An overview of the characteristics of the powder bars

The main elements of the cartridge include not only the liner and the striking element (shot, buckshot or a bullet), but also the substance, thanks to the detonation of the shot. We are talking about gunpowder.

This explosive is suitable for use in firearms because burn layers without destroying the barrel.

Distinguish smoky and smokeless gunpowder. In today’s ammo, generally used the second type of substance.

This is explained as follows.

  • Unlike ordinary powder, its smokeless variety recovers its properties after drying.
  • As the name implies, formed in the result of the shot gases are transparent. This allows the hunter to quickly fix the hit or miss and, if necessary, try to hit the target again, until she disappeared from sight.
  • Features of combustion of such powder can achieve greater muzzle pressure and increase initial velocity of flight of shot or bullets. This facilitates more accurate shooting and less influence of wind on the trajectory of the projectile.

Gunpowder smokeless bars allows you to realize all these advantages while hunting, subject to compliance with all recommendations for its use.

The history of creation and the possibility of use in hunting

This gunpowder was developed in Soviet Union in 70-80-ies it has been used by hunters for many years. However, until now did not subside debate about the purposes for which it was created.

  • Some users claim that it is the next step, in comparison with gunpowder Falcon, because it has a higher density. Proponents of this view insist that this formula was developed specifically for use in hunting ammunition.
  • Another point is that leopard is the results of a slight change of the gunpowder used in the manufacture of cartridges for rifles. On such step the company has gone to save funds for the development of a new composition. Proponents of this perspective point to the unsuitability of that powder for hunting, since the main purpose of the creation was its use to assess the strength of guns during the tests.

Years of practice has proved its effectiveness for shooting game. However, like any other gunpowder, bars has both positive aspects and disadvantages.

What are the advantages of this composition

In addition to common positive aspects, typical of any smokeless powder, “bars” is different and its advantages.

  • Dense (1.7 – 1.8 times higher than that of the composition of the “Falcon”). Its particles have spherical shape. This allows you to use a smaller amount of gunpowder in the manufacture of cartridges.
  • “Bars” refers to the type of nitroglycerin smokeless powder. When burning it emits less gases than pyroxylin counterparts.
  • The comparative ease of production. This makes the price Bars is more affordable than its competitors.
  • In comparison with the Falcon, he usually provides a higher initial speed of a bullet or shot.

It was the combination of these advantages has prompted many hunters to create large stocks of gunpowder. Despite the fact that he’s sold and replaced by more modern blends, many users still talk about using “Bars”, produced in 80-s and 90-ies.


What are the disadvantages of this composition

Shooters who are going to apply this powder, we need to know its shortcomings.

  • User was marked relatively low tolerances when mounting: it should not exceed 0.03 g from the recommended standards.
  • In the manufacture of the cartridge is impossible to use measuring cups. This is due to the fact that the density of the mixture is non-standard. There were also deviations of this parameter in different batches of powder.
  • The use of “Bars” are limited to shotguns 12, 16 and 20 gauge. Use it in smaller models may lead to their destruction.
  • Experienced hunters noted the negative influence of this powder on the accelerated wear of liners: enough for smaller number of shots than when using other formulations.
  • Since “bars” refers to a nitroglycerin class of compounds, the temperature of combustion by a few hundred degrees higher than that of pyroxylin counterparts. This can lead to accelerated wear of the gun.

In addition to the described disadvantages of such powder requires special conditions of storage and use of special primers.

For shooting any of the guns fit the bars

Like any other smokeless powder, it is suitable only for use in guns which have a checkmark, allowing for the application of mixtures of this type. If it is not, then cartridges filled “Bars” to be abandoned. This is due to the risk of rupture of the barrel.

You should also refrain from firing such bullets from an old gun made in the era of black powder. The gun is probably designed without regard to ability to withstand the increased load that will be dangerous for the hunter.

Many users have noted the aggressive effect of combustion products that powder is not a metal. If in the center of the chamber there is damage, you should refrain from using “Bars” and move on to another composition.

In any case it is impossible to get it onto small-caliber ammunition. The risk of getting injured in the destruction of the trunk will be huge.

