Selection criteria a hunting rifle for a beginner

Hunting is one of the most popular Hobbies among men. Hunters spend quite a significant amount of money on the purchase of a license to transport to the hunting area, hunting equipment and, of course, the most essential attribute of the weapon.

However, a novice hunter it is often difficult to decide what gun is best for hunting. Today shops offer a huge range, depending on quality, country of origin etc.

Before you buy, the hunter should be familiar with the original characteristics of the weapon and the basics of its use.

So all firearms can be divided into two categories:

  • smooth,
  • rifled.

Rifled guns represent the rifles and carbines that are used primarily for shooting at long distances. However, a novice hunter, this weapon is not suitable, due to the fact that the license to carry process is quite complex from the point of view of the legislation (in order to buy the buyer must have five years of experience carrying shotguns).

“Pereleski and netcicky”

Smooth-bore weapons used for shooting buckshot or grapeshot. Most hunting rifles just the same, and relates to smooth-bore, which in turn are divided into devices with folding and neotkryvshiesya trunks.

The first option is the most common and most frequent use among hunters. In the language of the hunter’s rifle is called “perilaku”. Charging it through the elementary run-a-round into the chamber. In the stores of such weapons may be offered from a single-to four -. Beginner arrow, it is not skilled at shooting, it is highly recommended not to buy a single-barreled gun. If it misses, it is unlikely to have time to recharge it before the desired prey will hide or attack.

“Pereleski” as a rule, allow the hunter in record time to replace the cartridge with another charge. Typically, this weapon is quite easy to use and care, however, it requires the arrow thorough work on every shot, some very informative information about ballistics, as well as knowledge about the proper selection of ammunition. Spring-piston system has a pretty good sequence of shots as long as the metal base of the spring will not become obsolete and will need replacing. Rifle with neotkryvshiesya trunks can also be single – and double-barreled. As a rule, it is a pretty rapid-fire and more productive.


Also the guns are divided into Vakurova and vnutrigornye. The first production was markedly reduced in the market of weapons, of course, you can find them in stores, but their price is usually quite high. The function of withdrawal of a spent cartridge in these rifles perform the extractors and ejectors. The first push of the sleeve, thus allowing the arrow to take them by the hand, and the second throw them out the springs automatically. Of course, the ejectors make the gun a rate of fire disadvantage will be the high probability of breakage than with extractors, as well as the automatic ejection of shell casings, the probable loss of the liners at night or when the hunter in bolatito area.

It is better to choose semi-automatic or double-barreled weapon

To answer this question, you need to decide what type of hunting will be a shooter. In most cases, the object of hunting are waterfowl, poultry, rabbits and moose. For terrestrial animals should be in the shotgun. Semi-automatic useful for hunting, which require a high rate of fire the same type of ammo (mass shooting of water fowl). In addition, semi-automatic has a great weight, which is especially noticeable when mobile hunting, also it increases the expenditure of ammunition. When I switch the power cartridge, it is necessary to reconfigure the weapon that can cause significant discomfort for an experienced shooter and a beginner.

Caliber weapons

When selecting weapons, should also determine its caliber. The most used calibers for hunting are 12,16 and 410 (410 is the smallest, 12 is the largest).

  • 410. Double-barreled guns for this caliber, hardly. Its cartridges have a small capacity to a shell, so you can find ammo, is endowed with large shot or buckshot. In the hunt of this caliber is almost never used.
  • 16. A hunting rifle of this caliber has a relatively small weight, which is a positive thing when walking during hunting, very low recoil during firing, the sharpness of the battle. The main disadvantage of 16 gauge is the difficulty to find him bullets, so its owner will have to stock up.
  • 12. The most popular among hunting lovers. The store offers a large list of weapons with this calibre and suitable cartridges.
Hunting scopes

Also one of the most common issues for novice hunters is about the choice of the sight. Their number also varies in large quantities on display hunting stores. For beginners the most optimal to choose the telescopic sight used for aiming at remote distances and poor weather conditions. First and most importantly is their advantage over conventional sights is the ability to visually zoom in on objects.

The most common optics are

  • Carl Zeiss
  • Nikon
  • KAPS,
  • Swarovski.

For the lovers of night hunting ideal sights for visions in the night Sentinel of 2.5 GY-2-1. Such devices have sight marks for two relevant scale to compute the distance to the object and adjust the firing taking into account the range distance. The standard sights are typical front sight and the rear sight.

It is highly recommended not to choose for a hunting rifle with diopter sight used for shooting sports mainly in the biathlon.

Choice of cover: plastic or wood

It all depends on aesthetic tastes of the hunter. Plastic is not whimsical care, he does not get wet in wet weather, the tree also requires a more careful and lengthy care. But, of course, the tree looks more beautiful and presentable.

Selection criteria guns

So, when the future hunter made the decision to buy a gun, read the relevant literature, watching educational videos, and went after him in the hunting store, he should be guided by the following terms.

First, you need to carefully inspect the gun. Cracks, potholes, blisters on a couch is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, often there are cases when the sellers sell the goods is not “the first freshness”. So, if you have any defects, you must immediately abandon it. The inside of the barrel should be cylindrical up to the muzzle of the barrel, which should be parallel to the channel axis and have sharp edges.

Further test procedure can be called “relationship novice with a gun.” You must pick up, attach it to shoulder and aim. If the butt rests on the shoulder freely, and the sighting line coincides with the slope of view, the gun is ideal from the point of view of its alignment with the shoulder camera. It is necessary not to forget about the weight of small apparatus. In General, hunters deduced the approximate formula for the ideal hunting weapons for people, its weight shall be 1/22 of the total weight of the hunter. Typically, the weight ranges from 2.7 to 3.3 kg. it is Highly recommended not to purchase light weapons due to its rapid wear in the future, as well as a very strong recoil when shooting.

Before choosing a gun, check the condition of the spikes barrel. Check it with a light hit with his knuckles on the bar arms (the defect will give a slight rattle).

Ratings of hunting weapons

Consider the types of guns most commonly purchased by hunters in connection with their quality, performance, and practicality.

  • IZH-27, TOZ-34 are leaders among domestic hunters. Their main advantages are highest precision, practicality and durability. Other popular guns are the IZH-58, 12,54, 27
  • STOEGER M2000 – Turkey semi-automatic shotgun, 12 gauge. Experts say his durability, there is no difficulty when recharging, resistance to any weather conditions.
  • HUGLU 201-HRZ – Turkish production, also has a high rate of fire and reliability in use.

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