How is hunt grouse with the approach and other types of hunting this bird

Successful hunting is always the result of the work immediately before going to the bird or beast. In addition to the weapons and other paraphernalia of the hunter are important knowledge.

The more information you will possess about the object of your hunt, the higher the likelihood that it will succeed. In this case consider hunting for Kosach, also sometimes referred to as black grouse.

Even a child knows how looks grouse. The adult male is a unwritten beauty of the bird, which not for nothing is one of the most beautiful in the Russian forests. In the Internet there are many videos and photos attesting to this. Grouse compared to other birds emit a defiant bright blue body color and a fabulous red eyebrows. How not to notice in the forest is a miracle?

All the necessary information about the bird

The best period of hunting grouse with a dog or approach the autumn season. During this period birds especially lazy, and then shoot them will be much easier. Hunting for grouse in the fall can be started in the mixed forests, characterized by a great predominance of birches. Because the buds of this tree in the fall and winter it feeds on grouse.

As for the places of distribution of beautiful birds, their populations are found most often in Western Siberia. Despite the fact that not more than 15 years ago, to meet with poultry in Moscow and even the capital’s forests were almost commonplace, but now the grouse here is a rarity, as well as in the whole of Central Russia.

There are several types of hunting grouse:

  • with the dog;
  • with call;
  • approach;
  • with the entrance;
  • battue hunting.

In order to explore all the nuances and subtleties of each type of hunting birds with a BB gun, we suggest that you watch the corresponding video. Here is a brief look at the features of each of them.

How to hunt amazing grouse with dogs

In the autumn, when the leaves fall and the berries go, females and males of the black grouse start to stick as close to the berry fields, the crops of oats, rye, barley and buckwheat. It is in these types of grounds can be detected by the stubborn bird in the early morning. Later in the fall – closer to lunch. If you fail to find the bird feeding in the morning, then it can be found in the thick and wide shrubs. Also keep in mind that roughly 3-4 hours before sunset, the grouse again fly in search of food.


Perfect weather to from the heart to hunt with the dog for grouse – cloudy, but windless. Oddly enough, but in anticipation of precipitation grouse are most active, and then go at them with a BB gun and a dog is the time.

Regarding the choice of dog, in this case, the feature of a particular breed is almost irrelevant. Main thing is that your dog had what is called the upper gut. It will not allow the tracker to be distracted by smells and not losing goals. However, if you are the owner of pliant and smart pointer or setter method, you can assume your chances of a successful hunt is very high.

Is your dog sensing prey, sneaks up on her blind side. The black grouse is poorly developed peripheral vision, which is called the blind side. And then, a sharp jerk swoops down on its prey, preventing the resistance a few bites.

Before you start hunting with a dog on wild grouse – work out with the layout of the birds. Also suggest you choose a quiet and not timid dog. Different versions of such hunting on the video can also be found on the Internet.

Hunting grouse with the use of semolina

Hunting grouse with call represents the ability of the hunter to imitate the sounds of displaying grouse. Ideally you should also learn to imitate the sounds of females or the rustle of individuals, sitting down on the tree or in the grass.

Experienced hunters know that each kind of bird has its own current songs, which they call the females. Words are extremely difficult to convey these sounds, so if you are going to shoot grouse of Pneumatics, the lure of bird sounds, then view the corresponding video on this topic.

How to hunt a bird with the approach

The autumn season is a good period to start a hunting approach to black grouse. At this time of the year their courtship takes place especially in isolation. I advise you to arm yourself with Pneumatics, if you have the appropriate permission, and engaged in a favorite hobby.


To start your hunt approach, we recommend you to get up early in the morning, not later than 5-6 hours. Numerous videos show that it was during this time period most likely to meet your future production during its interpretation.

Keep in mind that the male black grouse singing much louder than the female. However, they are equally good hearing and able to distinguish even the quietest sounds, if they seem restless. If you are lucky during the hunting approach, the mating of birds drown out the noise of your footsteps, even if the hunter is not alone. If the bird is in a forest and you and her do not share a large open space, we suggest that you immediately target and shoot. Of course, it needs to approach the object of hunting as close as possible.

Consider a situation when, during a hunting bird with the victim and the extraction of parts of an impressive open space, for example, a small felling in the forest or meadow. In this case, you especially handy ability to imitate the calls of birds. You will be able to lure the prey from ambush and again, a precise shot to shoot it.

In the midst of autumn, there are cases when, while feeding, the bird will not be frightened of the hunter. To say that this feeding Sam hunter and organized, probably not worth it. Wait a few days and then will be able to shoot impressive birds. We also recommend you to look themed video that will help you hunt from the approach.

Is it possible to shoot the bird with the entrance

Avid hunters, in addition to the autumn hunting from the approach, quite often practice shots from the entrance, for example, a horse. Later autumn could be your good help in this difficult case, because at this time the grouse can tolerate, the person on the air shot.

In that time, hunting with the approach you can start even alone, in this case we advise you to take a partner – driver. Different video from this hunt very eloquently about the fact that both hold a weapon and a horse is almost impossible. This requires a good skill and, of course, years and years of training.

Being on a horse, slowly and quietly as possible, approaching the object of his hunt. While your partner holds the reins, make a shot at the grouse that sit lower than others. So, you can bide your time and shoot up to 6-7 individuals at a time. And this will agree, a solid production.

What is battue hunting for grouse

Numerous videos shot by the same hunters say that battue hunting of birds is practiced no less than all of the above types.

For raids you’ll need a large company consisting of not less than six hunters. We offer you to distribute roles between them in the following way: are the three arrows, but three of the beaters. Distribute your company so that in the field of view of each member company were the object of production. To see it it needs unhindered. Please note that each member of the RAID should be positioned in relation to the other not more than 100 m. it is Also desirable that the arrows were armed with double-barrelled rifles.

The key to a successful hunting grouse

So now you know the different types of and hunting opportunities for grouse, and certain features of many of them have already looked at the video. Despite this, different methods of hunting have their own subtleties and nuances, yet there are some commonalities that will help you to crown your hobby a success.

Follow these tips and enjoy home production.

  1. Pre-scout the territory the mating of birds, in order to then come here for hunting. Make sure that the grouse come here to feed every day.
  2. Regardless of whether you come out for a day’s hunting or going to hunt down their prey for several days, we recommend you to set up camp and hide in it.
  3. Stay in the tent overnight and early in the morning, hearing that your production has come to feed.
  4. Make an accurate shot, and that you have already achieved your goal.

But there are a number of nuances, for example, the mating of birds can be heard especially loud and clear, while cloudy weather almost never makes them desire to displaying and to call to his females. Therefore, in the first case, there is a high probability that you’re going to catch the bird, fascinated by the singing.

Alternatively it may be considered a person of disguise. For this you need a so-called “fright”. You can disguise the tent, crawl out of it and sneak up to the place of gathering of black grouse. We also recommend you to sneak up on their future production on all fours. How to do it better, you can see in the video. Moreover, the twilight of the early morning can provide you with additional cover.

Also I advise you to watch the video that will help make your hunt more effective and successful.

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