Hunting for grouse: the red game of the new season

In nature, snipe is quite rare to catch it on the fly difficult. This birds is highly valued among hunters, so not all know really effective methods of hunting. Prompt bird called the swamp because of their habitat.

Very often she is compared to a snipe, but on every video and photo noticeable differences. Belly first is usually grey with interesting inclusions. Weight solitary snipe is about 250 grams, which is much more of a snipe.

Season with pointer you can access at the end of July, and it continues for the whole hunting period up to the strong frosts. Red game difficult to catch, despite the fact that it flies smoothly and rises quite slowly. Bird catches the hand, not wag, not maneuvering. Due to this, hunters will have a good chance for a shot.

The distinctive features of the snipe

The bird is very similar to snipe, but it has several features:

  • grey abdomen;
  • weight 100-150 grams more;
  • large size;
  • short neck;
  • the bill is much wider;
  • across the back are two parallel bands.

Because of these signs can be easily distinguished from the snipe snipe. Many photos and video material can be seen also more yellow beak. The basic plumage is brown with dark spots practically all over my body. Individuals of both genders do not differ in size.

In addition to external characteristics distinguish special neponjatnostej birds. When faced with a hunter or COP she reluctantly lifted into the air, flying very slowly and low. It helps to go hunting even in flight. In late spring the birds begin the mating ritual, which constantly occurs in the same places. For the winter they fly South to Africa to wait out the cold. In the early spring of the backbone is back on the habitual dwelling place, stopping occasionally to rest in permanent locations.

Video cameras record the first stop in the lowlands and floodplains. Bogs with hummocks perfect cover and protection from enemies. Plumage helps to hide on the ground and does not give the location of individuals. If you disturb one bird, it is not necessary this will be followed by the entire backbone. Despite his laziness, grouse very careful, so they search with the setter does not always lead to a good result.

Vysypte grouse on the moor and other places

Until mid August you can meet a little game. By the end of the month begins a massive vysypte bird that inhabits marshes and meadows. The main grouse hunting begins in the period when it changes plumage, fattens and becomes easy prey. A bird can pour in large numbers of migrating or local. Stopped for break fast break, so the next day they can not find. Individuals are always kept apart, not going in a tight bunch, do not be placed all together. However, the entire group kept close, at a distance of several meters, only moves at constant persecution by man.

On local game to hunt easier. It is possible to go out with pointer and get the same number of carcasses. This contributes to the replenishment of surrounding regions, where the bird flies. In one parish can take five to seven individuals for ten days.

Grouse like to stay in the same place. If you set video shooting, it is possible to detect all habitats. The route of the great snipe is almost always the same. They stop at favorite places during advanced flight and during the gross flight. When you discover the location of the game, you can every year to hunt in this place. Instead of dead birds will arrive a new species from the North. In the Internet there are many videos where well seen hunting birds in the peak season. They show not only the settlements, but also about the location of individuals from each other.

Hunting features

To shoot grouse is much easier than snipe. By the end of the season, he becomes lazy, fat accumulates so slowly rises on the wings. For shooting it is better to use the small roll to keep the inside and the meat intact. Hunting for grouse, it may take almost the whole day, so it is important that the clothes were comfortable and practical.

To suit strict requirements:

  • membrane lightweight fabric;
  • closure protected from the wind by a special valve;
  • pockets bottom of jacket overhead, side and top entry;
  • the volume is adjustable on the edge of the product;
  • office for video equipment;
  • the opportunity removable hood;
  • military color “khaki”;
  • the pants features a solid waistband;
  • the width of the leg is also adjustable with a cord.

In addition, the inside jacket is insulated with felt or fleece. This material contributes to thermoregulation and do not allow to freeze at low temperatures. The material is usually made of polyurethane or polyester, which protects from getting wet, not wet video camera.

Hunt with a dog

Each dog must be carefully trained to conduct a successful season. Snipe is great for these purposes due to its slowness and laziness. It is possible to train a young dog to training a trained gundog. Since the beginning of August changes the plumage of a bird, it becomes thicker and lazy. At this time, the dog will be fine to withstand the counter, clearly indicate on it’s location.

Sometimes a dog can’t raise the game on the wing as the bird just runs off to the side and takes off already in another place. This sends the hunter off the scent, helping other individuals to hide in the bushes or over the bumps. With pointer hunting may not be for long, as usually the dog is well trained and immediately finds the game, if available on the given area. Due to this hunting brings a lot of fun.

All species are represented game are located on wetland or meadow areas. Even a small company can be next to each other within walking distance person. Therefore, it is without fear admits to himself at a close distance. Many hunters shoot a video, which clearly shows a large group of birds. When raising one individual need to examine the surrounding area in search of other birds. The dog will help to thoroughly scan the whole area, not to miss a single carcass. Thus it is possible for a day to collect up to 40 birds.

The hound may be experienced with a sensitive sense of smell, but you should always guide actions. Direction selects people directly not to miss any bumps and brush, which hides the snipe. In very warm weather when the air temperature is high, the bird flies only by direct contact.

So a quick run setter may hinder its detection. If the first snipe is already raised or the search area is very small, then the dog should hold about yourself. She needs to fully interact with the owner, implicitly to obey the commands. To the hunter as it is not necessary to trample down the area, you can rely on scent and instinct of the dog. If you observe the subtleties, the hunting will be really exciting and unforgettable and will bring an impressive result.

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