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Pneumatic variation of the Mosin rifle is analogous to the combat version of the legendary trilinear rifle, which was based on the Lebel rifle. In its time, it was positioned as the main weapon of the Russian infantry. In the first half of the last century this rifle was in great demand, due to maximum simplicity of operation and reliability of weapon design.

A brief history of the Mosin rifle

A sample of the Mosin rifle was adopted in April 1891. The main goal pursued by the Creator of such weapons was the transformation of the single-shot version of the rifle in the store. Along with this, was also somewhat reduced caliber weapons, which resulted in minimizing the overall weight and increase the initial speed of the shot. Range of flight of bullets in this, too, was changed in a big way.

From the outset, the Mosin rifle was positioned as a very reliable product. It was identified the presence of the original store, which was located in the butt.

These features a very positive impact not only on improving rate of fire, but also on improving the overall operating characteristics of the weapon.

In order for the rifle entered mass production was required in its statement on the arms. Eventually Sergei Ivanovich Mosin achieved this and soon his project was recognized as a best weapon. In total, the designer worked on the creation of his creation more than a decade.

Subsequently, the Mosin rifle has undergone several upgrades. So, in 1908 he was commissioned a new cartridge, which is characterized by the presence of a pointed bullet. Two years after this rifle has got an updated scope that allowed to improve the overall accuracy.

Another constructive metamorphosis was implemented in 1930. The more they touched on General performance. The main task of modernization was improved.

The design idea of Sergei Ivanovich Mosin brought to life, took place throughout the Second World war and only at the end of 1945, the rifle in its original performance became a Museum piece. In fairness it should be noted that the history of this weapon did not end there. Until today produces a large number of rifles, based on the product of Sergei Ivanovich Mosin. One of them is the pneumatic variation. Enthusiasts have managed to make even the sawed-off rifle.

In addition, based on the battle rifle was created of weapons for sport shooting. Back in the seventies it was used as a basis for the development of sniper weapons. Some units of the Russian army are still armed with a modernized version of this rifle.

The description of the technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of pneumatic variations of the Mosin rifle is presented in more detail in the table. Despite its long history, such weapons in various versions, even today, continues to enjoy great popularity. In the first place is due to its simplicity of operation and reliability of the design.

Features Description
Size (mm) 4,5
Speed shot (m/s) 120
Capacity 16
Weight (kg) 2,450
Size (mm) 1306
Energy source CO2
The type of bullets Roll
Material Metal
Power 3 j
Type of barrel Rifled
Manufacturer Russia
Price 11000-15000 rubles

Mosin rifle is also used as a base for sniper weapons. This variation rifle has a more quality finish of the barrel and the most accurate fitting of parts shutter. Add an optical sight installation for the most accurate shooting.

Sports version of the rifle for target shooting developed since the sixties. Today this product continues to enjoy great popularity.

In relation to the performance of the fuse in such a rifle, it is more convenient in comparison with the Mauser rifle.

Despite this, the operation of weapons in the winter time can be some difficulties. To put the safety on, you need to make considerable physical effort.Rifle has a rifled version. The smooth-walled chamber with the threaded portion it is connected via the “pooling” of the input.

In the combat version of the weapon sight, the framework is equipped with two pillars. One of them was used when shooting at near target, and the second at a longer distance. Fly when it is near the muzzle.


Traditional equipment air rifles Mosin consists of a box with explosion-schema store with a hexagon, warranty card and technical passport of the weapons. Here you can add a container for oil, a sack of tools designed for the disassembly of the rifle and the bullets in the amount of one hundred pieces.

In the case of a combat version of the weapon options can be added and the bayonet.

Like any other new weapon, air rifle Mosin lubricated with grease, and so after purchase and before its introduction into operation, there is a need for reactivation. This will provide the ultimate service life of the product.


Pneumatic Mosin rifle is used for accurate target shooting, as well as during plinko and hunting. It should be noted that the combat version of the weapon continues to undergo regular modernization and up until today is used in the sniper units.

When using air rifles for hunting there is a necessity for correct selection of the optical sight. For mounting sighting devices it is advisable to resort to the use of modern arms, which are connected with base and subsequently fixed inside. Sighting device hunting version of SVD should be well able to withstand the dynamics of the shot and not in any way affect the quality of the review.

Given the fact that hunting is shooting at a moving target, it is advisable to make aiming through open sights.

Features showdown

Disassembly of the air rifle Mosin is carried out with an initial separation of the shutter. After that, there is a need to remove the back cover stores the box and subsequent analysis of the shutter.

When resolving this question it is necessary to detach combat spring from the connecting straps after releasing pressure on the handle. Then remove the firing pin.

Then you need to proceed to the separation of the barrel from front sight. Also, there is a need for dismantling the trigger mechanism.

At the final stage of resolution of the issue concerning the disassembly of the Mosin rifle, you should separate the cutoff of the reflector and remove the bolt. The sequence of all actions will look like the following:

  1. The separation of the shutter.
  2. The removal of the cover.
  3. Dismantling the bolt.
  4. The separation of the barrel from the stock.
  5. Removing the latch cover.
  6. Disassembly of the trigger mechanism.
  7. The separation of the cutoff of the reflector.
  8. Extracting a bolt from the packing box.

The scheme of the Mosin rifle

Build an air rifle Mosin to begin with the installation of a cutoff reflector. In this final stage of carrying out actions of this type is to set the shutter.

The advantages and disadvantages of the rifle

Like other variations of the pneumatic weapon, the Mosin rifle has its advantages and disadvantages. Possibility of operation in various conditions speaks in favor of the appropriateness of this model.

Along with this, we should not ignore the shortcomings of the Mosin rifle.

  • Advantages. Design features arms can provide the maximum power of the cartridge. In this case it is equivalent to 3 j. The shutter can be easily removed, if necessary, cleaning. A high level of fire promotes the productive use of such a rifle when hunting. Another advantage is lower price indicators characterizing the components of the weapon. This speaks to the low cost of its operation.
  • Disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages include a long and difficult descent, which prevents to achieve the most accurate results when shooting. Moreover, the particular location of the shutter significantly complicate discovery.

The guard rifle is of fairly simple design, but it is not quite easy to operate. In addition, quite often there is a need to replace this element.

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