Storage of gunpowder

Smokeless powder should be stored at a constant temperature and insulated from direct sunlight environment (in opaque containers). Failure to follow these rules leads to the loss of nitroglycerin basis, resulting in the loss of properties of the mixture. It is this feature is the reason that “bars” is not applied when shooting sports that require stable qualities of the composition.

Remember that limit the shelf life of smokeless powder is 20 years. After this period, a large part of the reserves will become unusable as it will be impossible to measure the necessary linkage.

In any case, you cannot store this powder with a smoky. The latter can spontaneously ignite and cause detonation of a mixture of another type. For this reason, it is dangerous to store it next to the primers, and gunpowder unknown brand.

If you follow these rules, you can use this inexpensive structure.

What if gunpowder is stored for more than 20 years

Since Soviet times, the hunters tried to keep large stocks of gunpowder. Many forum users describe the experience of using the trains, manufactured before 1990, based on the fact that they have an ethereal odor.

To assess the suitability of such stocks should perform several steps.

  • Take a sheet of paper with sides of 3 and 10 cm.
  • 2-3 cm from its narrow edge draw a line and another at 5 cm above the previous one.
  • The sheet is bent parallel to the long side, features drawn out, and in the fold between the marks evenly poured a quarter gram of powder.
  • Paper is placed on a noncombustible surface and ignited from the top.
  • When the flame reaches the powder, you will need to start the stopwatch. The resulting time is fixed at the moment of approach of the flame to the bottom line.

If the period of its burning was 2 sec, then the composition is fully retained their properties. When passing distance took half a second more, the powder is partially lost power and the bullet will require an additional 0.1 g. If the burning time was 1.6 – 1.7 seconds, then the stocks will have to get rid of, because to keep them unsafe.

How to prepare ammunition for hunting

If the powder was usable, it will be useful for the preparation of ammunition. Remember that you will need to apply only high-quality components, enhanced sealing of the cartridge.

Since the temperature of ignition of such a charge is in the range of 180-200 degrees, you will need the caps increased power. It is recommended to install the model “Revelo”. It creates the necessary conditions for detonation.

Measuring the required quantity of powder should be extremely accurate. Experienced hunters recommend purchase of medical scales, as the dispensers do not allow to measure the required charge. Error can lead to the destruction of the gun when firing, and also injury to both the user and surrounding people.

Established the following optimal sample of this powder.

  • Ammo 12 gauge 35 g of the fraction charged 2.6 g of the composition.
  • If the gun is 16 gauge, 30 g of the harmful substance will need 2.2 g of powder.
  • For 20-gauge hinge is 2 g to 25 g charge.

Experiments with a large number of gunpowder pose a significant danger, so the adjustment should start with the minimum set amount.

To ensure that the charge density will require the use of additional wads.

Care of rifle after hunting

Hunters, for a long period, using “bars”, noted its negative impact on the condition of the steel near the chamber.

This is due to the following reasons.

  • High temperature combustion of this powder.
  • Aggressive chemical environment formed after the shot.
  • The relatively high pressure of powder gases in the chamber.

If the consequences of mechanical and thermal effects on the steel to do anything will fail, reducing the wear on the gun due to the influence of chemical components of the cartridge, it will succeed. In the course of the shot, the interaction of substances of primer and gunpowder, leading to the formation of acidic compounds. For this reason careful cleaning of the weapon means that contain alkaline components. Some users recommend a second procedure to remove residue formed on the gun RAID.

To find stocks of gunpowder “bars” in hunting stores today is almost impossible. He hasn’t produced and the timing of its storage has expired. But there’s more chance to find it in inventory experienced hunters. Find “bars”, there’s no rush to get it onto the cartridges. We first need to verify the suitability of using the described method to validate properties.

The totality of the disadvantages of this powder will require high skills in the manufacture of cartridges. Unlike other compounds, the errors can lead to very negative consequences. If the hunter is inexperienced, it is recommended to use modern, widely available in shops.

Despite the availability of this powder, the savings can backfire. The cost of a new gun, not to mention the treatment will significantly exceed the price at which you can acquire a modern and relatively safe life in a hunting store.

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