Hunting from an ambush on a hare – rules and features

This kind of hunting is carried out mainly in the winter time, when other way to catch a hare hard or impossible. When the soil is covered with a thick layer of snow, animal tracking dogs becomes almost an impossible task.

To move in the nature created conditions uncomfortable, hard and impossible to create speed and pace needed to catch prey.

Hunt for the ambush on a hare, and a hare, just need to know the place of their internship. As for effectiveness, it is slightly inferior to other ways, but another way to catch oblique in certain periods much heavier.

The principle of the hunting of waiting in ambush.

This method of fishing is only the true lovers of nature and fans of the business, because very often the expectation of production in a stationary state may last at least several hours.

The principle of this method is podkaraulili hare in the ground of bills, where it appears most often. It will have to advance find or create yourself and then go hunting. The only way the class can give a positive result. Basically the animal is on the utility bills in the dark, so catching it should be night, and it was after sunset until morning.

This files most often is podkarmlivayut hare, as it unlike a hare comes closer to the people and it is not necessary to go far.

At the beginning of winter, when the ground is still covered with a layer of snow, both subspecies of this animal can go up on utility bills in the same places, rich in their food.

Thus, with an ambush you can catch a hare, and a hare. The only difference is in places bills, which differ in the snowy winter.

The places usually getting fat the rabbits

Depending on the time of year and the weather the whites and the hare getting fat in different places. In the early winter of both subspecies are usually getting fat for the winter crops of cereals. It is on these fields, ambush can give a good result in this period.

Before going on the hunt are kindly requested to inspect crops and determine the location of the internship, otherwise you may spend waiting all night and not even see a potential prey. To determine the place of internship is not difficult. A person who is knowledgeable in the traces and engaged in hunting before, surveying the crops, immediately identify where zhiruet scythe.

Usually summer residents like animals one place, and all time visits only. And the next, more suitable, in the opinion of hunter, lots for greasing, can be completely ignored.


Later, when the amount of snow will increase and open space is covered with a thick layer, internship hares on azimah will be impossible. So they have to look other places. At this time, preference hares and whites differ.

Hare kept closer to people. As food, he usually chooses:

  • cabbage stumps, which commonly remain in the gardens;
  • the bark of Apple, pear and other fruit trees growing in the gardens, and which animal is capable of inflicting considerable damage;
  • hay stored in stacks close to the housing people and straw in stacks;
  • grain waste.

In addition, the hare readily feeds on young shoots, maple, elm, oak, pine, larch, hawthorn. Aspen and birch it attracts less.

A hare harder to catch in winter, as the area where he usually fattens much more. This subspecies prefers to eat closer to nature and farther from man. Likes to use tree and shrub food, namely branches and young aspen, willow, birch and various fruit trees. To catch him will have to explore forests, fields, river banks and other places where it is growing a treat.

When nominated for the hunt

To hunt yielded result in the form of caught the rabbit you need to consider many factors. Among them not the last role is the right time, weather and other conditions that will help or hinder the hunter.

It makes no sense to hunt the hare with an ambush when a young moon in a dark night, when the sky is full of clouds. In such circumstances, to see the production in humans even with very good eyesight may fail, but on the exact shot and say no.

During snowfall and wind can safely remain at home, as the hare will not be able to see and hear. Even if the person is completely confident in his vision and hearing, process of hunting can turn into a pointless waiting. The fact that in bad weather the animal may not leave the nest and not come to the utility bills.


Most suitable are moonlit, quiet night when to see the beast without any difficulty. In such circumstances, to catch prey the easiest. There are, of course, its disadvantage. In winter, hour of the night is very quiet, so the hunter will have to sit still, to not approaching the hare heard the sound and ran away. It is very difficult to do in a few hours and will cope with this task only the most gambling.

To move to the place of ambush should be before dusk, as the winter evening bill at the hare comes pretty early. Usually, when they start to darken and cease the daily noise, the animals are going to eat. At this time, the hunter should already be in place and waiting for their potential prey.

Close to midnight, meal after the long scythe goes with utility bills. During the night he can still appear here, but only running past, not stopping. The next time he comes to eat early in the morning before dawn, and after Breakfast returned to maturation. The chances of seeing a hare on the morning utility bills much lower than in the evening, as that is the time to feed are not all individuals.

Preparing for the hunt

As with any occupation, the hunting of the hare requires careful preparation, and the chance to bring the trophy home will increase significantly. For a long time to look for places where the animal fattens, it is recommended to equip their. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that a hunter can choose a place where he will sit most comfortably.

Bait the hare should start from the very beginning of winter, and it is desirable to equip more than one place bills, but several. Occasionally have to refurbish the bait and when the animal is accustomed to come for feeding, you can begin the hunt. It is desirable that each location was visited no more than once a week.

For bait hare you can use:

  • neobmenennogo a couple of bundles of oats, dig their snow;
  • cabbage stumps;
  • hay with clover, alfalfa and sagebrush;
  • salt;
  • branches of aspen, birch, willow, Rowan, Apple etc.

Just before going on a hunt definitely need to get some sleep. To expect in the ambush may have all night, weary body in the long stationary state can just go off. This will entail a not very good consequences.

You should check your gun to the moment it failed, prepare warm clothes. The fraction does not need to take large, will fit # 1 and # 2. Some people use # 3 and # 4.

Generally, this type of hunting requires camouflage, but in some cases it is better to use it. When the night light, and a suitable place in order to hide there is no need to spend at least the most basic of activities, for the creature did not notice differences from his usual environment.

How to act on the hunt

Need to sit in complete silence, not moving a muscle. Even the smallest sound can scare the hare, after which further waiting becomes meaningless. Smokers have to be patient, since any movement will attract the attention of the animal, and it is, of course, immediately left the place of internship.

The place of ambush should be chosen so that the moon was behind the hunter.

So it will be easier to see the hare and harder to confuse it with the shadow. This error is quite frequent, the moonlight shining in my eyes. The gun should be on his knees ready to fire off the fuse or cocked the trigger.

When the scythe appears, do not just grab the gun and shoot. Better to keep him closer and give a little time so he started to eat solid foods and was distracted. After this you can gently raise the weapon and aim. The most convenient will be to shoot when the beast will stand on its hind legs, listening. Until that happens, you can wait a very long time, so it’s better to force him to this quiet, short whistle.

In that case, if a scythe is scared and runs away in the opposite direction, you must aim and shoot him with lead tips of the ears. If he is running parallel to the hunter, it is necessary, given the speed and the distance to it, shoot a few inches beyond the front of the torso. If the skew panicked and ran straight at the hunter, to shoot in the region of the front paws.

You should be aware of security measures. You can shoot only in those places where there are no people. Otherwise, the effects of hunting can be not be as desired.

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