Vladimir heavy alloy of beauty and strength

The horse, Vladimir heavy, no doubt, is among the most useful and appealing heavyweights. Already looking at photos of these beauties, you can imagine their strength and power to estimate the amount of work they can do.

The breed is used today as a pulling force in rural areas, as well as various ancillary works in the farms.

The breed of the Vladimir draft horses the perfect combination of power, beauty, docile nature, combined with the endurance and hard work.


Strong and hardy horses were scarce in our mostly agrarian country for centuries. If on soft soil with a peasant’s horses could handle the plowing, the more solid land (such as loam which is located in Ivanovo and Vladimir region) had difficulties with agricultural work.

An even more acute need in the mighty Shire horses appeared in the XIX century, with the replacement of wooden plows and harrows of iron, heavier fixtures to till the soil. These events served as starting point for breeding heavy draft horse breeds in Russia.

First breeding attempts were made in the late nineteenth century with the formation of Gavrilovo-Posadskaya state stables. The first hotel was the British Clydesdale. Large majestic stallions were crossed with local small, but hardy mares. Further, to improve the breed was used in English Shires, but their contribution to the creation of domestic heavy truck was not very significant.

The main objective of the breeding was to produce a breed of horses, highlighting the main advantages of both parents: become and the power of fathers, the simplicity and endurance of the mothers, coupled with elegant and graceful exterior. Long and hard work was crowned with final success only in 40-ies of XX century. In 1946 was officially registered breed of the Vladimir draft horses with an entry in the stud book.


The Vladimir draft horse is a mighty horse, a beautiful, attractive appearance of which comprise not only the body proportions, but also a pleasant variety of color.

  • The normal weight of a Mare is about 700 kg, stallion – 100 kg more. The mass of the larger animals can reach 900-1200 kg.
  • Horse height 165-175 cm chest Girth 200 cm, palm – 27-30 see
  • The head is large, convex profile, is picturesque; the neck is long, powerful.
  • The case is strong, normal width, with a relief-developed muscles and diagonally arranged blades. The loin is broad, the back is elongated.
  • The legs are long, correct, well-developed, often characterized by specific shoots in the lower part (friezes). The lower third of the legs of the horse, usually white in color.
  • The mane is thick, long fluffy tail.
  • The suit rocks mostly Bay, but can meet black horses, red or brown animals.

If you look closely at the Vladimir heavy draft horse, we can note that they have kept its shape similarities with their closest ancestors – Clydesdales and Shires: a large body, long legs with friezes, the presence on them of white spots.


Impressive and formidable appearance of the horse does not associate with her character. Despite the remarkable activity and energy, Vladimir horse Mature, calm and friendly with people. On the go animals are showing unusual for heavy horses grace and elegance. Nice horse moving into a trot, and they like to go into a gallop with a wide sweeping step.

It is important to note the ability of the Vladimir draft horses to grow up quick. Already three years they are ready to reproduce, and can be used for household and field work as a traction force.


Currently, the heavyweights are rarely used for the types of jobs for which they were breeding. Plow and wagon horse-drawn almost completely disappeared from everyday life. It would seem that the age of heavyweights is over, and cultivate the breed doesn’t make sense anymore. Fortunately, despite a considerable reduction in the number of the Vladimir heavy breeds of horses, became fashionable active rest, development of equestrian tourism, sport hunting has breathed new life into the use of these wonderful animals for the above purposes, re-made them necessary and valuable.

Calm and level-headed nature of these mighty handsome, makes it easy to manage the animals even the people who first sat in the saddle and took in hand the reins. Appreciate the strength and endurance of the Vladimir draft horses and traveling to distant and long hikes people.

Add optimism becoming popular competitions Vladimir triples, as well as horseback riding, organized during the city holidays. Nice walks on draught horses in city parks, which provide services for some firms. Here everyone can feel like the epic hero on a huge horse, to make your leisure time useful and memorable.

However, the future of the Vladimir breed of heavyweights gives the alarm. It is clear that the breeding of horses in those amounts when they were used as traction power for agricultural work, is currently unprofitable. Perhaps the maintenance and breeding of animals in private stables will help to support the livestock Vladimirtsev at the proper level.

In the new environment, breeders will not stop there, so as a result of crossing heavy horses with Trotter managed to grow powerful, spirited horse for sporting events. The main task of the Gavrilovo-POSADSKOGO of the stud is considered to be improving the type and exterior of vladimirets, what is purebred division into lines and close family with the best specimens of the breed.

The contents

As for any horse, working for the benefit of man, for the Vladimir heavyweight requires good care and dignified conditions of detention.

A major figure of the horse dictates the necessity of a proper diet, rich in grains and vitamins. The main animal feed is fresh grass or hay. In comparison with other types of horses vladimirec eat 1.5 times more grain products and vitamin supplements.

Horses need considerable time to spend in the fresh air, take regular walks are important for their health and maintain muscle tone. Regular inspection of the animal by a veterinarian with a frequency of 4-6 times per year should be the rule. In the summer, after work, the horses need a warm shower, but in winter it is better to settle for a thorough cleaning.

Interesting facts

  1. Vladimir Bogatyr able to run two kilometers within five minutes with a load of fifteen tons, with a burden 3 times more horse step will overcome the same way in 15 minutes.
  2. Vladimir horses of the breed involved in the transition between Vladivostok to Moscow.
  3. Tribal individuals used for crossing with other breeds, which significantly improves their productive characteristics.
  4. Vladimir heavy works equally well in any weather, easily adapts to warm or cold climate.
  5. In this breed managed to combine two opposites: beauty and grace – on the one hand, the large size, power and weight.
  6. The animal is resistant to the negative factors and stimuli, not allowing them to affect his productivity.

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