How to hunt deer with call

Hunting deer with call brings not only the coveted trophy, but also a huge interest in the process. This unusual method stands out from other used for hunting, and involves luring the animal with the help of special devices that mimic the voice of the deer.

Hunting features

To hunt with a decoy you need during the pairing of the animal. In the year of such two month – July and August. Traditionally the most successful time for hunting deer is coming in early August. This is due to the active reaction of the Roebuck on the sounds of semolina in this period, which makes it easier for the hunters. Blame the unwillingness of many females to begin mating. Therefore, males lose their vigilance and willingly respond to a hunting decoy.

At the time mating season deer are trying to hear the whistle, published by a female. The sound produced from the nose of the animal and can be heard on quiet, windless weather at a distance of 120-150 meters. The volume of the sound depends on the degree of arousal of the individual. Accordingly, the stronger it gets, the louder the sound.

Hunters say that the best time for hunting with a decoy comes in the morning. Depending on the region and band, called either the wee hours or 9 hours until lunch. Deer can be described as curious animals with developed senses of smell and hearing. This fact is one of the key reasons for the successful hunting of male ROE. Males begin to more carefully “listen” to the woods in search of deer, with it becoming easy prey.

To find deer during this period is not difficult, because they leave circular marks on the ground as a result of mating (the male chases the deer in a circle). By their intensity experienced hunters understand at what stage the pairing is at the moment.

The peculiarity of the behavior of these animals is that a male which has found a female, will not respond to the sounds of semolina. The whistle will lure only those who did not have enough females.

The principle of fishing is on the search for secluded places. After the occupation of the position do not immediately use decoy since the position of the hunter is known to the animal. Need to wait for some time before beckon. This is usually 10-15 minutes. This is done in order to lull the vigilance of the deer. You should start with a weak whistle. Otherwise, false will be determined animals. To change the place of ambush more than once in half an hour.

The types of mancow

All decoys that are presently commercially available, can be divided into two groups: self-made and electronic. Experienced hunters often use improvised for beginners recommended electronic, after all, they have built several different modes of sounds.

In the majority of designs are three of them:

  • whistle lost cub;
  • the sounds of excited female;
  • the sounds of disturbed by the female.

The electronic duck call is a wooden device with integrated screw, turning of which changes the frequency of the sound.

It is made of the fact that every male hears a certain tone and by changing the frequency you can find the necessary for a specific deer.

Such devices are not allowed in most countries, so before purchasing you need to see the limitations. Homemade decoy requires a certain experience in hunting the deer, as the accuracy and correctness of sound is crucial.

How to use the call correctly

In order to decoy brought a positive effect, it is necessary to know the basic sounds of ROE deer and their meaning.

  1. The Sound Of Phi. The most important message for ROE deer. It can publish and hungry individuals, and the excited females, and deer, lost cub. The use of this sound is most likely to bring a positive result.
  2. The sound of “And-and”. Served scared cub and can quickly attract females.
  3. The sound of “PI-I”. Sharp and clicky. Published a female who doesn’t like the attentions of a male. This happens mainly during the mating season when injections horns. Its use is ambiguous and cannot always help in the hunt for the male roes with a decoy.

The use of these sounds depends on who directed the hunt. Another feature is the correct grip semolina and diaphragmatic breathing. The device must be held in the hand so that the upper part was between forefinger and thumb. The breath is the lungs, not the stomach.

Imitation of the sound of the deer by other means

Before mancow produced industrially was not. But the popularity of hunting for deer, especially the Siberian, have always been high.

As Munk used different improvised device: a piece of birch bark, straw, beech leaf, and many others. The production is very simple, but the main difficulty is in using them, as it is difficult to establish the necessary sound.

Also them difficult to use more than once, because their storage and transportation requires great care. The necessary results are achieved by only the most experienced hunters, not once had to deal with such devices. But even they are increasingly turning to electronic decoy. Their use is easier to operate and provides a greater chance for success of the event. Hunting deer with call demands the utmost concentration of effort and attention.

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