The best places for hunting travel enthusiasts

Species diversity of wildlife attracts lovers of hunting in the most remote corners of the globe. The distance from civilization, its picturesque scenery and abundance of wildlife make the area ideal for hunting.

Ready to go anywhere in the world for the sake of bright emotions and a special trophy? Use the experience of seasoned hunters, who recommend the following site.

The best places for hunting in the world


Australia – a unique continent. It is a country that has Alpine forests and tropical jungles, vast, fertile fields, the endless beaches with white sand, uninhabited terrain and “Red heart” – the desert. Modern bustling cities coexist with untouched nature.

Australia – a Paradise for sport hunting. Here are allowed to hunt the following animals: Fox, deer, water Buffalo, wild dog Dingo, rabbits, hares, antelope, wild boar, banteng (a rare species of wild oxen) and goats. Hunting for kangaroo and crocodile shooting strictly limited by the government. If there is a desire to try kangaroo meat, no problem. Dishes of kangaroo served here in any restaurant, and the fresh meat sold in supermarkets.

The Republic Of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus attracts the presence of generous natural resources that have not suffered from human activities. Extensive areas of forests and wetlands populated by wildlife and birds.
Very attractive hunting for bison. Also here hunting for wild boar, deer, moose, wolf. In the spring, between the quality of the trophy is the wild game: goose, duck, grouse and black grouse. Hunting in Belarus is not only productive, but beautiful.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic – a country with rich natural resources and beautiful medieval traditions. Hunting here is not only fascinating but also entertaining. This is a special build of hunters, signals the trumpeters, comparing trophies with the announcement of the best participant.

The hunting economy of the Czech Republic comfortably accommodate your guests and provide a wide range of leisure activities. Here it is possible to hunt for wild boar, ROE deer, deer, fallow deer, pheasant and mouflon.

South Africa

South Africa – the heart of the black continent with its diverse flora and unique fauna. This is the place where confluence of the waters of the oceans, and savannahs are juxtaposed with the subtropical forests, the sandy coast and the Bey mountains. Hunters from around the world come to South Africa to get the most vivid emotions and rich booty.


Hunt in Africa all year round. But if you want a specific trophy, selected the season and district. The state policy of the country aimed at attracting hunters, for optimum conditions, and the number of animals increases. Popular the hunt for the “big five”: Buffalo, elephant, Rhino, lion and leopard. Such a trophy is worth it to come here from the other end of the globe. You can also get a water goat. antelope, busboy, bubula.

The best places for hunting in Russia

Russia is a country with rich natural resources and numerous scenic spots for hunting.


Kamchatka – unique in its beauty place. The land of geysers and volcanoes offer excellent opportunities for hunting. Trophy could be: elk, brown bear, Fox, bighorn sheep, tundra partridge.

Gorny Altai – a Paradise for Amateur and professional hunting. In summer there takes place the hunt for woodchucks, which requires special skill and accuracy. Popular fishing goats, red deer and ROE deer. Winter chasing wolves on snowmobiles will give an explosion of emotions and adrenaline. Spring – time hunting grouse and capercaillie.


Fans of harsh Northern nature will appreciate the wealth of resources and opportunities for hunting in Karelia. Most here hunt game: grouse, capercaillie, hazel grouse.


Sochi is a beautiful city on the black sea coast, offering many opportunities for outdoor activities. In September we held a music festival “New wave” in may – championship card games. You can combine passive beach rest with active. Over the territory of region is crossed by several major migration routes of birds, which gives great opportunities for getting the trophy. Here to hunt quail, corncrake, wild pigeons.

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