Overview of pneumatic Stechkin pistol from Umarex and Gletcher

Legendary Stechkin automatic pistol is an essential feature of weapons sergeants and special forces soldiers and officers involved in combat. So popular has arms and pneumatic versions.

Version of the Stechkin pistol in Pneumatics design

Copies are made Stechkin various foreign manufacturers. Among them Umarex (Germany) and Gletcher (USA). Consider the guns of these firms in more detail.

Characteristics APS from Gletcher

The American version of the Stechkin pistol is characterized by:

  • Shooting speed (m/s): 120.
  • Store, designed for: 22 bullets.
  • Weight (kg): 1,040.
  • Dimensions (mm): total length 225.
  • The energy source: cylinder CO2 volume 12 G.
  • Caliber (mm): 4,5.
  • Type of bullets: steel spherical centuries.
  • Material: metal.
  • Power (j): within 3.
  • Type of barrel: smooth bore.
  • Open adjustable devices for the sight.
  • The average price (p): 4800 (NBB) and 5500 (BB).

Air pistol Gletcher APS Stechkin


Depending on the availability of the function reverse movement of the shutter when shooting (Blowback) there are 2 versions of this weapon.

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Gletcher APS NBB version
List the features of this tool are:

  1. A movable shutter in the absence of a Blowback mechanism.
  2. A big the initial speed of the shot.
  3. Good performance accuracy.
  4. Reducing the expenditure of gas.

Gletcher APS version of BB

The instrument is characterized by:

  1. Identity in terms of dismantling the military original.
  2. Double Action (trigger mechanism double action), allowing you to shoot with pre-cocked trigger and using samutpada.
  3. The Blowback featureproviding realistic use of the weapons by simulating the recoil at the moment when the shutter moves.
  4. Functioning shutter lag.

To disassemble the weapon, you must:

  • Press the clip down SK (similar to pistol); hold it like this, take the bolt back and up.
  • To translate the slide forward and remove it.
  • Remove the right pad arm by removing the screw.
  • Unscrew all the screws, raspolovinil case.
What’s included?

This weapon comes with:

  1. Box black color with the image of the star.
  2. Gun
  3. Key to adjust the gland screw.
  4. Passport
Advantages and disadvantages

Analogue of the famous Stechkin pistol has certain advantages:

  • Faithful reproduction of how the external environment and the internal content tools.
  • The presence of two modifications, both with Blowback (guaranteeing the realism of the shooting), and without it.
  • Hidden in the pressing screw of the gas tank, adding to the similarity to the gun with the original.
  • The presence lever guard.
  • The high quality of workmanship.
  • The size and weight close to the combat version of the weapon.

But nothing’s perfect. And this quality Pneumatics has some disadvantages. Among them include:

  1. The narrow store.
  2. Short stroke the bolt.
  3. High price.
Feature pneumatic Stechkin pistol from Umarex

Air pistol Umarex Stechkin APS

This version is pneumatic APS is a new product from Legends series, produced by the renowned German company Umarex. The instrument is characterized by:

  • Shooting speed (m/s): 125.
  • Magazine capacity (bullets): 19.
  • Caliber (mm): 4,5.
  • Weight (kg): 0,991.
  • Dimensions (mm): the length of the barrel 142 , with a total length of 222.
  • The energy source: cylinder CO2.
  • Material: metal body, plastic handle, barrel made of steel.
  • Power (joules): not more than 3.
  • Type of bullets: steel shot centuries.
  • Type of barrel: smooth bore.
  • Sights: adjustable strap for fixed sight and fixed front sight.
  • Average price: ~ 2800 R.

The gun is made of-cast piece of metal and has no moving parts, except for sham holder, the trigger and guard. Therefore, unlike the combat of the original, disassembling it is not subject.

In order to install a tank of CO2 is enough to remove the left cheek of the handle.


Comes with Umarex APS is quite simple. The kit in addition to the gun includes box and manual. Additionally, you can buy the original butt-holster.

Advantages and disadvantages

Umarex APS has certain advantages, among which:

  • Full original in weight and appearance.
  • The inscription on the body “APS” in Russian.
  • Affordable price.
  • Soft stroke of the trigger and guard.
  • A steady speed of 125 m/s on a long sighting line.
  • Economical consumption of gas (at 80 shots of a single standard cartridge with a capacity of 12 g).
  • High accuracy of hitting the target.

However, there is a tools and disadvantages:

  • Manual safety
  • Shooting with samutpada.
  • To puncture the gas tank uses a twist and not an improved gland countersunk screw in the form of a hexagon.
  • The lack of internal structural similarity with the original.

Thus, after careful consideration of the characteristics of a pneumatic gun Stechkin from two manufacturers, we can see that from Gletcher APS has many advantages in the form of a collapsible realistic design, function, Blowback, the presence of the gland screw, trigger mechanism double action and automatic safety. While Umarex only wins in speed, which is above 5 m/s, and also the price.

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