A description of the characteristics and peculiarities of gunpowder IRBIS

People who are not immersed in the hunt, perceive it as the process of getting wild game in the forest. However, the “behind the scenes” significant time is spent on training. One of its elements performs the work with ammunition.

Among the factors for the success of the hunt, stands a brand of powder used and the ratio of its quantity with the mass of the striking charge in the cartridge. On the market there are various manufacturers whose products are part of the used substances.

Production most part of the game in Russia is carried out in the winter.

During cold weather shooting is related to the following difficulties.

  • The powder charge is less the flight speed of shot or bullets. Occurs larger heat consumption.
  • Significantly reduced killing power of the ammunition that causes the need to get closer to the goal.
  • Significantly reduced accuracy, since the deviation of the trajectory of flight of shot or bullets are stronger affected by wind.

The Kazan gunpowder plant produces under the brand “IRBIS”, which is used for labeling a whole group of products. While developing it, the company pursued the goal to make a more comfortable winter shooting.

Features powder IRBIS

This family includes a number of powders that are different in the following respects.

  • Recommended ratio by weight of submunitions in the preparation of ammunition.
  • The caliber of weapons that will be used is made using that powder ammunition.
  • Compatibility with wads made of certain materials.
  • Muzzle pressure that occurs when shooting.

Depending on the combination of these parameters, the manufacturer and experienced hunters recommend specific composition of the gunpowder. If the plant can wail on the package, the user ratings are available on any relevant online resources.


Gunpowder IRBIS 24 and 24 M

They differ in composition. The product with the letter “M” is developed using 2 basic components, and the powder without this designation is monobasic.

They are distinguished by the following qualities.

  • Increased speed of combustion.
  • Wide temperature range (from −50 to +50 degrees).
  • They provide high accuracy, thanks to the accuracy of flight of the fraction.
  • Environmental friendliness of the composition.
  • The softness of the recoil when shooting.

The combination of these characteristics makes these powder mixtures suitable for sporting events. Products are popular in Skeet shooting. The manufacturer recommends that the cartridge of 1.25 – 1.45 g of this powder. The mass fractions should be 24-28 g.

This powder is suitable for use in ammunition 12 gauge.

Gunpowder for shooting game the snow Leopard Hunting 35 and 35 M

This product is designed for firing at game. As with the previous compositions between mixtures differ in the number of basic components. The list of smoothbore weapons, firing from which they may be applied much more broadly: the manufacturer recommends them for 12, 16 and 20 calibres. Stuff this powder can liners, made of plastic, cardboard or metal.

The manufacturer claims the following characteristics of the compositions.

  • Temperature range to ensure efficient use, from – 50 to + 50 degrees.
  • Smooth recoil when shooting.
  • Combustion with minimum smoke.
  • Heap flight of shot after shot.

The number of single-base mixture that is placed in the cartridge is from 1.55 V to 1.9 g mass fraction from 29 to 35 g Powder with the letter “M” is designed for hunting in colder conditions. A gunpowder IRBIS Hunting contains components that ensure more intense combustion.

For this reason, it is possible to reduce the weight of the charge to 10-15 %. More effective the powder and in conditions of high relative humidity.

The manufacturer permits the use of wads made of felt, wood fiber or polyethylene.

The cartridges are rolled using the method of “Rolling” or “Star”.

Gunpowder for pistols, the Luger (M)

This composition is optimized for target shooting from a pistol of calibre of 9 mm. the Use of such weapons requires the use of gunpowder, which will provide not only high speed of flight of the charge, but and make out the soft, simplifying aiming.

This compound is also monoprotic and may have 2 basic substances. Buying a gunpowder, remember that it is designed for competitions in shooting from a pistol. Its use in the equipment of cartridges for shotguns is not necessary.

In the preparation of ammunition for the pistol, should observe the following rules.

  • Optimal mass of powder in the cartridge is 35 g.
  • Characteristics of the gun and the mixture allow to use a bullet with a mass of 7.45 g.

In any case can not exceed the specified parameters that can cause the destruction of the barrel and injury in the shooting.

To the powder continued to be effective, it should be stored in dry conditions and at temperatures below 30 degrees.

In addition to the products of the Kazan plant, they are released and other compounds under the brand name of the snow Leopard.

  • Pyroxylin powder family Magnum.
  • A mixture of IRBIS-410, used in the arms 410 calibre.
  • Sporting and hunting gunpowder Karbajn optimized for use in ammunition for rifles.
  • Universal composition of the SS, used in fractional and bullet cartridges.

Before purchasing a particular mixture, you should consult with the seller and a pre-study and recommendations of professional hunters and sportsmen, specialized resources. This will help you choose the most suitable powder, which will provide the most efficient and safe shooting.

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