Gunpowder sunar hitch and features

Gunpowder is an ancient invention, which was first created in China. Currently popular in areas such as military and hunting. Because it burns very quickly, creating good conditions for rapid ejection of the projectile from the barrel.

Experienced hunters know that black powder was a serious competitor for smokeless. But at the moment the first form of the substance is practically not used. The reason is simple – adding in the cartridge powder, after the shot, the hunter will not be able to make sure that he hit the target – because of the strong smoke in the air he can’t see anything around him.

At the moment it is very popular just three species of powder – 35 sunar, sunar sunar 32 and 42. They are a smokeless pyroxylin substance used for the charge of hunting and shotgun ammunition. Using these substances is the firing of shotguns. On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are three factories engaged in the manufacture of gunpowder for ammunition 12 gauge and others. They are located in the Tambov and Kazan (Kazan Institute of chemical products, Tambov gunpowder plant and the Kazan state gunpowder factory). To simplify the equipment of cartridges, lend substance granular form.

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Brands and varieties

Sunar 32 is produced in the city of Tambov. It was created on the basis of pyroxylin components. It is used for the equipment of cartridges for Grabovogo weapons and hunting shotguns. Most often used in bullets 12 gauge, where the mass of the projectile is exactly 36 grams. At a pressure of from 630 to 680 bar fails to reach the speed of a bullet to 320 meters per second.

The Kazan gunpowder factory and the Kazan Institute of chemical products specializiruetsya in the production of single base propellants on the basis of pyroxylin. Despite the fact that its shape is granular, highly porous material. Thus, using sunar 42 and other brands, you can achieve even greater speed of combustion. It is, accordingly, provokes an increase in pressure in the barrel. In the end, the bullet is even faster.

Thanks to the experience of usage, the comments of hunters, and also to experts engaged in production, today successfully issued more than a dozen brands of these products.

Depending on how fast the powder burns type sunar, it is divided into three categories:

  • quickmatch;
  • burning with an average speed;
  • melanogenesis.

Let’s consider each category separately.

Quickmatch gunpowder

Already by its very name it is clear that combustion is the fastest. To achieve this effect was due to the increased porosity of the powder grain. To determine these products simply because it has two markings – SVS or SV. The difference with SVS is that it adds 20 percent nitroglycerin. These marks are generally used for shotgun charges weighing 24-28 g, used to workout bench shooting. Professional hunters and experienced Amateurs rarely exploit these products for doing hunting.

The “average” gunpowder

In this category of goods sunar 32 guarantees the optimal characteristics of the original speed and pressure inside the barrel. Combustion in this case may occur more slowly than when using quickmatch gunpowder. To distinguish it from other quite simply – it is marked SF and N. For 12 gauge is used with the suspension fractions, the weight of which is 32 to 36 grams.

Melanogenesis gunpowder

Slow speed burning helps several inert substances that are added to these products. To distinguish melanogenesis gunpowder from the other allows marking of Magnum and sunar-410. Can be used cartridges from 16 to 410 caliber. To operate this product allowed and bullets 12 caliber, but if the increase in shot sample.

Based on the information above, it creates the following pattern: burning rate should decrease with increasing charge weight. Brands such as 35 sunar, sunar sunar 32 and 42 have different amount of additives and also differ in the size of pores in its structure. The difference may lie in their coverage.

Digital signage

Please note that the powder sunar may have a numerical designation. For example, 35 sunar, sunar 32, 42 sunar, and so on. They differ based on material used in the manufacture of shells and guns. Products marked 20 and 24 directly indicates that it is operated only for bench shooting training. Marking sunar sunar 35 and 32 talking about using in calibers from 12 to 20 millimeters with parkovima, metal liners, and even plastic varieties. This kind of product reminds sunar H, but the peculiarity lies in the increased density of the backfill. Use sunar 42, 50 and 46 it is recommended that plastic liners, and the container is made of polyethylene. The difference represented brands from others is the magnitude of the generated pressure, efficiency of combustion, and the shape of each grain.

Using Sunara type of Magnum is the equipment of cartridges, which classifications belong to volumegroupname type. They usually have a charge weight of 40 g and a length of the liner 70 millimeters.

