How to choose a fraction on the hare and hunting features

Successful hunt, for example, the hare, is composed of several elements that you should examine, analyze and prepare for each separately and jointly to all in the complex.

The first component of effective hunting good terrain orientation and knowledge of the habits of the game (in our case rabbit). The most common on the territory of Russia are considered to be 2 species of hare – hare and hare.

Hare got its name because of the color of the summer gray fluff on white winter (for the winter only the tips of the ears remain black). He was chosen by the forest undergrowth and shrubs of the tundra and forest-steppe zone of Siberia, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Western Europe, is found also in Chernigov, Saratov, Orel regions, Mongolia, North America, Hokkaido and North-Eastern China, in the West of Greenland.

The types of birds and their habitat

The weight of an adult is from 1.5 to 5 kg, body length from 45 to 70 cm, Feeds on the foliage of bushes and the bark of trees. The mating season starts in the month of March, the females give birth to 2-3 times and after half a month, leverets are able to take care of themselves and feed.

Hare are much larger than a hare, its ears and tail longer, and color on the back and tail, even in winter saves gray. Lives in fields, clearings forest edges, steppes, rarely in forest. Lives in Germany, Sweden, England, France, North Africa, Turkey, Crimea, Iran, the Caucasus, Ukraine. The area of distribution of this species starts in the South of Arkhangelsk region and further to the Caspian steppes, in the mouth of the river Ural, from Siberia to Omsk, gradually spreading towards the Far East. An adult weighs an average of 3 to 6.5 kg, has a body length up to 70 cm and is capable of speeds up to 63 km/h. Females derive manure 3-5 times a year, which is from 1 to 12 rabbits.

The hare called tholey or Sandstone lives in semi-desert and desert, mountain and plain steppes. In addition to Russia found in China, Mongolia, North-East Africa, Arabia, Iran, North-East India. It is much less hare. Their worst enemies are considered wild pigs and birds of prey.


The most rare are considered to be the Manchurian hare and wild rabbit. The first is red gray sometimes perfectly black colour, which the winter does not change, the second, very similar to the regular birds, but lives mostly in colonies.

Shot size for hunting hare

Seasoned hunters often argue about the number of shot for hunting hare. After reviewing the material online, you will be able to find several book recommendations and a lot of contrary instructions from experienced hunters.

It is believed that the fraction for hunting hare, hence the late autumn and winter from No. 4 to No. 1, and spring will suit No. 7.

Still, the success of a hunt depends on your accuracy, shooting skills on live targets, the distance from which the shot is made, your response, the quality of the cartridges and their compliance with the game and used the gun.


Considered necessary, if the rabbit is on you, shoot him in the leg, if it moves sideways, aim him in the head, and while trying to escape from you, it is recommended to aim a little forward of the head game.

From the exchange of experience of seasoned hunters can distinguish that from a small shot (No. 7, 8) the hare falls immediately, and from the large cartridge a possible wounded animal. For example, a hare can shoot buckshot No. 4 with 40-45 meters stolen gunpowder Sokol of the TOZ-34. And hare of the IZH-43 with gunpowder “sunar” and in fraction No. 6 25-30 meters or using cartridges “feather river BIOR” № 8 from a distance of 18-24 feet. Shotgun Pieper-Bayard 24 gauge successful hunting of the hare from a distance of up to 35 meters with fraction number 7, summer number 9.

Therefore, the best advice in choosing the value of the fraction, after all, a deep knowledge of materiel and personal experience.

Methods of hunting the hare

The most common, accessible, and successful way, if a lot of hares, it is considered hunting with the approach. The hunter slowly approaches the spot where lay the game, to be ready to fire and move against the wind. Rabbits in the instinct of self-preservation inherent to fend for themselves close to the person, and then “out from under” his feet to embark on leaked. This method was very effective before the invention of firearms, now this anachronism often become the cause of death-eared.

You can hunt down the hare moonlit night in late autumn or winter. This requires care and patience to wait for the hare, who decided to be fed. This is called hunting in the blind.

At mass, the collective hunt, it is possible to apply the method of hunting the surge, which is that the first group of hunters, beaters kicking animals in the second group, which, in turn, fires them to the slaughter.

When you search for hare on the trail (talking about the way of hunting, which is called tracking), you will have Ranger skills. This method is very interesting and exciting, along with hare hunting with hounds. The latter uses the skill of dogs to take the trail and drive the hare from the starting line on the same place.

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