How to choose a winter suit for hunting

Despite the fact that need to get food by hunting is long gone, it is a man thing still remains popular. Anyone who has ever been hunting in the winter time knows that to choose suitable clothes for this activity is very important. Winter hunting suit consists of trousers, bottom, second, third layers, winter hats, shoes and outerwear. Contact details for each component.


Let’s go in order from the bottom. When choosing shoes you need to consider some factors: weather, terrain and type of hunting. For winter conditions the most suitable options are boots and boots. If the temperature is below minus twenty degrees, then you can consider another boots and shoes. And the boots, the boots withstand much greater cold – down to 40 degrees.

In addition, we need to think about additional protection for the legs. In the case of wet weather it is better to wear puttees, but not cotton or wool socks. From footcloths there are undoubted advantages, which are that they don’t RUB your feet and retain warmth better.


In specialized stores you can find a great selection of pants for hunters.

Models vary in length, the height and density of fabric, water resistance, insulation and material.

The pants come with adjustable belts and without them, some models have pads on the knees. Early hunters used the jackets, but now, this option is hardly considered because of the inconvenience and bulkiness.

Now the majority uses the underpants and pants. The trousers must be made of durable, wear-resistant material. The most common color scheme – hacks that can be used in summer to blend in with the environment, and in the winter you put on top to camouflage. Hunters can also use other options, but in any case, the main principle in clothes – the ease, convenience and functionality.

The bottom layer

During physical stress that are inevitable during the process of hunting, the body is heated and gives off a lot of heat. Therefore, the main aim of underwear is to protect human skin from cold and moisture. Maximum efficiency in this matter can be achieved by using underwear made from synthetic materials. It dries quickly, washed well and gives a great amount of heat.


The positive effect of using underwear while hunting can be accomplished only if it is carefully size is chosen. Narrow linen taken is less than the required size, will compress the body. Too loose, also looks the best solution, as you can easily get hypothermia and get sick.

The second and third layers

The second layer can be called a complement of termobelyo with the only difference that the clothes no longer performs any functionality, except for saving heat and ventilation. If the air temperature, which will be carried out hunting, will not be lower than 15-20 degrees, this layer can not be used, as it almost eliminates the need. As for the material of this clothing fleece or Polartec. He is chosen not by chance: things made of them, even when wet retain heat.

The third layer is the most expensive in terms of cost. This is due to the high adaptability of underwear, because his main objective throughout the set of clothing is the removal of moisture from the inner layers and protect against it falling outside. Membrane fabric most often used in this capacity. This material has already established itself from the best side for years of use by hunters and only gets positive reviews. The principle of its operation is based on the excellent moisture barrier properties, preventing the passage of water inside, and ventilation of the inner layers.


At the moment there are a large number of manufacturers engaged in the manufacture and sale of outerwear for hunters. Camouflage jackets are created from materials that are not emitting unnecessary sounds and noises when driving. Most models are equipped with numerous pockets, some of them even have pouches for storage of ammunition. Popular and white winter suit for hunting.

In General, outerwear for hunters is not much different from standard winter jackets, except for the color and special material, not creating sounds. Most have inner lining or the liner. Their choice falls solely on the buyer because of the need of those or other functions. The main function of those and other is and remains the creation of comfortable temperature conditions for their hobby.

A brief overview of the models

As previously stated, winter clothes for hunting are widely in specialty stores. Here are only some popular models.

  • Membrane suit (the fabric is Alova). Budget option when compared to the other membrane. Designed for frequent use in difficult weather conditions. From pluses it is possible to allocate a small weight, water resistant and a large number of pockets. The negative sides are under-ventilation and the need for careful care of this clothing.
  • The Suit Is “Polygon”. Outfit good for hunting at temperatures below minus 20 degrees. As the insulation acts as polyester fiber. The back is insulated with fleece. Trousers with shoulder straps. For reviews of experienced hunters, the model is almost not deformed. In addition, this suit has several colors and many pockets. Of the minuses are usually marked small length of the jacket, resulting in a strong cold wind can be cold.
  • Costume Fox V2. Universal kit, suitable for hunting and fishing, and relaxation. Brown. Consists of pants and jackets. Insulated fleece lining. The fabric is silent on the suit there is no Velcro, the hood can be adjusted. The negative side is that it’s only used in cold weather (less than minus 20 degrees). In other weather conditions it will be hot.

To summarize, we can say for sure: smart winter suit is an important part of hunting. Of course, he will not learn to shoot well and to hunt down the beast, but the comfort that it can create, will not be distracted by external factors and to deal only with love.

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