Hunting for grouse with Pneumatics

For the record: hunting for grouse with Pneumatics resolved with the use of air rifles with muzzle energy 25 j.

The advantages of this type is obvious it is a quiet shot.

But there is one important condition, you should be able to shoot very well.

Scatter fractions will not be affected and the game will be only one bullet.

To increase the likelihood good luck rifle provide a telescopic sight.

Hunting with Pneumatics is good in the case of grouse in one place, gathered a lot and silence shot will allow you to shoot more than one bird.

For your information: hunting for grouse with pneumatics is permitted with the use of a pneumatic gun with a muzzle energy of 25 J. The advantages of this kind are quite obvious is the noiselessness of the shot. But there is one important condition, one must be able to shoot very well. There will not be a scatter of fractions, and only one bullet will be affected by the game.

To increase the likelihood of success, the rifle is equipped with an optical sight. Hunting with pneumatics gives good results, if there are a lot of hazel grouses in one place and the noiselessness of the shot will allow shooting more than one bird.

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