Goose hunting with a decoy and its features and secrets

Goose hunting with a decoy is one of the oldest ways to hunt these birds. Hunters like to use a decoy for goose, based on the simplicity and interestingness of this kind of hunting. But, meanwhile, in order to engage in such hunting, it is necessary to carefully prepare: the right to choose a decoy (or do it yourself), know the conditions of weather in which to hunt, the correctness of the procedure Mankova hunting, etc. Consider these nuances in greater detail.

Choice of semolina

A decoy is a device for hunting, which is a small oblong wooden or metal instrument that simulates the sound of birds or animals. Purchasing a decoy for the goose, should be aware that certain models of lures.

Today, many local hunting shops offer a lot of mancow.

  • Monkey “Classics” are made from different kinds of trees. Price range will depend on the specific type of wood. The sound of this decoy must be manually configured. Price from 1 000 to 4 000. Ideal for lure goose.
  • Monkey “Obsession” is also made from wood, considered to be the perfect bait for white-fronted goose. The sound is also manually adjustable. Price up to 4,000 rubles.
  • Brand “HUNTER” are made of polycarbonate. Unlike wood, plastic is not susceptible to deformation as a result of poor weather conditions. This decoy is configured manually, has a wide range of sound and basic blowing.
  • Monkey “DOMINATOR” are made of high quality material, particularly of acrylic. Setup of equipment by the hunter alone. It has the ability to improvise whole tone of the sounds of geese. Pretty easy to use. Resistant to moisture and freezing temperatures.

You should pay attention that the choice of semolina foreign origin, especially the us, should pay attention to an interesting detail: American geese, however, as ducks are quite similar to domestic birds quacking, but the “language” of birds is fundamentally different. That is why American decoy may be useless for hunting for geese and drakes.

Whistle with your hands

Some hunters wanting for more exciting hunting decoys made with your own hands. However, make it quite difficult. First, the manufacturer needs to have the skills of turning work, as well as pick up the material.


So, for the production of semolina is necessary to take a few shell casings, a length of seventy millimeters, 28 and 32 caliber. Cartridges must be of the capsule in order to delay them in the air.

On the edge of each sleeve is a small thread with a triangular file. Then made 2 tubes that are inserted into each sleeve so that a clearance was made parallel to Nadeem, the length of cut should be no more than three millimeters. Externally, the decoy will resemble a child’s whistle, with which children play.

Also Amateur hunters can purchase monkey handmade hunting at the bazaars, where you can find and monkey, made by the hands of other hunters from wood, plastic, bone, etc.

Species of geese to hunt

Geese – species of birds belonging to the genus duck. They differ from ducks long neck, massive body and a large beak. On the territory of the Russian forest belt is home to many geese, but a license to hunt only in respect of some of them, as a significant part of these birds listed in the Red book (Swan goose, white geese, peeper).

Hunting is carried out mainly on:

  • the white-fronted goose (weight up to 3 kg, has a brown color, whitish belly, spread on the territory of Ukraine, North-Western and Central Russia, the largest number noted on the Caspian sea and Transcaucasia);
  • grey geese (gray-brown color, spread on the whole territory of Russia, they nest in Karelia and Northern Dvina);
  • gumennikova (weight up to 5 kg, brown-grey colour with an orange beak are the birds that fly early, but arrive in March).
Rules for hunting geese with mankame

Spring is celebrated by hunters as the best time hunting geese. It was during this period begins active migration goose flocks. For hunting ideal fields with water bodies, as they are very important for these birds.

For many hunters spring goose hunt is one of the greatest hunts, which translates into the need for proper conduct of disguise, the ability to wait. Not only that, hunters can smile good luck in that long-awaited wedge of geese arrive in the right place (which is not always the case), so still need and accurately shoot a bird, so inept hunters who did not hold weapons in their hands or have problems with accuracy, can experience the frustrations of hunting.

So, in order to begin the hunt, you need to plan it carefully.

  • You need to decide on a place where it will be ambush hunters.
  • The purchase and placement of special equipment at the place of hunting, in particular: set of stuffed geese that serve visual bait for the birds (for hunting you will need about 15 pieces, they can be purchased in stores and do-it-yourselfer).
  • To find a place where a hunter must hide as the geese, he saw a man, instantly fly out of it (some hunters prefer to hide in bushes or behind trees, some create special trenches and the trenches), also the hunter should be special protective clothing, which will not extradite him to the geese.
The tactics of hunting

So the first rule is to hunt preferably in a darker time of day because of masking. To sit in the shelter should be quiet and silent, any sound can give the hunter, is that preparirovanie waiting can take hours. When using decoy, hunters, it is desirable to split into two groups: alluring and shooting. The first group starts to call geese with semolina.

Hear the native call of the birds flying at him. These hunters (as they are called in the people, brass band) should learn to use a monkey, it is necessary to train with them at home. Hearing the falseness in the call of the geese instantly recognize deception and amuse, as quickly as possible to escape from the hunters.

The second group of hunters is directly involved in the shooting of birds. Open fire is necessary when the birds will fly up to a distance not farther than 30 meters. Shots the best standing ovation. It is strongly recommended to choose as the target of only one bird, because shooting in the whole school, as a rule, leads to failure.

After the required number of geese were shot down, the hunters looking for fallen birds. It is best suitable for this purpose specially trained for these purposes dog. If a bird falls in the swamp, you should be extreme careful as it is likely to end up in the water. To do this, before each step, the hunter uses a long stick to test water depth.

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