Forty ordinary, birds

An ordinary forty – one of the most famous birds in the family Corvidae, long-tailed, black-and-white. Body length about 50 cm, of which half is its tail, weight 250 g. to Meet the magpie can be almost everywhere – in woods, in fields and in the village.

But the easiest way to find it among the thickets of willow or alder in the river valleys and on the shores of lakes and swamps, and forest edges with dense undergrowth.Magpie is omnivorous. From spring to autumn the basis of its food are insects (beetles, Hemiptera, caterpillars), as well as worms and molluscs. In the spring it often ravages nests of small passerines. But sometimes the attack forty-exposed nests and large birds, such as shorebirds, doves, quails, partridges and even pheasants.Finding a nest, magpie, and Raven, carries the eggs one by one and rasklepyvajut them sitting somewhere in the bushes. In place of eating remains an empty shell with a wide round hole in the side. They are like shells of eggs destroyed by crows, but the holes punched magpie, smaller.

In the case of forty catches lizards in the summer and at any time of year, small rodents and shrews. In winter time feeds in close proximity to human habitation. Every morning you can see how the magpies from riverine forests and shrubs one by one are pulled aside settlements. Here they visit the landfill and search for food on the outskirts and near the stockyards.

In the evening, birds fly into the night one by one. Sleep always in the same place in the coastal shrub or young plantations of coniferous trees. Climb up into the thick branches until the morning, and feel safe. Silently get to the place of overnight stay of these birds will not be able neither on the ground nor in the branches. Day to find a place of forty nights can be smeared with droppings branches and dirty snow, and lost bird feathers.

Places forty interesting because under the branches of which were lodged birds can detect and regurgitates, no doubt, they belong. Pogadac contents helps to figure out than feed the local magpies.

Pohadka smaller pogadac magpies crows and rooks, but the same size as jackdaws. A 2.8×1.6 cm To one end, she often thins out. Depending on the time of year in pohadka is possible to detect fragments of insects, the shells of bird eggs, grains.

Traces forty the character of the movement is easily distinguished from the traces of crows, rooks and jackdaws. Unlike these birds, forty moves mostly easy jumps, making jumps of about 20 cm While the presser foot puts on the same level, one ahead of the other by about the length of the paw print. At the same time one of the magpies ahead is the left foot, and the other right, but it is possible that the same bird from time to time change the leg. The imprint size of 6.5×2.7 cm

Magpie prints compared to the jackdaw looks more tonkopilenymi and graceful, with long thin claws. If you go left on the snow the tracks of the magpies, then somewhere almost sure to be on the surface of the snow smear left by a long, stepped tail.

About forty nests in the same places in which they spent the night in the winter. Magpie’s nest is very easy to learn, it has a roof (crows, rooks, jays, nutcrackers, build open top socket, and jackdaws nest in hollows). Their indoor large building forty places in the middle of the Bush or dense tree. In those places where the birds don’t bother, the nest can be located very low, almost to the ground.

But most often they are at a height of 2- 5 m. In city parks in order to enhance the security of the magpies are forced to nest on high trees. In the middle zone of Russia full clutches of eggs are in early may. Eggs forty largest similar to eggs of the crows, their average size 34,8 x 25 mm, but colored the same as the crow did. Incubation lasts about 18 days. The Chicks remain in the nest for up to 24 days.

In old nests of forty willingly nesting long-eared owls and small trowels, Kestrel and Falcon. Occasionally it can breed once, and scoop-Scops owl, although usually it nests in hollows.

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