All the details of hunting the corncrake

Hunting the corncrake or, as the habit it is sometimes called an avid hunter – Dergach, is one of the most popular types of bird hunting. And the thing that catch the mud hens, is extremely difficult. But the more value it will provide as the extracted trophy.

As noted by the hunters, the process of catching this wild birds especially fascinating in that it requires a prepared plan of action and strategy. In order to master all the subtleties of the approach to the rail, you need to know the external and morphological characteristics.

Corncrake (or Dergach) belongs to the family of rails, unit shepherdess, whose hallmarks is a tight and strong body, beak, short legs, protruding feathers, and an almost imperceptible tail. Their way of life can be called covert, because most of it they spend in the grass.

The distinctive features of birds Dergach

The bird has a large population throughout the territory of Russia, except the far North and the far East.

Dergach belongs to the class of migratory birds. As usual, the warm time of the year he spends on open spaces of our vast country, but in the summer flies away, presumably to the lands of Africa, where he spent about 13 weeks. After returns to the same place, where wintering. The first birds usually return in mid-may. Belated korosteli arrive in June. Not every hunter knows that Dergachi operate flights mainly at night. If you meet a flying corncrake in the afternoon, it will say that the nights are getting cold, and the bird has instinct of self-preservation.

To distinguish the female from the male at first sight almost impossible. The differences will serve only in the mating season, but it already nuances.

As practice shows, a particular challenge for hunters often provide females, to catch them is particularly difficult, because they are faithful mothers. Females selflessly stand up for their young. However, if you catch the birds off guard at the right moment, it can be easily removed from the socket the whole family. But do you like this hunt?

What to eat korosteli?

If the hunter knows what feeds his victim, that is what she is experiencing weakness, he will be over it some superiority.


The main diet of wild corncrake are:

  • bugs;
  • some types of insects;
  • insect larvae;
  • snails and caterpillars;
  • young grasshoppers;
  • in rare cases, hungry corncrake can destroy the nest of smaller birds.

The clock monitoring of the bird leads to the conclusion that it goes hunting at dusk. Dergach hunts during the day only in cases, when the night couldn’t produce their own food.

Hunt the corncrake in several ways:

  1. Hunting the corncrake in zasidko.
  2. Hunting for the mud hens with a hawk.
  3. Hunting for the mud hens with four-legged friend.

Consider each expression in detail, so you can choose the method most suitable to you.

Hunting the corncrake in zasidko

It often happens that a man goes hunting without any specific purpose. He doesn’t even know exactly whether he is hunting a bird or an animal. But in that case, when you have a goal of production as a corncrake, you can as one of the options to use a method of waiting in ambush. By the way, for the most part it is used for hunting animals. But in this case it can also be effective.

At dusk or early morning wild bird awakens and begins to hunt. Your task is to calculate the location with a greater population of corncrakes. Break a small camp or tent, if you’re going to hunt more than one day. Well, if you from the evening will promosite small clearing around the camp and will directly catch the victim the next day.

A bird in search of its prey is likely to run out on the smell of freshly cut grass and mistaking your bevel for the lug, and get into your field of vision.

It remains for precise shot though, shoot Dergach, who himself runs forward, not very difficult. Thus, you will be able to shoot a dozen birds at a time. Of course, you will have to show all your sharpness and hunting skill, because meanwhile, as the bird will run out in the meadow, and how she will notice you and will want to leave, will be only the second time. Hold it tight and stay focused on the goal.

As for the weapons, it is important, especially when hunting birds. Use solely a fraction of categories, No. 7 or No. 6. They provide a small grouping of defeat. If you additionally provide weapons of smoky gunpowder, you can easily find wounded Crake, even if you go to look for him immediately.

This kind of hunting was not a sport or gambling, but also has a place to be passive hunters.

Hunting for the mud hens with a hawk

The hunt for the corncrake through the hawk can be called a kind of Russian roulette. The fact that the corncrake can scare the hawk, and here will come one of two things: either he will fly away from Dergach and more will not return to it, or grab prey tightly and not let go.

When the hawk will chase their prey, Dergach will emit a sound that can scare away the feathered hunter. But this often happens only with young individuals. So if you are going to start a hunt for the Dergach with hawk, adults choose large males, so it is more likely that your hunt will be successful.

Tip: consider this kind of hunting just in case if pursuing the corncrake as entertainment, because there is a chance that production will not fall in your hands.

Hunting for the mud hens with four-legged friend

Consider the most popular type of hunting Dergach – with the help of dogs. In this case, you will not do breed pointing dogs. As practice shows, the habits of the corncrake bad influence on their hunting properties, and he subsequently loses his sense of smell and skill even catch such simple birds as the snipe. This happens because at the sight of the dog, the bird can not stand the position, as do other species, and immediately flees that overly excites the dog unnecessary activity and even panic. This is especially true of young animals.

The majority of hunters as the assistant to choose a hound, at least the half-breed. But it must be well tamed and obedient. You can find many videos online that demonstrate how the dog blood can one jump to catch Dergach and bring it to the owner. But in practice this happens very rarely, and corncrake to catch up or to hide in the dense thickets. And have to lure out the prey dog will not be no way.

If you have a Spaniel, then take it with you and go in for the kill. Especially good if there will be a few. In this case, the situation will look something like this: two or three Spaniel calculated in the Bush a few Dergachev, who rarely graze alone. Then, they’ll take a flock of birds in the environment. In this case, the production will go nowhere, and it does not remain anything else how to fly in the air, where it immediately catches the fly hunter.

In view of the fact that flies Dergach only when necessary, and very rarely, he does it clumsily and very slowly. But don’t shoot once, let the corncrake 20-30 steps. So it will be much easier to aim, and the quality of the shot improved several times.

In that case, if your quarry still manage to break through the encirclement of your canine, keep in mind that this bird you will not catch up. She will flee into the grass and catch her not even the fastest and most agile dog.

Follow the above tips and your trip to this clever and valuable bird will be crowned with success.

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