals could travel around the world, to breed different types of horses. With the development of science and a number of studies, more and more experts argue that the trio of founders was a mongrel species, and their origin is considered in fact the importation of a particular region.

Seems absurd? This is the most popular at the moment, the exact theory. And the blood of these horses has a mixture of many Oriental breeds. Especially one early in the crossing did not understand. Russian hippology come to believe that the elite English suit most external and internal factors – a direct descendant of Akhal-Teke horses. The legendary Akhal-Teke breed of horse has its origin from the lands of Turkmenistan.

It is considered that this is the very first suit of the race view. The age of this dynasty is around 5 thousand years. The suit of these cultural horses great for hot climate. And also, acclimatization is them just fine.

Akhal-Teke horses gave rise to such species as the Arabian horse, which later had a great influence on the breeding of the thoroughbred horse. The Akhal-Teke endurance suit just rolls over. In the early XX century at the races these horses crossed the Karakum desert for 72 hours, not stopping for a meal, rest or sleep. With such roots and a purebred upland it was hard to stay on the sidelines and be ignorant.

In spite of everything, it is the Darley, Godolphin and Beverly are the founders of the breed. Their famous descendants are Eclipse (1764.), Matcham (1748). Herod (1758.). When they began to think about the proper breeding of this breed was performed as strict as possible the selection of horses.

Special conditions

The tribe had to meet special conditions. And again, one of the most important conditions was the presence of large sums of money.

Exterior of English racing. In many surveys, it’s not the most beautiful breed. It’s not supposed for breeding – was tasked to bring the most functional individual.

Thoroughbred horse-the suit has a height at the withers of 160 to 175 cm horse Head noble form, light, dry, with an elongated portion in the face and straight profile. The majority of this breed sometimes has a rough head shape. Ganache located big. Eyes large in size, look smart and very expressive. Nostrils broad, subtle, easy to expand.

The back of the head elongated. The neck is long with a moderate yield. Short neck Swan shape can be rather rarely met. Withers are too high, long shape, different expressive. The back is maximally covered with muscle corset, solid, often you can see the back with the soft muscle tissues. The muscles in the lumbar can also be in excess. Croup is long, oval and usually slightly deflated or straight. The chest is deep, long, width medium, quite roomy. The housing is conical.

The English horse racing breed – feet a perfect shape. Dry the structure of your muscles, correctly set legs. This breed is very strong thigh. A lover of equestrian sport around the world use English thoroughbred breed for crossing with other breeds. It is considered that the British – an example to follow. Love and protect horses!

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