Features of hunting for a badger in the autumn

Hunting badger has his secrets, mostly they are associated with the lifestyle of this animal. Badger – animal of the weasel family, large, strong, mostly night life, dwells in burrows in the winter becomes dormant.

Hunting for badger are limited in time, and this is connected not only with legislation but also with the peculiarities of the animal. Long winter sleep, after which the beast comes out skinny, eliminates the possibility of hunting in the cold period. During the summer and fall fattened badger, greatly increasing your weight by October, nagoeva a large amount of fat. Therefore it is best to hunt for a badger in the fall.

Because badgers extract of the food from the soil and also feed on carrion, they can be severely infected with various parasites. On the eve of winter hibernation badger like “cleansing” the body by eating the grass and arranging periods of fasting. In the end, the parasites are killed or removed from the body. This is another argument in favor of hunting for a badger that is in the late autumn.

Autumn hunting for a badger can be done in various ways, including using dogs or traps. This is due to the fact that animals dig extensive and long burrows where they spend most of their time, as evidenced by plenty of videos.

Hunting badger with a gun

Hunting badger is quite often carried out with a gun. As preparation, preferably well-trained in accuracy, at the right time to get into the animal. Shoot badger better than a charge of buckshot.

Direct training on the ground will be a good site inspection. You need to determine the location of Nordica, badger trails, to look for shelter. In its quality it is possible to build a storage shed on the surrounding trees, the badger several nearsighted and at the top the hunters could not see. If a suitable tree, use the bushes, and often build artificial fence. Arrange an ambush at the main entrance to the house, so good to see him. Consider the wind direction – in contrast to vision, the scent of the badger is excellent, therefore, in any case can not let him smell the person. The ideal time for hunting – clear moonlit night.


In anticipation of the beast need to behave quietly, to exclude Smoking. The appearance of the hole the animal had to wait until he goes away a bit – then you can manage to shoot at least twice, then the skills and accuracy needed. Another option is to start hunting at night, when the badgers go to feed, and open fire when they return home. Aim preferably in the front part of the body, where it will show you a special video. Badger is quite strong at the wound, but even if a wounded animal hiding in a hole, you can rely on luck. With the onset of the day to check the entrances to the burrow, exhausted, the animal may lie very close, and then get it simple.

Caution! In any case it is impossible to crawl into a hole, even if it seems spacious. Especially if hunting is alone. Nornik can fall asleep person. Another threat is the attack of the beast, which is also fraught with trouble.

Hunting badger traps

Hunting badger traps requires careful preparation of the inventory. Use on this animal traps No. 3, No. 5, framework type, dogprint. A new tool should be well cleaned from grease, and then boil in water with branches, needles, foliage. Don’t forget about the mount – it is best to trap to attach a steel cable, which is also desirable to boil thoroughly with vegetation.

How to fix the trap on the ground? You can choose different installation method, you can see a video on this topic. Usually either the cable tie to the nearest tree or if the tree is gone, just hooked it to a thick stick in the middle. This is designed so that the animal in case of escape from a trap will not be able to penetrate far into the hole as the stick would be across the entrance. However, the badger can move and not in a hole, but rather in the forest or field, and then you can lose and prey and the trap.

There are several locations of the traps:

  • at the entrance to the hole to get the beast to put next to a piece of meat, the trap to provide a bait makes no sense, this kind of hunting is based primarily on knowledge of the habits of the animal
  • directly from the “toilet” is usually a depression in the ground with droppings, the smell of which can render good service, somewhat interrupting the odors of the hunter
  • on the trail to the latrines the place – these trails are easy to find around Nordica.

Set the gun at a time when badger is in the burrow in the afternoon. If the animal smells the trap, he usually throws it to the ground. Then it is better to stop the hunt here at least a week.

Hunting badger dog

Dogs are helpers of hunters in the production of a number of game. They help during the hunt for a badger. Usually when hunting with a dog using agile burrowing Terriers or dachshunds, as they work – well it is clear when watching the video. There is also a way of hunting with Laika, when animals are produced on the surface.

Hunting badger with a husky

Badger occasionally leaves his home in search of food. He usually feeds at night, returning home in the morning. Hunting with Laika is designed exactly for that time.

Animals need to get out of his hole. Usually to the habitat of the badgers arrive in the afternoon, waiting for the dark, cautious in the burrows and let the husky. Dog or dog looking for the beast, and the hunters, meanwhile, are trying to discover the entrances to Nordic and close them. When dogs show the voice that the prey is found, the stalk and extract the beast. Ideally, if I can blind him with the lantern. In this way Laika can hunt throughout the night and early morning, until the return of the badger in the hole.

Useful tip: if you are Going on a hunt, it’s good to wear sturdy solid shoes. Hunted dog the badger could throw a man in the leg, hoping to break through, and injure the hunter. About the power of the beast, his paws and teeth show a different video.

Hunting badger hunting Terrier with

Excellent assistant in hunting badger – dogs-Terriers, especially hunting. This artificially bred breed of Terrier to use in Norn hunting, including badger. They are maneuverable and durable.

Dogs of this breed, however, differ in character. For hunting badger is recommended to choose hunting Terrier is not very vicious, they mostly barked at the beast, not to train them on stranglehold. It is fraught with serious injuries and even loss of the dog, and can also prevent a successful hunt.

Hunting badger by hunting is thus. First you need to find inhabited nornik on the presence of the master will show fresh tracks in the form of discarded land at the entrance. Also a few meters from the entrance can be located badger “toilet”, fresh litter also speaks about the recent visits of the animal. The dog let go, she rushes into the hole.

Hunting can give the badger in size by half, a powerful aggressive beast often hurt the dog. It happens that the dog is choking in the hole is covered with earth. So you need to be very careful. Finding where the animals are encountered, the hunters start to dig nornik. On a hunt with the dog be sure to have the tools for digging.

The first thing to get a dog, it is convenient to do it at the tail, which when relief leave not too short. This is what you can learn from special video on the theme of hunting for a badger with a Terrier. Badger often tries to jump up through the broken hole, the dog prevents him from hiding. Here you need to quickly kill the beast shot any other way.

Helpful hint: After killing the badger preferably as close as possible to the original version to restore nornik. Some nomiki have existed for decades, their safety – the key to a future stay here animals.

Badger is an interesting beast as a trophy, it represents great value. Hunting badger can be a entertaining affair if it is to prepare well and to study the habits of the animal and methods of production.

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