How is the hunting for partridge – tips and helpful videos

Hunting for feathery game is traditional for many regions. An exciting experience with interesting traditions based on knowledge of the habits of birds.

Among game is its place and partridge.

Partridge hunt is a fascinating thing, and the meat of this bird is considered quite valuable loot.

Partridge is a small bird, its greatest weight is slightly more than a pound. Typically, the grouse has a gray color of the plumage on the head is reddish. Features stain brown color on the abdomen. Bird has a terrestrial way of life, rarely flies, but runs pretty handily. During takeoff and flight, makes a noise that is heard well in the video.

The hunter, except that the partridge is a ground bird, it is useful to know such details of her life:

  • the place of primary activity time at the partridge – grass, bushes;
  • it is not migratory, that is, resident, migration is possible in connection with the expansion of population and the decrease in the volume of feed that is not connected with seasonal phenomena, except in very cold winters;
  • in the summer of partridges active at dawn – the evening and morning, and a day of rest; in winter bird feeds by day, making small flights over the territory;
  • this “family” bird, sociable, living in flocks, and roost together;
  • at the beginning of April-may, birds make nests, lay eggs, tend the nest and the offspring of both parents.

All these details captured on video, which is useful to look to a novice hunter.


There are more than three dozen types of quail, they are found in Europe, Asia and America at different latitudes. Partridges live in Russia – we have the most common gray usual and the Arctic, wherein winter white plumage. The third type, which is also quite common – partridge, or chukar.

Hunting for partridge

This kind of hunting is considered to be quite complex, so it is suitable for novice hunters. Help them a variety of videos on this topic. However, to partridge hunt was successful, you need to have some knowledge.

You need to know: the hunting Season for this game varies somewhat in different places, but are usually allowed from July until November, on willow a little later. Winter and summer hunting partridges have certain differences.

The most suitable places to hunt, fields of cereal after harvest, crops of clover and areas of farmland grown with the weeds. Especially loved the partridge in the crops of buckwheat and millet.

On a partridge hunt with a dog, with a surge, with call, with a gun or air gun, the various traps. All these methods of hunting can study by video.

  • When hunting with a shotgun for partridge to come roll No. 5-6.
  • During the shooting you need to aim at a specific bird, not the group in General – you could injure a few individuals, but no one not to get.

Partridges do not fly fast in the air is carried out in short intervals, about two minutes on average. So shoot it is easy. However, birds can make turns in flight, but there will be quite some experience, and you get to anticipate their movements. You can get an idea about the flight of birds through video.

Partridge hunt with a dog

It is believed that hunting partridge with a dog is the best option of all types of fishing such a bird.

For this approach breed:

  • pointer
  • Poynter
  • drathaar, Kurzhaar
  • Vizsla
  • Laika
  • Spaniel.

The dog will help find and chase the game, as partridges in camouflage plumage is almost invisible among the vegetation. Often the brood is scattered in all directions, and the helper is very necessary. Begin the hunt with bypass places where live poultry. Sacua dog, partridges often fly up, then the hunter must shoot accurately. Conduct such fishing both in the morning and during the day, unless very hot.

Partridge hunt with approach

In terms of rich autumn partridge sometimes so much refreshed, that doesn’t even almost do not fly in case of danger. Besides, in these years they perfectly reproduce. It is a convenient time for hunting with the approach. The time for it is autumn or winter. Usually in the morning a flock feed on leaves, then we have to hurry to the hunter. A flock sidestep and shoot at one bird on the ground. The remaining alive, you’ve got to be ready to fire at the game in the air.

Useful advice: In the absence of dogs for the detection of flocks and individual birds will help the binoculars.

Partridge hunt with surge

Traditionally, the hunters are divided into shooters and beaters. Some are waiting for the appearance of birds, the others go to line, approaching the habitat of the pack. Partridges take to the air and heading towards the shooters. Love to hunt this way in Western Europe, there is an interesting video. At us such it is difficult to carry out because of discipline problems, which may result in serious danger.

Partridge hunt with Pneumatics

Partridge is one of the few types of game which can be extracted using a pneumatic, rugley. Plus it does not need a special permit.

Hunting for partridge with the Pneumatics are as usual: you need to locate the bird, but you want to keep her close to him. The optimal distance for shooting – about 20 meters, because the Pneumatics have less stopping power.

Helpful advice: the caliber of the bullets for takogogo weapons when hunting partridge and 4.5 and 5.5 mm. Bullet it is better to choose flattop. Will help optical sight, preferably a ratio of 3.5.

How to get to the bird closely, if there is no dog that will catch and hunt alone? Here to help decoy. Making sounds similar to quail, to lull their vigilance and to get close. And sometimes quail and hasten themselves to the call.

While hunting with Pneumatics and a suitable reception. It is used in southern parts of Europe. Assistant here becomes a kite the proof is an interesting video. The snake is doing, repeating the image of a bird of prey that quail are very afraid. When the serpent rises, the birds Crouch and remain motionless. Here they can get.

Partridge hunt with traps

With traps, the hunters have learned to turn a long time, and skill progresses. Great for partridge hunting trap in the winter: the grass does not interfere in the snow traces. Favorite trails, birds are often attracted to forest edges, bushes, trees. In winter, grouse love to feed on buds. You can use this addiction to bring birch branches, willow, stuck in the snow and next to set the snare.

Usually in front of the snare, make a snow mound with a passage and located ahead of branches attract birds. Check the traps frequently need, and don’t forget to tie them to a stick, tree, Bush, to production didn’t go with the trap.

There is hunting quail in the form of unusual, some amusing ways to use improvised traps.

  • “Cup”: a plastic Cup 250 ml white tied to the pole and put a bit of grain, berries, buds. How to do it – you can understand the video. Oddly enough, climbed down head, partridge stuck. Themselves out they can’t and they become easy prey of the hunter.
  • “The hole”: how to do it right, also you can see in the video. The point is that in the snow and make a hole. A great way – a plastic bottle with hot water. Bottom presses the snow, it melts, leaves a hole. Surprisingly, once in it, partridge can not get out. Of course, the snow needs to be deep enough – at least 10 cm, and for luring in a hole, throw food.

Hunters usually follow the rules not to destroy all adult birds in the flock that the young are not killed without senior. This helps keep the bird population in the area. Should not kill the dominant male, if you are able to calculate it. He is the head of the pack, who cares about the preservation of the community.

By following simple rules and a good knowledge of birds for the grouse can be effectively and with great pleasure.

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