Sports air gun

Even to achieve the low sports results keep this pace steadily and to get the eight or nine (a circle with a diameter of 20-30 mm) is not easy. To improve your skills, sportsmen have to spend a lot of time to prepare.

Fans short two-three hour workouts per week, while professionals train for 1.5-2 hours every day.

Sport shooting has always been a separate discipline. It differs from Amateur shooting are in strict compliance with the rules – set number of shots, size of target and technical parameters of the gun. Shooting is performed by a series of 10 shots (only 4 or 6 episodes in the discipline) at a distance of 10 meters, one shot is given 1-1.5 minutes.

Choosing an air gun for target shooting

Given the greater duration of standard shooting exercises, the gun must possess two qualities – high ergonomics and accuracy. Unlike military weapons, the requirement of reliability falling by the wayside. The presence of design and operational complexities in the treatment of leveled sports experience.


No other sights in addition to the adjustable rear sight and front sight are standard in the discipline are not allowed. Shown on the video below equipment sporting gun red-dot sight is a flagrant violation and may only be used for Amateur purposes.

Selecting the sport model, it is better to pay attention to the gun with the following sights:

  • the rear sight and front sight are made of metal, not plastic;
  • adjusting the rear sight hard and not break during transport and shot;
  • the front sight is rigidly fixed (but can be adjusted and removed) and are not protected by safety ring. Unlike rifle front sight, protective ring on the gun interferes with the aiming.

Adjustment of the sight may be a large manual screw or small, rotated with a screwdriver. Method of adjustment not in principle, and plays no role in training or competitions.

Walther Colt M16, rifles

The shape of the handle

Should be anatomical that fits the shooter’s hand. Pistol with a rough handle (like a PM or TT) is difficult to perform many accurate shots in a row.


Scheme sporting gun IZH-46

Possible options with the original immutable form of a handle, suitable to most shooters, as well as individual fit.

The first type includes the educational sport guns with plastic equipment in the IZH-53. More serious samples (IZH-46 and expensive foreign models) have a wooden handle that fit the palm of specific hand.


Sporting air guns have a mass of about 1.2-1.3 kg. to Find a more lightweight model is applied for the massive detail required to ensure high accuracy of fire. Heavier guns are difficult to hold in the hand for a great series of shots.

The peculiarities of shooting sports is that women and men use the same weapons. Even a fragile girl would shoot a big gun, differing only in smaller size handle.

Behavior when firing

The main point in training and competitions is safety. Despite the relatively low velocity sport airguns, turn it in the direction of people is strictly prohibited.

Shooting is conducted from one hand, and the shooter in this case is sideways or twist to the goal. Depending on the level of competition, the target replacement is provided every 5 shots (2 or 1 shot in the big leagues). For training the beginner, it is sufficient to use a single target for 20 shots with a large scatter of hits to calculate the overall result will be easy.

Sports IZH-46

The model belongs to professional series rifle airguns and are well suited to beginners who already have a little skill shooting. Despite widespread use of newer and more modern designs, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, the IZH-46 is not losing popularity at the competition at the Federal level.

  • type pneumatic – compression, single-pumping;
  • muzzle velocity and muzzle energy , respectively 120 m/s and less than 7.5 j;
  • the caliber and type of ammunition used – sports match bullets caliber 4,5 mm;
  • number of charges – single shot;
  • type of barrel – rifled with a large number of threads for better stability of the bullet
  • the type of descent – adjustable, with pre-cocked. Trigger pull according to the competition rules established more than 500 g;
  • dimensions – 420 ? 200 ? 50 mm (length ? height ? width);
  • material – metal, gaskets made of rubber, and the material of a handle and pad on the compression arm – wood;
  • fuses – are available, but their role is performed by the lever and cocking the trigger. In discharged state (even in the presence of high pressure in the pneumatic chamber) shots will not happen;
  • sights – adjustable rear sight and front sight. Standard mount for other sighting devices are not provided. Use homemade fixed optical or collimator sights degrades the ergonomics of the pistol and operational performance;
  • manufacturer – “Izhevsk machine-building plant”, Russia;
  • the average price of the gun is 250. E. and depends on the supplier and initial configuration of the gun.
The device and principle of work

Compression of air is achieved by movement of the lever platoon before the shot. The pressure created in the chamber beneath the barrel. To make the shot you need to close the cover, through the channel which compressed air enters into the barrel.

Adjusting the sight is in the process of shooting bullets and observation getting through a telescope or a video screen. Changing the position of the rear sight is at a fixed turn adjustment screws – clicks. For the introduction of amendments 1 envelope is required to displace the rear sight by 2.5 per click.

The envelope is the width of the ring, limiting the target area and generating one number of points (“two”, “three”, “four”, etc.).

If the average hit point is in the center of the ring, “eight”, making 5 clicks amendments, we will get hit in the envelope “tens”.

Partial disassembly

Is carried out according to the attached to the passport of the user. The stages of disassembly consists in the separation of the major structural elements, namely:

  1. unscrewing the locking screws and withdrawal of the handle;
  2. remove the base of the front sight;
  3. withdrawal of the locking rod;
  4. the office of the lever of the discharge and disassembly of the cylinder.

Even partial dismantling of the gun is recommended as rarely as possible. The abundance of the connecting screws, rods and clamps may result in their loss. One of the most common questions on gun forums is the Assembly sequence of the pneumatic gun after unsuccessful self-attempts.

When servicing the IZH 46 is sufficient to manage the cleaning of the trunk and occasionally add a drop of oil in the trigger mechanism and a pneumatic cylinder. Cleaning the barrel should be made of brass or polymer-coated steel cleaning rod. A win-win option is to use the line:

  • initially it fold half.
  • stretch the folded part through the barrel;
  • put a rag in the released dual end scaffold;
  • stretch the fishing line back with the rag through the barrel after adding gun oil.
The advantages and disadvantages of gun

Model IZH-46 has a number of advantages:

  1. good accuracy, sufficient for participation in major competitions. The exception are the European and world Championships, where the vast majority of shooters – the master of sports that use gas pistols;
  2. possibility of quick change of the handle. This is true when you use one of IZH 46 more arrows;
  3. a good balancing cylinder is located below the axis of the trunk, in its anterior part. This reduces oscillations of the weapon and increases accuracy;
  4. the presence of idle descent – on training most of the shots are made idle (simulated). The use of the idle mode allows you to train a full-fledged, controlling the shift of the weapon when you press the trigger.

The disadvantages include:

  1. the need for frequent recharging;
  2. the opportunity to shoot in a deteriorated sample with an unlocked trunk. While cap jumps dramatically the top and all the seals out of it fly in different directions;
  3. difficult for beginners design;
  4. a high enough velocity, slightly deteriorating the accuracy. This feature may reduce overall score by 1-2 points in a series of 60 shots;
  5. the need to make a shot shortly after cocking. If you long to hold the gun in the cocked position, the pressure of air in the chamber will be reduced, simultaneously lowering the average point of impact.

Choosing a air gun for sports shooting, pay attention to cost-effective designs. One of the national representatives that you can buy, is the IZH-46. It will impress the skeptics who do not believe in the accuracy of air guns, and allow you to compete on the Pro tour.

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