Overview of tracked and wheeled all-terrain vehicles for hunting and fishing

Under the ATV refers to a vehicle endowed with specialized built-in mechanisms that ensure a free overcome mountains, deserts, swamps, areas with no or poor road conditions.

For the first time this car was used in the thirties of the last century. To date, the Rover is a versatile and indispensable tool for many Hobbies, including hunting and fishing. Often it is quite difficult to reach the desired geographic point by using conventional transport equipment.

In this article, we will discuss the most effective and popular ATVs for hunting and fishing in Russia taking into account geographical terrain, climate, etc. To the descriptions of the ATV is attached video describing this technique in more detail.

ATVs Max (Max)

A great substitute for tractors, boats and snowmobiles. Endowed with a relatively high speed (up to 75 km/h on land and 12 km/h on the water surface), power reserve up to 200 km. the mass of the vehicle is 900 lbs. In this car can fit up to six people.

It is a 6-wheeled vehicle, the actuator which is distributed evenly on all wheels. Freely and effortlessly moves from land to water and Vice versa. Wheel has an independent control to ensure their free movement in any type of superficiality, and the steering feature allows to turn the unit into a radius of its length.

The most popular among hunters and fishermen all-terrain vehicle of the firm is Max-4. Despite the “toy” appearance, this unit is indispensable for the passage of any distances. For transportation of the hunting accessories, ATV is endowed with a freight truck.


Used in many countries. Hunters selected model 8*8 OutFitter, which is a eight-unit (model-amfibiya) is endowed with engine Kohler Aegis LH 775 with a capacity of up to thirty HP Protective body-color allows you to remain inconspicuous in the wild.


Allows you to compactly place the Luggage, what app will allow to overcome rocky areas, snow and swamp of superficiality, complex forests. Also “Argo” offers fans of crawler models, mini ATVs, parts tires with low pressure.


Used to move on all kinds of superficiality (forest and water the terrain, snow, rocks, Gati, etc.). Among the main advantages of this technique are: the crawler type, which eliminates the possibility of punctures of wheels, a large capacity and can accommodate up to five people, the ability to speed up to 45 km/h on land and 4 on water surface, the implementation of the actuator without the use of chains, the uphill axle, hydraulic brake system.

In addition, such all-terrain vehicles, due to their creation of high-quality materials, endowed with a great stamina with the passage of terrain, even the most extreme weather.


All-terrain vehicles of a domestic production is intended primarily for hunting and fishing in the winter time, but also moves well on the water, and in woodlands.


Caterpillar model 8×8 is intended for operation in off-road conditions. Capacity up to 6 people, the speed of the earth’s surface reaches up to 50 km/h on water 10 km/h Steering system made in the form of a motorcycle type, the body is FRP. The three-cylinder type of engine. Some types are made in the form of amphibians.

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