Grosbeak common

Grosbeak common – sized bird, almost Starling-sized bird with body length about 18 cm, weight 54 g. the Plumage is brown, stocky body type, large head, beak massive, gray-blue color.

Hawfinch is widely distributed from Western borders of Russia to the coasts of the far Eastern seas. In the West it can be found up to Leningrad and Tver regions.

The beaks of various species of finches and goldfinch; b – rats; in – Grosbeak; g – crossbill-elovik, d – bullfinch; e – Chaffinch

These birds are able to crush with their strong beak is a hard-shelled fruit of many plants of stone fruit (cherries, cherries, sloes, plums) and walnuts, forestry and pine nuts. These birds eat seeds, hawthorn, grape, viburnum, honeysuckle, Magnolia vine, Amur cork tree, maple, Linden, ash, buckthorn, juniper, Apple, pear. Feed on beech nuts and acorns. Autumn can visit the gardens and damage the corn, peas, soy, sunflower, wheat. Of insects prefer beetles, crunching even the hard chitinous integument. In those places where dubanosau many traces of their activities difficult to detect.

In the middle lane Grosbeak are quite rare. Cherry gardens here it hurts a little, most often the birds can catch bird cherry tree. The juicy pulp of the fruit of the Grosbeak almost no attracts. Wielding powerful beak, it is like forceps for cracking nuts, splits the shell of stone exactly on the seam, eating away the seed, and the pulp and empty shells fall to the ground or stick to the sheets.

This trail is easy to identify places of feeding these birds and what plants they fed on. One day in late autumn in the suburban nursery I met dubanosau in the company of thrushes, the fieldfares. The birds were feeding on the blackthorn with a medium-sized fruit. Blackbirds swallow fruit whole, and hawfinches, as usual, split the shell, and eating the kernel.

On the ground Grosbeak rarely goes down. Moves it jumps or step, waddling like a parrot. The marks of his paws easier to spot on the banks of ponds where birds come to drink, or under the fruit trees and crops.

Far Eastern large and small black-winged grosbeaks in the autumn feed on pine nuts and the fruit of the Amur velvet. Asian white-winged Grosbeak eats almost exclusively seeds of juniper. Under the trees that feed the birds, always a lot of fruits and the remnants of the shell. Compared to other birds of the family dubanosau finches have strong beaks.

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