Overview of cameras used for hunting

If two or three decades ago, the hunting equipment was limited to a gun, ammunition and, at best, special ammunition, today it is accompanied by numerous gadgets.

In addition to the familiar navigation and communication facilities, the forest began to take various video devices.

What are the characteristics of the gadget is the minimum required, when you can save and in some cases it is necessary to purchase a more expensive model – all these issues are regularly discussed by the users of specialized portals.

Camera for hunting are used for the following purposes:

  • to replenish the personal archive;
  • for the preparation of training materials;
  • as a method to track the movement of game.
Recommended device settings

Opportunities action camera depends on the needs of the hunter. Some users say that they are quite ordinary car DVR. This choice allows you to save money, but the flip side will be the lack of quality pictures. One of the main criteria when buying the device is the resolution, in which the record can be saved. The higher this parameter, the action camera, the sharper your image will be.

Another necessary feature is the ability to lock the device. It is mounted on the head of the hunter or the weapon. This arrangement will allow you to capture all user actions. There are special glasses with a built-in action camera, but their purchase is better to abstain.

The optional parameter serves as a reliable protection of the camera. It is used in harsh conditions that require case that protects the device from damage.

The problem is not in parameters, and legislative regulation: in Russia there is the article 138.1 of the criminal code, criminalizing the purchase of devices for covert tracking.

What action camera to choose for hunting

Users who choose to shoot video, face a dilemma: to buy the normal device and tailor it to their needs or to buy a ready-made model designed specifically for their hobby.


The right decision depends on factors including:

  • financial capabilities;
  • the degree of fascination with hunting;
  • the purposes of creating videos.

Each of the types of devices used has its advantages and disadvantages.

The standard camera used for filming hunting

We are talking about the popular GoPro devices, and their analogues. They recommend that users of specialized forums, noting a number of advantages of these cameras.

  • The opportunity to buy the device in any electronics store.
  • High quality images in motion.
  • Simple and accessible interface.
  • The resistance to mechanical damage, as evidenced by the widespread use of these devices in extreme sports.
  • The ability to use not just for hunting.

Along with advantages, these cameras have disadvantages.

  • Noted short battery life. This problem is compounded in the winter.
  • The lack of accessories, specifically designed for hunters.
  • Plastic camera mount is easy to damage in the forest.

Such a device will suit any user who wants to demonstrate to others the process of how he hunted.

Specialized camera

On the market are devices designed for hunters. In comparison with conventional devices, they have additional advantages.

  1. Manufacturers provide the possibility to equip the camera number of accessories (motion sensors, GSM modui and infrared illumination). This allows the user to track the movement of the game.
  2. Housing action Cam, designed for hunting, has additional protection against impacts.
  3. The cost of the device is much lower than that of GoPro products.

The disadvantages of these cameras include the following:

  • they are scarce and usually come to order;
  • the use of devices in everyday life is limited.

The specialized camera will suit hunters who pay his hobby a considerable amount of time.

The acquisition of the video device is connected with large expenses. For this reason, experienced hunters recommend pre-tested the survey using a mobile phone. This will help to determine whether there is a real need to create a video.

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