What is the average horses

The horse is a noble animal domesticated equids squad, which for many years is the loyal friend of man. This is the only subspecies of wild horse, which survived until our time. It is considered the ancestor of the Tarpan, which became extinct many years ago.

In the past horses were used in battles and fighting, as well as for work in the field. In addition, horse harness was the only mode of transport.

Today, the use of these animals considerably narrowed.This: entertainment, racing, sports. In some countries, up to the present time remained mounted patrols.

Any breeder of horses, is actively planning to use them for their own purposes, interested in the lifespan of the animal.

The average life expectancy of wild horses

The lives of the inhabitants of the wild nature full of dangers and difficulties. So, how old are horses in the wild? Life expectancy of horses living under natural conditions an average of about 15 years.

This is due to the influence of negative factors such as:

  1. Insufficient food and an unbalanced diet. Of course, when poor nutrition significantly reduced the chances to live to a ripe old age.
  2. Natural conditions. Horses that live under the open sky, suffering from the heat and from the cold.
  3. Infection and disease-causing organisms. Horses, like all animals, prone to infectious diseases, which are often difficult harmful, and deadly. It is most difficult for young individuals who have the least developed immunity.

Not only feeds poverty and harsh climate reduce the number of wild horses. Many horses die from infections and viruses, and dies from the teeth of predators.

How many horses at home

To horse how can you last longer your master, for it is necessary to properly care, to pay attention, to take care of her. With proper home maintenance, the life of horses – about 25 years.

On the life expectancy of horses is affected by compliance with certain conditions for the animals:

Food. Horses should be fed, knocking off mode, at the same time. Do not skimp on food. Food must select the most suitable for your horse. It is not recommended to abruptly switch from one feed to another. In this animal the digestive system is arranged in such a way that it must constantly be at work. Excessive feed can lead to colic, and in severe cases –volvulus. In this case, will help the grass and hay. Be sure before eating it is necessary to water the horse, and after that give time to rest for at least one hour. Before exercise-feed should not.

Complete diet for horses should include:

  • grains;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • fresh and povolenou grass;
  • feed.

Purity. The room, which contains a horse there must be daily removed, to eliminate all kinds of diseases. Sawdust, a bucket, a trough should always be clean. The stable should be dry, because high humidity affects the joints of the animal. They begin to inflame and swell. An animal feels pain.

Vitamins. The horses were healthy and full of energy in their diet as in the diet must be vitamins. The best sources of the vitamin are apples and carrots, which should give every day. Vitamins can also be purchased in specialized stores. In this case, it is important to monitor the proper their dosage.

Care. Hooves and wool horses require careful maintenance, the wool should be cleaned daily.

Medical care. It is important to closely monitor the health of the horse, paying attention to its appearance and changes in behavior (even minor). This will help to identify the problem. If the animal behaves sluggish or aggressive and anxious, if no appetite, you need to inspect.

The mode of the day. It is important to observe not only feeding, but also grooming and care . When disruption of the animal can be a nervous breakdown.

Physical activity. For horses of any age movement is important. Even the older horse to live longer, should move a lot : to walk and run. It can be Jogging on the court, working with children.

The life expectancy of different breeds of horses

In addition to proper care and adherence to the conditions of detention, the longevity of individuals is affected by their belonging to a particular breed:

  1. Breeding animals that are bred for procreation, need greater attention. They need to carefully care, as they are of great value to the development of the breed. Due to better careamong the thoroughbreds a lot more centenarians.
  2. Lifespan sport horses less because of the intense training and injuries sustained during the race. They die from ruptured lungs, stomach cramps and pain. Physical damage to lead to the culling of horses. The horse, having achieved significant achievements, most likely, will be easy to live in a beautiful environment. Those whose results were average go to the category of training. They usually live up to 20 years.
  3. How many years live-horses – depends on the kind of activities and training. Important factors – the food and the alternation of rest and work. A significant role in life expectancy play individual endurance genetics. It can be both 15 and 25 years.
How to determine the age of the horse

Deciding to purchase a horse without the appropriate documents confirming the age, is to rely on their own intuition and the words of the seller. Not knowing how the external signs to determine the approximate age, it is possible to miscalculate and buy an animal that cannot long and qualitatively to serve.

The optimal age for a horse is 9 years, during this period, he benefits by working in full force.

To determine age carefully studied the external characteristics:

  • the condition of the teeth. The horses are all changes associated with teeth, occur exactly in the defined time frame. With age, the front incisors are worn down because they feed on coarse plant foods:
  • the elasticity and softness of the skin;
  • the absence or presence of gray hair on the tail, mane, chin and superciliary arcs;
  • appearance (silhouette). If the horse flabby muscles, sagging back and belly – it old age. This was also indicated by a highly advanced hollow eyes and sunken throat.
Historical examples of endurance horses
  1. One of the horses of the aged – old Billy, who lived 62 years. This crossbred stallion descended from East Cleveland stallion and Mare. 59 years he has towed barges on the river. Then the horse was sent to a farm where, after living for three years, he died. Until today in the Museum of Manchester has preserved his skull, and Belgorodska the Museum you can see stuffed his head.
  2. Another example is the Australian thoroughbred gelding named Duke tango, who was born in 1935.
  3. There is information about the old pony, who has lived in France for about 54 g.
  4. The Mare is a long – lived 46 years. For 4 years before she died – she had a foal.
  5. The oldest animals in 2004, was the Arab steed Badger, who lived in Pembrokshire, who at that time turned 51 years old.
  6. Among the representatives of these domestic animals-long-livers can be noted thoroughbred horse named Budynok lived 32 years and the Mare Sahara, who died at the age of 31 years

Summarizing, we can conclude that the average life expectancy of horses is largely determined by their breed, purpose and conditions.

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