How to hunt for moose with huskies

Moose hunting in our country has always been popular. That fact influenced both the interest of the process of fishing, and objective reasons associated with a wide area of distribution of the animal in Russia. According to official data, the environmental community, within our state, home to half the world’s population of individuals (730000 1500000 of moose).

What you need to know about elk

Moose is a rather large animal, adults can reach a weight of 600 kilograms with a body length of 2.5-3 meters, height is about 2 meters. Head heavy, large size. Moose is often called “shochatim” is a nickname he received for the characteristic shape of the horns (short base and proveer horns, diverging in different directions).

In extreme situations, the animal is capable of speeds up to 55 km/h. Moose are good swimmers. Important feature that you need to consider when hunting for elk is his poor eyesight. With about 30 meters or more prongs does not distinguish stationary human from the tree. In contrast to sight, hearing and sense of smell elk developed very well.

Why Laika

There are 4 main types of hunting elk:

  • on a roar;
  • approach;
  • paddock;
  • hunting with dogs.

The big advantage of hunting the last of these methods is able to approach the elk within shooting distance without any problems, so as a trained dog is fast enough it is targeting. The most convenient form of dogs for hunting moose is husky. This breed is considered versatile because it is used for hunting and beast and bird.

Even good natural predisposition likes to hunt elk, it would still need to coach, quality does not evolve by themselves. Besides, every dog has their own preferences: there are pronounced locatity, mediatize and even cabinatery. Likes to have a good understanding of when hunting elk you should raise her from birth. So the dog will be better to trust the master and give in to training.

The basic principles of hunting with Laika on the moose

Hunting with Laika on a moose is during his feeding. It was at this point the animal is most vulnerable, as it responds less to the dog barking, and it’s harder for him to escape “fat”. It is easy to conclude that the best time for hunting hours are between 6 am to 10 am.


The dog should not be overly angry. This deficiency can play a cruel joke, as the frightened moose will flee at a very great distance to catch up with him was not possible. The challenge for the dog is on the trail of the beast and bring him as close as possible, without scaring him.

Another important point is the knowledge of the probable locations of greasing the moose. Practice shows that the elk in time of feed often in the low or in the swampy lowlands. If the dog is trained properly, it will go on the moose trail “without a voice”, that is, without barking. Laika gives voice only at the moment when you found the animal and, thus, gives the hunter to understand what the beast was found.

You need to go against the wind very carefully, only during barking.

Moose reacts to any suspicious movement or sound. Hunter and husky should work together. When the dog stops, the person should stop and wait. The intensity of the bark needs to be fickle and go on increasing.

Trained Laika is not evident on the moose, she’s just his barking and running around, confusing the beast. The dog in the same way as the hunter, need excessive caution not only in tracking down the elk, but in the pursuit. The beast is aggressive and can hit the hoofs of the country hostile to him Laika. Often to dogs, missed a shot of an elk, this meeting with the animal becoming the last.

Husky pursues moose party. Lusatica makes it in order that when overtaking the animal to stop it before the arrival of the hunter. The experienced dogs know how to herd the elk being shot, the so-called “holds”. Hunting with such gifted from the nature of the husky is a real pleasure. But you should not rely only on the dog, the hunter need to be in good physical shape, since in any case have to run a few kilometers at a very fast pace.

Arms and recommendations for shooting

The optimal choice for hunting elk is a shotgun 12 or 16 gauge. Different countries use different bullets. So, in Russia, a popular choice is the bullet Poleva, in European countries – bullet brennecke. The issue of weapons is purely individual, and in addition shotguns use a rifled weapon. It is installed with a telescopic sight, which, of course, increases the chance of an accurate shot.

The choice of weapons for hunting, most often rests on or in the desire of the hunter to adhere to age-old traditions and use the rifle without scope or the desire to achieve maximum success in this business (rifles “Los”, “Tiger”). Not less important correctly to shoot from any available weapons. The elk is a strong animal and if you go in not fatal to him, even a wounded animal can easily escape from a hunter.

On the neck of the elk is a lot of arteries, so this place is one of those where you need to aim. From other places, experienced hunters isolated brain, heart and spine. But here there are nuances: the brain of the beast is small and the contact must be very accurate; shot in the spine doesn’t kill the moose, but only immobilizes the animal.

Place and date of hunting

There are officially allowed time frame hunting on the elk. Legislated periods:

  • 1-30 September – the hunt for adult males;
  • October 1 – December 31 – is allowed to hunt for moose;
  • 1-15 January – the hunt for young individuals (up to 1 year).

Moose inhabit swampy areas of the middle band of our country. Some trees can also serve as a “beacon”. Moose prefer willow, birch, and in some cases aspen. Of course, these preferences are associated with feeding. Besides, now there is a lot of hunting ground, providing hunting for shochatim.

Do not forget that every armed man going out to hunt, must have a weapons permit and a valid ticket of the hunter.

What is to be feared

Do not forget about safety precautions in the hunt. Moose is a big and strong animal, which can be angry.

Furious elk can not only kill the dog, but will even attack the hunters. This must be considered and never forgotten.

Equally, and perhaps even a great danger for people on the hunt can submit other hunters. The basic rule is not to do cross-fire on the animal. Before you make the shot, it is necessary to watch its trajectory, and only in case if there’s no one that can shoot.

If you have never had the opportunity to participate in hunting, but are determined, it is better to watch the video, of which the Internet is not even a little. The preview will help to better Orient in a situation and to understand how to behave on the hunt.

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