Boar hunting with a crossbow is an interesting video

Since ancient times true male occupation is hunting. It was here that Wake up dormant instincts. The man senses danger and becomes equivalent enemy of the beast, and it’s not about power or speed, refers to his unity with nature and the ability to track and hunt.

Hunting modern level, it is primarily a hobby, from which you get a lot of pleasure. Here and extreme sense of danger, but also of production. For most residents of cities, where every new day loaded with cases, hunting is very common activity, through which people throwing off the bonds of civilization and once again becomes the wild and the brave man, able to hunt and kill, such as wild boar.

Of course, many of us will be people who are able to argue and heatedly discuss an opportunity to drive the game or the crowd to give him an elaborate ambush to kill the doomed animal with a knife or shoot her. Each method will find its supporters and opponents, then everyone is guided by his inner intuition, the ability or desire.

But who of us avid hunters thought about the opportunity to shoot the boar with a crossbow? If you have in mind, no fear, you are brave, and firmly believe in their own abilities, hunting with a crossbow will have you liking.

I must say at once that Russia is hunting with a crossbow is strictly prohibited, this entertainment is available only in specially designated enclosures.

This man’s passion – hunting

Boar hunting with a crossbow in the first place, requires the presence of the weapons. A slightly eccentric person trying to pick up a weapon with a powerful pulling force up to 200 kg. This idea, to put it mildly, crazy to hunt wild boar enough to buy a weapon from the shoulder up to 80 kg.

Right bolt, along with good shooting skills give great benefits than the shoulders of incredible power.

For crossbow is no need to buy optics more powerful than a multiple of 4, but a great performance will bring a reflex sight to improve accuracy, both day and dusk.

What ammo is needed for the crossbow?

If you go on the hunt for a large animal, the most current “ammunition” are original brand arrows out of carbon fiber or durable fiberglass. It is important to note that the part with feathers hunting arrow needs to be longer, because while hunting it immediately when a shot needs to stabilize and hold the desired position. In the majority of the length of hunting arrows should be 40-50 cm and weigh no more than 35 grams.

Using this weapon, you need to know exactly some of his predominant qualities and characteristics. Hunting crossbow is different from their “brothers” more power of string tension, respectively, and strength.

Modern weapons have distinctive qualities that make construction convenient, simple, easy and very reliable. This was made possible thanks to the continuous innovative development of the manufacturers, during which they began to use new alloys and materials.


Now hunting with a crossbow is not just a craft, but a certain kind of sports. A feature of this entertainment is that the hunter becomes on a level with the animal, that is, the conditions are almost equal.

Pre-selection of guns for hunting, you can watch the detailed video where a professional talks about all the advantages and disadvantages of the crossbow. This is necessary, because hunting with a crossbow requires a certain skill with a weapon and thanks to the video, you’ll know exactly what to prepare for and what you need to know. Of course, having learned all details of interest, you should purchase a crossbow and here we must be guided by certain factors. In the first place – to know exactly what the game will be fishing on a large boar or small rabbit.

Boar hunting with crossbow has great advantages. And it’s not just courage, excitement and extreme entertainment, it should be noted the high percentage of knockdown with almost complete silence, because the crossbow shoots quietly (view video where is clearly shown). And the latter implies that the hunter will not frighten the boar at the same time with a shot, on the contrary, it ensures that in case of a possible mistake, you wouldn’t scare off a loud noise all the surrounding animals, forcing one bad shot to look for another animal or no hunting trophy.

By the way, this also you can watch the videos. If you are dissatisfied with the situation, you will be able to hunt for wild boar with a crossbow in some CIS countries, America or Canada where this kind of hunting available. The main thing that you had a hunting license, a hunting license (the license) in the country where you are going to do and, of course, the documents for the crossbow, which is not a weapon as such.

We have the same reason for the ban is low availability of hunting weapons to the same ammo have a greater cost. In addition, the number of wild animals is not high enough, but most important, very few people know how to use this weapon on purpose.

The basics of hunting with a crossbow

If you decide to hunt with a crossbow, you need to know exactly where to shoot, that is, to understand what places have wild boar at their most vulnerable. This is of course the heart, liver and lungs. Hitting one of these organs, you with high probability will ensure the demise of the beast. If you get on the right foot in front, then you with high probability will get into the joint, and the animal would just run away at a great distance, up to several kilometers.

Shoulder of the boar is also difficult to shoot, especially if the shot came from long range. The best place of contact with wild boar shoulder fracture is located directly behind the shoulder blade. This is thoroughly shown in the video, where it becomes clear that one good shot you could hit the most vulnerable place, where it was damaged heart or lungs. Also, the video shows that the hit in the chest, neck or abdomen, is also becoming a killer.

The video, filmed in a natural environment gives you knowledge about the habits and manner of actions of animals. The other video makes it clear that even a failed shot, it is not necessary to notify the whole neighborhood, because accompanying shot the silence gives you the opportunity to make another, more successful. You need quiet and very neat to reload their weapons and taking into account corrections, shoot again.

The video is not visible, but after a precise hit to wait the half hour before come to cast down the beast. This is required to comply with which may depend on if not your life, then health. After all, a wounded animal will fight to the end and can aggressively pounce on your enemy, whom you are. For the waiting time will be a complete loss of blood, but the waiting time is still dependent on the particle size of the game, from 30 minutes to 4 hours. The most suitable distance for a good shot of 100-150 meters, but the optimum range is not less than 60 metres.

Full gear for hunting

While hunting, the animal has to approach closely (for animal standards), so human odor will quickly give its location. To avoid this, the clothes need washing regular soda and put in a plastic bag without dyes. You can use the spray with the fragrance of the earth, or pine needles. When each hunter must have a first aid kit, flashlight, spare batteries, binoculars, knife, compass, flint, water and a cord up to 10 m in length. Shoes better comfortable boots important gloves.

The cost of the crossbow and ammunition varies depending on the manufacturer and the material from which it is made. Starting from 6000 rubles and higher. Carbon arrows from 250 to 1000 rubles.apiece.

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