Hunting for wild boar with huskies – useful tips

Hunting is one of the oldest and most common among men Hobbies. The goals in Russia, particularly in its middle band, the hunters choose rabbits, deer, foxes and, of course, boars. Hunting of these animals, conducted both in summer and winter, is not only quite fun, but also a great opportunity to taste the delicious kebabs or other dishes made from cabanatan.

Lifestyle boars

So, first and foremost, it should be remembered that the boar despite the apparent nezlobnoy and relatively small size (e.g., compared to elk), is a pretty dangerous opponent for the hunter. Having a couple of sharp fangs, the male boar has repeatedly inflicted lacerations like dogs, hunted them, and by hunters.

Females are also wild boars in the period of aggression, as a rule, trample his enemy with his hooves in the ground. By itself, the boar is quite a peaceful animal, leading primarily nocturnal. During the day they prefer to sleep in their burrows, and feeding takes place at night. Therefore, hunters are more likely to catch a wild boar at night.

For food, the boars used first of all, the places that grow crops such as potatoes, turnips, beets (if the forest is next to farm land), the territory where grow fruit-bearing trees (oaks, wild Apple trees).

Another excellent method to podkaraulili wild pigs is the watering. Typically, water consumption, wild boars choose thick-silted grounds with ponds. Wild boars usually live in small herds, arrange asylum in densely populated forested areas, and they can live in mixed, deciduous and coniferous shelterbelts.

Laika is a loyal assistant on the boar hunt

Hunting for wild boar with huskies is one of the oldest methods of hunting, Dating back to the traditions of the Caucasian peoples. Initially, the hunter should remember that unprepared for the hunting dog and especially at night, will not bring absolutely no benefit. In order that Laika became a full-fledged hunters, it should be coach.


But first of all, decide what kind of huskies fit for hunting wild boars.

  • Karelian-Finnish – usually suitable for hunting small game, but with careful training, the dog can be useful also for catching large animals.
  • Russian-European species is a dog, ideal for hunting game of any size, has a black-and-white and color, which allows the hunter not to lose sight of her even with the bad weather conditions.
  • West Siberian species has a white color with small red spots in the head, also suitable for hunting of all wild animals.
  • East Siberian view – ideal for hunting on wild boars, the advantage over the other huskies is its ability, due to the special Constitution of the body, to move through loose snow.

First nataski huskies occur at home, and on the hunt they quickly improve their skills. For fastening of the received skills, young dog, preferably on the first hunt to take with experienced dogs, where they will be able to learn all the hunting skills (nataska also desirable at night).

Coached the huskies have a pretty great courage and bravery when meeting with a wild boar, they act with care and confident agility, not allowing the boar to hurt their fangs.


Another plus when hunting with huskies is their genetic intolerance to pigs. Upon detection of this group of animals they are making every effort to artiodactyls did not escape from them. Hunter, in fact, is not only to miss a shot in the game.

Hunting for wild boar with huskies: the sequence of steps and features

Thus, the main role in hunting wild boar is given by likes. Initially, in the evening or night, you should find the hole where the hogs sleep. If there are traces of the beast, you need to let go of the leash huskies that they were able to find wild boar. Loud dogs barking means that the purpose of them is detected. At this point, the hunter to properly react to the dog sounds.

If barking is recessive, it means that the dog is rutting beast, and the hunter’s main task is to intercept it. If Lai does not move, then the boar caught with dogs in a circle. At this point, the hunter should be to approach the animal and make the shot. Boar, who feels the approach of danger, trying as quickly as possible to run away from the dogs, that’s why instinctively they grab him by the ears, which are the most vulnerable point.

The hunter should be careful when shooting at the boar. After all, at night a high probability to miss the mark, or worse, to get in close with game dogs. To this end, hunter is advisable to use a bullet, not buckshot. To shoot at the area of the back or sides, and the perfect place is the ear.

After hitting the target, the hunter should shoot below the ear, as boars tend to mimic his own death.

Also, when hunting for wild boar it is necessary to remember the following points:

  • for hunting it is better to use round bullets;
  • the distance of the shot when using a shotgun is 20 to 30 m;
  • in a time when wild boar feed, the hunter it is important to occupy such a place of shelter, the wind came not from the hunter to the animal, and Vice versa, as the feeling of a person the boar will try to escape;
  • if a wounded boar managed to escape, we should not rush in pursuit of him at night, because it’s very dangerous for dogs and the hunter, due to violent and aggressive behavior of the animal.

In the winter hunting there are some features: as the summer of the ambush should be set in areas with dense thickets, while wild pigs are very fond of bathing, even in the most severe frost, so there is a high probability that they will appear next to the puddles and ponds.

But experienced hunters say that in winter wild boar hunting must be conducted to 17 hours. When using the huskies, the hunter must carefully hide if the boar his notice, he may be hiding in the Bush, and there likes to penetrate already can not.

Legal details

It should be remembered that hunting any animal, and the right to have firearms, requires licensing. When hunting without a permit, hunters run the risk of being brought to administrative or criminal liability.

This permission is usually given committees hunting farms in the country. Will be required to make payment of the state duty for permission to shoot the animal, for boar in 2016, its size is 450 rubles.

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