Hunting deer is an interesting video and helpful tips

The desire to hunt and catch prey bring home to your hearth – a natural desire, inherited from their ancestors since prehistoric times. Even in the modern world the instincts of a breadwinner in one way or another are present in every man.

Stalking, extortion and waiting beast in ambush – the first mention of these components of the process of hunting enhances the instinctive interest of many representatives of the stronger sex.

Of course, each trapped animal or fowl causes pride, but she was hunting for deer, the process of its stalk, leaves unforgettable impressions. Very useful to see a video dedicated to hunting themes. First of all, in these videos you can clearly see the gear of hunters who are masters of their craft. Your eyes can look at the favorable weather, in which the most probable successful outcome. In addition, in the video you can see what the outcome of hunting, and hear tips from professionals.

Deer: the deer family

ROE deer belongs to the species of hoofed animals and lives in the forest of Europe, in the European part of Russia, in Ciscaucasia and Transcaucasia. Now there are three known species of these animals, which are allocated depending on their habitat: European, Siberian and far Eastern. All three varieties share the same external features: uniform light color, a little height at the withers, sharp ears, long neck and thin legs with hooves.

The males have small horns with spikes, aimed vertically. To hunt deer, you need to know where it can be found. In summer it is usually designated with herbs, as these animals feed on moss, young shoots or leaves of trees, and in autumn of a clearing with berries. In the fall on deer good hunting in cloudy weather, when a little drizzling rain. Detailed analyses of hunting each season can be found in the special videoporno. On these videos you can see what the weather and how to hunt down the beast.

Methods of hunting

By watching the video, you notice that everything happens in the different seasons: spring, winter, summer, autumn, and night, which tells about the basic principles of finding track and technology track. Summer and fall hunting for deer calls for camouflage, the same clothes should be silent when walking.

The video shows that hunting is carried out using two groups: hunters and beaters. First stand still, can’t even hide in shelter and wait until the second group will cut off the ROE deer way to retreat, and frighten them with noise, forcing to move towards the hunters. ROE deer are very shy animals may be frightened by the slightest noise, so this method of hunting is quite effective and often bearing fruit.

Another way – hunting for ROE deer with the approach. It is the finding of traces of the beast, and tracking the quarry, these skills require a lot of experience and professionalism. Such hunting deer at any time of the year and due to its complexity, represents one of the most interesting ways. There are a few secrets of experienced hunters who will help to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

The first and most basic rule of stealth. Any hunt for deer in winter, and especially with the approach should begin with the selection of camouflage clothing, because it is merges with the surrounding landscape and doesn’t make any noise. Invisibility, which requires hunting for deer, due to the timidity and good hearing these graceful ungulates.

The second rule of success – a specially trained hunting dog, she will be a perfect helper.

The third secret, which reveal the experienced hunters – the movement for the prey must be against the wind. Under his breath, the smell of a person is not required to report the beast of approaching danger, you should always follow the direction.

Hunting by night

Complicated the view in which succeed only the most experienced hunters. The most common hunting in a summer night, even though early autumn is also the likelihood of returning home with the trophy. After dark, hunting deer becomes extremely difficult and even dangerous, because hunting down the prey, the hunter can become an easy bait for wild animals. To do this, to get together on a night hunt for deer you need not one, but a group of professionals.

Usually at night with a take dogs who are well acquainted with the terrain and not afraid of the dark. When the dog notice the deer, she gives a silent signal to the owner and with the help of specially selected sight made the shot. To more learn about hunting by night with transport, you can see a video of hunting deer by night with spotlights, which shows the process and the result of hunting.

Summarizing, it should again be noted that any hunting animal, first of all, interesting and exciting as the process. Hunting, you can get a lot of unforgettable impressions, which remain in the memory for years to come. Equally important is the result. Great trophy, brought from the forest, will be the carcass of the deer.

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