How to extend the permission for hunting weapon in 2017 – all about this procedure

Hunting is a frequent phenomenon in our country. And they are very sensitive not only to the hobby, but also to the so-called “instruments of labor”. Hunting weapons obviously value – repairing and cleaning. But the main procedure of “taking care” that is needed is a renewal of a gun permit. Someone has already not once or twice it did, someone will have the first encounter with this procedure in 2017.

Briefly about the procedure

Probably many owners of hunting rifles would be very happy if getting a permit would be an isolated event and no extension were not used. However, the extension of a permit for the weapon and so leaves you at a fairly decent period of as much as 5 years. However, in 5 years, perfectly healthy people can become quite ill schizophrenic with delusions of persecution, who bear arms trite contraindicated. So within the law, such measures are more than appropriate.

The procedure for filing documents

Naturally, as any such instrument, to extend the weapons permit, you need to follow a certain order. Namely:

  1. Start to register the extension for a month. In fact, the law does not regulate this issue, but in practice all official institutions rests on the period.
  2. Contact your local police station. There, you will need to write a statement about what you want to extend the permit to 2017.
  3. The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and its copy.
  4. One photo 3×4 (should be matte).
  5. Gun license for weapons for which you obtained permission (or rather, its copy, but the original capture, just in case).
  6. You will also need to undergo training to prepare for the proper handling of weapons, the document on passage of training are not required to present when you apply, but the obligation of passing the law is.
  7. In advance you will need to obtain a medical certificate and a sheet of drug tests, a certificate is valid for one year, to submit it is required once in 5 years. Help need to submit the copy and the original remains with you.
  8. The receipt that you have paid a lump sum fee.
  9. Taking documentation and your hunting weapons, head to the station. There’s your hunting weapon will be examined for suitability for use. The inspector will take the application he will be given a form of inspection of the conditions of safekeeping of weapons and ammunition.
  10. Next, you should go to the district with the inspection. He needs to visit your home and inspect the place where the weapons are stored, i.e., a safety Deposit box. In 2017 the requirements for safes hasn’t changed. Upon inspection, the officer must issue a certificate stating that the premises meet the standards. Obtained from district documents, you will need to transfer along with the rest. The act should be given to the inspector.
  11. You just have to wait for the decision after the submission of documents.

Overall, it may seem quite difficult. And no problems, even when you need the documents. And also, we should not forget about the fact that the storage of weapons should be appropriate. Naturally, those who already have weapons, know all the basic requirements.

But why not recall the main points.

MEDSPRAVKI !!! – Attention! From 1 January 2017 medical institutions are obliged to issue a certificate on the new form on the form N 002-O/N 003-O/u and ONLY two information (002 and 003) shall be submitted to (copy,the original stays in the hands of citizens) in the national guard,others are NOT,they are not required for submission(you have a long memory ) .
The certificate is already “old” sample by type 046/PND/HTI/nd not canceled any orders and decrees and, therefore, continue to act for 1 year,that would bring to the Agency(i.e., a maximum of up to 31.12.2017 or earlier,depending on the date of issuance of the certificates), and then (after filing with the national guard), respectively five years.

How to store hunting weapons in 2017

The first thing you should know is the fact that for persons, natural and legal conditions for storage are very different.

For individuals, official documents do not provide for any specific conditions. In General, the list of conditions is quite small:

  • In the safes, drawers and cabinets must be equipped with reliable locking mechanism. They are made must be of high strength metals. In the case of the boxes allowed the tree which was studded with iron.
  • If you have a gun collection, the government documents reglamentary to equip the room with security and fire alarms. The doorway shall be equipped with a door made of metal, with an extra box and a few constipation.
  • In the case where the apartment is located on the first or the last floor also need to install bars on the Windows of the room where there is a collection.

It’s pretty simple requirements without any technical problems. In General, you can take the cheapest safe up to 1.5 mm thick and the documents you received from the district, it does not reflect.

For legal. individuals requirements are more complicated.

  • The ammo with the weapon is stored separately.
  • The weapons storage (safe, Cabinet, box, pyramid, etc.) are only available in spec. rooms were additionally equipped.
  • To keep weapons need empty, clean and oiled, put the safety on. The trigger needs to be lowered.
  • In a situation when certain weapons assigned to certain legal. in the place where the weapons are stored must be attached tag that lists the model number, the type of weapon.
  • In the weapons storage should be a secure lock, and the walls should be less than 2 mm.
  • In the place of storage of ammunition must be two locks, and the walls should be thicker than 3 mm.

In principle, you are unlikely to be useful knowledge about legal entities, so in this article they detail will not be presented. In fact, demands even more, but a hunting rifle it is unlikely will be useful for Yur. persons.

By the way, if you are going to buy a safe at any physical store, or choose to consult the Internet shops, be ready to that will tell you that to store weapons need some specific thickness of the safe. Usually, talking about it, people who have mixed requirements for businesses and individuals. Or simply want to sell you a more expensive safe. If you are in doubt, refer directly to the police, they will dispel your doubts.

In General, documents obtained simply, in 2017, with them no problems. So the extension of a permit for a hunting rifle you are likely to get no problems.

The reasons for the refusal to extend

Also there are a number of reasons why you may not issue a permit. This can happen in such cases:

  • The weapon is in a failed state.
  • The original design of the weapon was “upgraded” (changed).
  • For the past 5 years have you observed in the drug treatment clinic or mental hospital. This situation suggests that you are not able to respond adequately to the stimuli, and with guns you better not touch.
  • No safe, despite the fact that earlier (when you only permission received/renewed 5 years ago) he was.
  • You missed the deadline to renew the registration of a document in 2017.
  • Filing documents later than one month before the end of validity of the permit.
  • There have been incidents involving you more than 2 times over the past year, the cause was administrative violations in the field of public law.

Permission for the use of weapons revoked in the case when the owner of the crime was committed intentionally and is in custody.

If deadlines have been violated, you will need to revoke the permit.

After one year, you can again apply for a new permit (not an extension is important). But the documents you will need at registration, and not as if the extension (the exception is the certificate of the Educational center).


In this article you can make some basic conclusions.

  • Start to apply for the month. The law is not regulated, but all state institutions voiced this time.
  • To obtain a medical certificate you can for a month before you begin to collect the main documents at a convenient time for you.
  • In General, try to collect the documents in advance so not to run then lathered in an attempt to visit and to get everything at once.
  • Some specific options for safes are put forward only to legal entities. If you the physical person – the list of requirements is much less and loyal.
  • No need to “upgrade” your hunting weapons. And, on the contrary, it is necessary for him carefully to look after.
  • Try not to have problems with the law and drugs.
  • If you do not understand something – feel free to clarify in the authorized bodies, they are obliged to provide you with full information about what requirements should be fulfilled for the renewal of a gun permit.

Considering all the above recommendations, you can quickly and easily get the necessary permission in 2017.

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