The features of the rifle Elk and its specifications

The hunting carbine “Moose” is a family of weapons for the production of large and medium animals. The series presents a lineup under a different type of cartridge.

Production of the carbine “Moose” began immediately after the war. Initially it was called TO 8.2 percent, it represented an improved version of the weapons NK-8,2. The model was developed under bullet cartridge with an initial speed of a bullet 700 m/s. Field tests of the rifle revealed a number of deficiencies in the design.

In particular, the defeat of the goal was from a distance of 100 m, which does not meet the requirements of commercial hunting. In 1975, started production of a new type of ammunition 7.62×51A. Its development required the creation of tailored his carbine. Series “Moose” got a new impetus to the development that led to the creation of the most popular models of the “7-1”.

Modification was allowed to hit a moving target from a distance of up to 300 m, which was demanded by the fishers. The development of the nines has not reduced sales of the seventh-models: the accessibility of various calibers only increased the popularity of the family.


The family of “Moose” represents the nine different types of weapons, from the first versions to modern versions:

  • “Elk-1” – issue 1965 under cartridge 9×53mm R;
  • “Los-4” – issue 1977 under the hunting cartridge of 7.62×51 mm;
  • “Los-7” – variant of the fourth model chambered in 7.62×51 mm;
  • “Los 7-1” – option seven is equipped with a removable;
  • “Moose 8” – development chambered for the 9.3×64mm Brenneke;
  • TO 9-1 – a modified version of eight under the same cartridge;
  • “Moose 9-2” option for 7.62×63 mm;
  • “Moose 9-3” option for caliber 7×65 mm Brenneke.

Also to the family of attitude sports and training rifles Beat-6.5 and AVL, which is made on the basis of the rifle.

Technical characteristics of the family

Starting with “7-1” carbines have the shop type change cartridges. The basic layout is a conventional rifle. The breech block has a longitudinal sliding design, with a turn for locking of the cartridge. No extra body kit weight is 3 kg. cutting the trunk right number of notches – 4. The barrel has an additional chrome treatment. The design provides for regulated slopes setting sights are of open type. The sight PO4×34.

Bed made of birch, has a pistol type shape. For cushioning recoil provided rubber recoil pad.

Model “7-1” the most popular member of the family. This is due to the relatively low cost, and availability of ammunition of a specific calibre. This model features a unique design solution for USM and shutter, where the elements of the fuse. The percussion mechanism is located in the receiver. “7-1” is deservedly recognized as a classic among the carbines for hunting, occupying the last place among the leaders.


Device carabiner habitual, and design has excellent features operational parameters:

  • The store is a box-shaped design, with the location in the box. With a capacity of five shells arranged alternately on a chess diagram. The reflector of the rifle is an element of the cups, the bolt having in its frontal plane extractor. The notched recess, the purpose of which the striker is cocked, has a spiral bevel;
  • The mechanism of trigger pull, “7-1” is the adjustment;
  • Sights the rifle on the open type, it is possible to install specialized optics. The butt is equipped with a soft pad of shock-absorbing rubber;
  • The pistol form of the Lodge is complemented by a convenient ledge under her cheek;
  • Meter barrel and the receiver “7-1” have a rigid mutual fixing. Made of quality metal with chrome finish. The implementation of the circuit occurs at two stops;
  • On the packing side of the rifle, directly in the tidal arm, the socket is located to lock the trigger mechanism on the box body with a recess for a fuse. In a special stem has a channel where is located the return spring, the firing pin and the firing pin directly.

In General, the design has a positive feedback. The only drawback is the fairly tight shutter at the beginning of operation. With the grinding elements of the mechanism, this effect eventually disappears. The reason for this phenomenon is the “7-1” is a defect of the geometry of the bevel, or poor treatment. Reviews by real owners, saying that after five hundred shots it is not already visible.

Automatic carbine

A series of “Moose” is equipped with a release mechanism, which together with the spike form a complex structure. Located in the middle, he has milled recesses for sear with the trigger. At the end of the body is a hole of the retainer defining the end position of the shutter in the charge. The undoubted advantage of the rifle is the presence of adjustment force for the descent. Its performance is in the range of 0.76 and 1.53 kgs. Stroke of the hook rifle “Moose” has a range of 2-4 mm.

“7-1” –

Reviews allow real owners to compile a complete picture of the operational characteristics of the family “Moose”. Experience shows that the factory data does not always coincide with the actual performance. This trend is observed both in positive and in the worst way. Definitely, it is worth noting the following:

  • Partial disassembly is carried out without the use of additional tools;
  • The patterning on the passport, namely, 33 mm, brought to 17 mm on 100 m. And this is a very good indicator.
  • Carrying convenience is a relative concept. The same “7-1”, judging by the reviews, nothing is superior to similar weapons.
  • With the growth of the hunter up to 180 cm carabiner is very comfortable with open sights. To use optics, you need to put the low crowns.
  • “7-1” is very convenient for cleaning as the other carbines with remove the shutter.
  • Durability. Besides the progressive increase in allowable accuracy, excessive wear is not seen.
  • The relatively low price.

Negative reviews can form the following comments to the “7-1”:

  • Impractical the structure of the store. The lower part can shake and rattle, especially if it is plastic like the Moose 7-1.
  • The locking mechanism is unreliable, has a tendency to move a few millimeters down. During the shooting, visually it is hard to notice. As a consequence – the inability to reload.

Despite these shortcomings, most experienced hunters, judging by the reviews, I prefer to just classic hunting rifles. “Moose” is the best choice for those who want to have practical and inexpensive weapon.

The recharge process

When loading, you should open the slide, rotate the handle in the up position, then take it back to the end.

  1. To fill the store with bullets, pressing them to the wall and positioning one by one. They will remain in place thanks to the pressure side of the valve.
  2. To cock it to the side arm by dosil cartridge.
  3. For the shot you need to remove the fuse and then pull the trigger.

Reloading rifle carried out the following actions:

  1. The shutter open.
  2. To take him back, then push all the way forward and then just close.

In order to discharge the rifle should:

  1. To activate a special latch on the store;
  2. Rotate the cover down and push myself;
  3. To remove the cartridge from the chamber;
  4. To put the safety on.
Assembly and disassembly

Before starting the process the rifle must be unloaded. In the presence of the optics, remove it from the bracket. To open the shutter and to the limit push it back. Simultaneously release the trigger and remove it from the body of the barrel. Next is to remove the bar and feed mechanism from the stock.

A store-bought cover and unscrewed connects the design of the screws. Dismounting of the trigger box is this: along with the pin removed the trigger mechanism. Then removed the fuse. Its check box should be parallel to the barrel. Then the fuse removed completely and removed the latch.

Лось 7-1

Dismantling the bolt

In order to disassemble the shutter should move the clutch forward, overcoming the resistance of the spring. Then rotate strictly clockwise. To separate the coupling and the shutter, pulling the drummer along with the spring. With the trigger box, you first need to remove the cover and remove the spring. Next, remove the axle Adjuster by pulling the trigger until it stops. Removing the trigger and unscrewing the adjustment screw to release the spring hook with the regulator. Assembly is also simple, but all the actions happen on the contrary.

Overall, the series consists of durable reliable carbines with affordable price. Among domestic producers in this segment of the hunting arms of the family of “Moose” has no analogs.

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