ATV Argo 8×8 and its features

All-terrain vehicle is a vehicle that moves on the earth. It is intended for use in impassable terrain types. Among all brands of this technique, especially notable is Argo. It is, first and foremost, unique, reliable machines that have already proven themselves worldwide.

They are used in severe off-road conditions where it is not held by any other technique. Amphibious Argo have an unusual origin and interesting design features.

They do not roll over even at acute angles, steady on any surface. Just look at any videos or read reviews of satisfied owners to determine the necessity of such transport.

The story of the creation of art Argo

The history of the company started more than fifty years ago. The first ATVs were created in the pre-war time, about 1903. In 1962 appeared on the market, the canadian company Ontario Drive & Gear Limited, which was engaged in modernization of military equipment. Five years later, there appeared the first design with chassis 6×6, used in forestry, on farms and for hunting. Then the price was already quite high because of demand and technology. Long-term experience of engineers from different countries helped to create a compact four-wheel drive machinery with high maneuverability in difficult terrain, reviews of which are very positive.

After four years, a new model. Argo gradually pushed out of the market than the other competitors, as the chassis 8×8 allows us to achieve the most effective results.

The company is engaged in the development, and possessed several advantages:

  • a good marketing;
  • necessary for the development means;
  • subsequent reviews of customers;
  • cutting-edge technology.

All this has allowed to gradually improve the ATVs that are now popular.

The hallmark of ODG were facilitated engines used at the moment.

Due to this significantly reduces the weight of the entire structure of 8×8, which provides a more easy control. By the end of the 80s the company has won more than 60% of the world market and at the moment managed to get a lot of positive reviews and awards. It remains on the leading positions among the few manufacturers of such equipment, the price of which is steadily maintained in the middle segment.

Design features of machines

Over time the Rovers held a gradual upgrades, changing configuration, supplemented by the necessary elements.

Now each model consists of several main parts:

  • Body – made of durable pressed polyethylene of high density. Frame made of steel profile. Due to this, Argo is characterized by durability, resistance to impact and damage, reliability.
  • Tires-wheels are made from durable and tubeless tires, providing flotation on the ground. Thanks to its durable and aggressive rubber tread machine works well and runs in any weather. Available chassis options of 8×8, which has now become more popular.
  • The engine has a light weight. On cars set American motors leading companies with a maximum capacity of 30 horsepower. In different models of 8×8 and 6×6 will fit carbureted or fuel injected engines with air or water cooling type.
  • Control is a small wheel and a handle, providing a simple and intuitive control. Installed inside the instrument panel, which continuously displays current information about the state of the art. Electronic video display provides the accuracy and clarity of data.
  • Transmission – is the pride of the developers of Argo. It is a unique system, which has a triple differential is fitted to all models and makes them maneuverable, squat. This system instantly respond to the specified command Manager.

Optional on any model, you can install special tracks. They are made of reinforced rubber for all-terrain vehicles of any type. Due to this greatly reduced ground pressure, which provides better throughput transport.

Price of a model depends on its complete set and the relationship of the canadian dollar to the local. On average, the cost in the range of 1500$, sometimes reduced or increased. Find detail on a specific model of 8×8 or 6×6 can be listed on the websites of sellers of phones.

The use of special equipment

Due to its performance characteristics, Argo enjoys wide popularity in various fields. The models are designed for various commercial purposes. They serve in agriculture, geological exploration, with drilling operations, and maintenance of various objects. Also, the technique used to perform special tasks. They include forest fires, rescue people, military. Many of the video you can see how cleverly the machine to cope with the tasks, making his way through difficult types of terrain.

Another area of application is tourism. Machine 8×8 is often used for hunting, fishing and safaris. This is a practical option with economical fuel consumption. Out fishing can turn off the motor in the middle of the pond and enjoy the cool measuring. At the same time to throw the catch can directly into the body, which is the same for models with chassis 8×8 or 6×6. When hunting you can also easily navigate through the terrain and have fun.

The Rover also has several other features:

  1. Load capacity up to 1000 kg.
  2. Wheels have little ground pressure.
  3. Cost of maintenance and the price of consumables is quite low.
  4. Accommodates up to six people.
  5. Guarantee safety of delivery.

In addition, Argo provides the ability to cross shallow waters and hard soil. The technique does not get stuck in soft ground, has four-wheel drive, chassis 6×6 or 8×8.

The snow is incredibly economical. One hour spent approximately five liters of fuel, allowing more to load the car. Many user reviews confirm this for several years. When traveling on land technique involves the location of six people, when moving on water the maximum number is four. Chassis 8×8 are more resistant, so you can easily transport the cargo. Full-filled tank such vehicles can cover distances of up to 200 kilometers. All of this makes Argo is indispensable in various commercial and special purposes, where each model manifests itself as an effective means of transportation.

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