Redpoll common

Common Redpoll is a small bird with body length 13 cm, weight 12,5 g. the Plumage is brownish-grey, below pale with dark longitudinal streaks. Forehead and crown crimson red “hat”. The males have the breast and rump are bright pink.

Redpolls nest in the Arctic tundra. In winter, migrate to more southern regions and in large quantities appear in the middle lane. In October, they begin to wander in the fields and groves. Large flocks stuck to the tops of the trees, and podesavati branches in different poses, choose seeds out of pinecones alder or birch earrings.

As defoliation seeds on the tops down, as if flowing down. After violent attacks, the pack of fallen leaves under the trees are many white drops litter, and in winter the snow – litter and small downed birch seeds. Redpolls often feed on various weeds of the Swan, amaranth, meadowsweet. The birds are then hung on protruding from under the snow, dry the stems, then jump to the weeds in the snow.

Traces of cachetic in the snow to see very easily, perhaps even easier than traces of other finches. Imprint size 2.2 x 0.9 cm, length of the jump from 13 to 17, the width of the trace track about 3 cm Often when jumping for the tap tail to the surface of the snow, leaving a characteristic imprint.

The majority of cachetic nest in the Arctic tundra. Make nests on bushes of willows and low trees in 0.5- 2 m from the ground. The base of the Jack is thin willow twigs, between which the birds weave fruit catkins of willow. Tray lined with reindeer and dog hair, plant down and feathers white partridges. Socket cachetic similar to the nests of other birds, but they can not be confused, because in those areas other finches do not nest.

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