Most melanosporum is sunar 410. Its composition is very close to the production of rifle type, although in practice not applied here.

Hunters who have personally loading shells, just have to follow this procedure carefully and accurately. Please note that when weighing any type of gunpowder, be it even sunar 35, a deviation from the norm should not exceed 0.05 g. If the supplies of ammunition will be conducted inaccurately, the hunter runs the risk to worsen the range of the shot and its sharpness. The charge density of the powder is another criterion that must be treated with extreme caution.

Interesting fact: due to the unique qualities of sunar gives the opportunity to improve the characteristics of fire, since at the same pressure it takes up less space. Consequently, hunters using sunar 32 and similar types, are often practiced to increase the amount of the fraction in cartridges.

Using even like sunar 42, shot creates less noise and is smoother. Shooting at different times of the year, you need to learn how to adjust the linkage of gunpowder. In the winter, as well as at elevated humidity levels, pressure drops, which creates a combustible powder.

Remember: because the parties at issue may vary, gear, ammo should be conducted in compliance with the recommendations listed on the box. Regardless of used sunar 35 or other type of powder (for example, sunar 32), compliance with the rules will make the procedure as safe as possible.

The correct linkage for different calibers

Given that the outfit of ammunition is different based on the type of ammunition, gunpowder, guns, and the goal pursued by the owner (shooting training or hunting), it is necessary to know the correct linkage. Depending on what kind of caliber used in practice, it varies.

A charge for 12 gauge

If you have bullets 12 gauge, follow the following instructions. A charge for 12 gauge when using 32 sunar follows: 1.9 g (mass of charge when using gunpowder sunar 32 should not exceed 32 g). A charge for 12 gauge gunpowder sunar 35 is 2.1 g if the mass of the charge is 35 g. in the practical application of gunpowder sunar 42 /1, 2, 3 its weight is 2.3, of 2.45 and 2.35 g, respectively (weight varies in the range of 40-42 g).

The charge for a 16 gauge

If you have to operate 16-gauge, recommendations the following. The charge for a 16 gauge when using gunpowder sunar 35 this: 1.7 g (weight of charge – from 29 to 30 g). A charge for 16 gauge powder sunar 42 /is 1 1.2 g, if the weight of the charge varies at the level of 31-33 g. in the practical application of sunar 42 /2, 3 the weight is 2.1 and 2.1 g, respectively (weight varies in the range of 30-32 g).

A charge for 20 gauge

Use bullets 20 caliber? Follow the steps below. A charge for 20 gauge when applying the powder sunar 35 the following: 1.5 g (weight of a charge – 24-35 g). A charge for 20 gauge gunpowder sunar 42 /1, 2, 3 is 1.8, 1.9 and 1, 8 g, respectively, if the weight of the charge – from 25 to 28 g.

Useful tips

To improve the performance of shot before hunting in winter and in wet weather it is recommended to increase the quantity of powder at one-tenth of a gram. If, for example, use bullets 12 caliber, is to improve the sharpness of the departure of the charge from the barrel. In addition, it will increase its initial velocity. Experts do not recommend to exceed the maximum rate, especially if you are using sunar 35.

The reason is simple – these experiments will lead to the fact that instead of increasing the starting speed it is reduced. It is noteworthy that when a large number Grabovogo charge equipment cartridges should be carried out only with the use of gunpowder, slow combustion. Such decision will allow to regulate the reaction during the shot. When using ammunition 12 gauge shooter will be able to more accurately aim at the target.

All the information listed above will certainly come in handy for those who like to perform their own equipment cartridges. Again the high accuracy weighing of material. To achieve good results in that case, if you have no measurements, and an electronic precision scale. And for those who in most cases gets ready bullets 12 caliber, and who does not want to spend extra time on the equipment of cartridges, this information will help you navigate the marks mentioned on the packaging.


Sunar is a powder, which is fully consistent with foreign products in all technical parameters. He’s a bit better than a number of varieties of gunpowder of domestic origin. Shots with the use of this product allows you to output more sharp and clear shot. The gun barrel after the hunt won’t suffer from heavy accumulation of dirt.

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