The opening of hunting a duck in the spring

Shooting waterfowl involves not only the shooting. It is necessary to conduct a number of preliminary steps such as preparing equipment and preparation of permission documents.

Open season: open season

The beginning of the shooting game in 2017 in the regions does not occur in one day. Date of opening of hunting wetland inhabitants can vary, although in most households there is a single day.
From 1 April to 31 may (dates can be slightly shifted) is an official hunting period for waterfowl. Final initial timing set hunting.

Follow the rules and regulations of shooting

Shooting at a specified time is not limited only to extraction of ducks. You can take the trophy other species.


  • allow shooting of a dove;
  • Kulik;
  • lishi.

At the same time imposed a number of restrictions and a complete ban:

  1. for shooting fowl listed in the Red book;
  2. you can’t shoot Gogol;
  3. merganser;
  4. silohuette;
  5. Blackie;
  6. dove – a bruise and a number of other types.

A complete list of prohibited shooting of venison in every hunting/land. His need to know and be sure to review before you begin hunting.

For the development and increasing populations of waterfowl restrictions of shooting per hunter. For one day allowed to produce no more than five carcasses. For violations of the rules of shooting penalties are introduced, with which should be read before hunting. It must be remembered that all animals are fond of the country. Regulation of rates and timing of shooting allows you to control the population of each species.

A few words about hunting and shooting ticket cards


For legal duck hunting in 2017 must have:

  • hunting license;
  • shooting card.

Hunting license contains information about the hunter, the small arms and the place of registration.

Card for shooting contains information about the timing of hunting and the venue. In addition, shooting the map shows the specific location of the hunt.

You need to know and remember

Unacceptable conduct firing near villages, in places likely finding people. According to the approved rules of the distance to the possible location of people can be up to 200 meters.
Strictly prohibited to use any unregistered weapons. You cannot use unauthorized methods of hunting wild fowl. Unacceptable shooting and using weapons while intoxicated. Hunting regulations do not allow the transfer of weapons to third parties.


A full range of rules and behavior of hunters are in each farm that you want to see and stick to the hunt.

To hunt in the spring, exclusively on Drake.
They differ from the weft large dimensions and weight. The cry of a duck is different from the voice of a duck.

The equipment of the hunter

For comfortable shooting requires a proven weapon, quality ammunition of a specific caliber and ammunition convenient.


The question of the choice of weapons is individuality. Today, the use of semi-automatic rifles competing with the traditional horizontal and vertical double-barreled guns.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is:

  • on the accuracy of fire;
  • and a sharp fight.
  • Basic rule: weapons must be in working condition.

In the process of hunting rifle you may come across various types of waterfowl. For shooting birds there are cartridges with defined rooms from three to seven. Universal in this case are cartridges with shot No. 5.

Cartridges must be suitable for firing. About the time of production of cartridges and date of use marked on the box relevant information.

Not allowed shooting game cartridges damp, with visible signs of deformity and expired cartridges.


The kit includes ammunition bandolier or pouch to accommodate cartridges of different caliber. The waist belt suspension (toroca) for trophy game.

Applies to ammunition gun case, preferably made of durable waterproof material and backpack. Do not forget about selecting a hunting knife can come in handy at any time.


For “sea hunt” suitable light, windproof jacket. Pants them water-repellent fabric and bog.

When hunting from a boat is necessary to have two sets of clothes. One – light version. The second winter set, which may include two sweaters, thermal underwear, wool socks and warm pants. Such measures are associated with the movement of the water and the features of hunting waterfowl.

Features spring ejection

It is important when choosing a place to hunt guided by certain rules. It pays to use the space, near a fly and sits waterfowl.
In this case, you need to consider the possibility of setting on the water decoy, allowing a relatively free floating. Visibility should be good to duck from a distance could see a duck.
You should consider possible current. To place a decoy and stuffed so that they do not fall over. Is the best quiet Bay or meadows.

About the time of the shooting

The most “killer” is considered an ambush on the morning and evening dawns. For stealth, equipped with huts in which the guns are placed in advance.

It is best to take two ducks, which can be changed to relax and hunt all day. In rainy, cloudy weather duck can fly during daylight hours.

Methods of hunting

There are many ways of finding and getting the trophy.

The most common are:

  • shooting the duck using models;
  • hunting with dogs.
  • Shooting duck from the decoy and stuffed

For shooting at a moving target is used to disguise and ambush. This can be a tent, or a specially dug pit. Stuffed animals are placed at the selected location in advance, and the arrows located in tents.

Shooting Drake with the use of dogs

The game can be effective with the use of dogs. The time to find the game Matins and evening dawn. Trophy with approach will be successful if the dog is trained.

The most common species to search for waterfowl this:

  • German wire-haired pointing;
  • spaniels;
  • likes;
  • all breeds of setters.

They are distinguished by obedience, excellent nose, perseverance in the search. The ability to pursue fleeing prey. These rocks are perfectly serves the trophy, great work on the wounded animal. They are trainable and attached to the owner.

Dog in the search game combed through the reeds, trying to put game birds on the wing. Hunter walks along the shore, watching the dog’s behavior. She brings the trophy to the owner, removing carcasses from inaccessible to humans.

Effective is the use of dogs in hunting waterfowl, which strong to fight. To bring a wounded animal duty dog.

Experienced and well-trained dog you can use the full daylight hours, letting it rest periodically.

Dispute and the identity of the trophy

When there is a question of the right of ownership of the trophy need to adhere to the rules. The carcass goes to the hunter who shot the last one.

It is unacceptable to make a shot at Drake, who stood up on the wing. Definitely need to get the wounded animal.

If Drake produced under someone else’s dog, he is rightfully the owner of the dog. He, in turn, sends you as a thank you cartridges.

Beginners who are lucky enough to get the trophy on the first hunt, need to thank the coach, handing him a few carcasses of the duck.

In the end

There are unspoken rules of conduct in hunting. Adhering and complying with them, you go through a peculiar ritual. Positive emotions in this case you provided. Collective hunting is primarily meeting an old, trusted people, regardless of their status in society. After all when shooting at game birds all are equal and are in the same conditions. Keep this in mind and respect of colleagues-in-arms.

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