The permission for hunting weapon

To buy a good weapon to start of season 2016-2017 is the primary goal for the hunter. The assortment in our stores is quite wide. It is possible to buy a gun smooth-bore and rifled, the Russian manufacturer or foreign firms, mass production or handmade.

But to obtain the right to own weapons is only possible with a license and ammo to sell, if not permission (Roch). For collection permits we have to obtain a hunting license.

Not to be unarmed by the beginning of the hunting season, will have to take care of everything in advance, since the registration process may be delayed.

Get a ticket hunter in 2017

Hunting license – a single document of the state sample, which confirms the citizen’s right to hunt throughout the country. Without the identity of a hunter a license for the weapon not to. It is made after submission of the application form to the authorities to solve the problems of your region in the field of ecology and environmental management. You can apply in person or send by mail.

In addition to the statements should provide:

  • a copy of the passport;
  • photo of a 2.5×3.5 cm (2 PCs).

There is a possibility to apply for issuance of a hunter in 2017 through a single state portal. To get the code to activate the sales center of the company “Rostelecom” or via email.

Authorities have 5 working days to render a decision on issuance or refusal to issue a ticket of the hunter. As grounds for the negative to the applicant of the decision there may be the following facts:

  • a minority as recognized by a court or incapacity of the applicant;
  • false (incorrect) or incomplete data;
  • the lack of permanent registration;
  • the application is submitted prior to the end of the hardship, if the person was deprived of the right to hunt;
  • outstanding/conviction for a crime committed intentionally.

Provided re-registration previously cancelled. Hunting certificate sample 2017 provided free of charge. Its action is not limited by time. To obtain the final document we need to present a passport.

Arrange a license for hunting weapons

The granting of a license for guns for hunting, permit for storage and transport know the regional service of internal Affairs, where you are served a set of documents:

  • the application form (the form is issued at the licensing service of the interior Ministry);
  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and a photocopy;
  • photos 3×4 (2 PCs.);
  • the medical certificate (form 046-1), together with extracts from the drug and psychoneurologic dispensaries received at the place of permanent residence, you will need to pass a vision test (to have glasses if you wear them or lenses), in addition to the above, you will need to obtain a certificate, having passed the tests for absence of narcotic and psychotropic substances and their metabolites, in addition to a passport you will need a military ID;
  • the hunting certificate of a surrendered hunting.

Having a state license, the novice hunter receives the right to purchase firearms smoothbore hunting rifle. Thanks to its technical characteristics, this type of weapon is suitable for different types of hunting.


To obtain a state license for smoothbore shotgun will need to study on the programme of handling of firearms on licensed courses. Successfully pass the final exam and get a crust. Practical training – shooting range of the shotguns. The cost of training with the exam may vary in area from 5 to 8 thousand rubles:

Rifled shotgun unlike a smoothbore, has a barrel inside the tabs – twisted rifling. Rifle has higher accuracy. The bullet twists and flies much further than fired from a smooth barrel. So rifled gun on the big beast provides the option of shooting at 500 meters. Licensed to him a beginner. It is possible to buy a rifle if hunting is a profession, therefore, when submitting documents to the hunting rifle/ combo gun, you must attach a copy of the order on official assignment.

The hunter fan to receive a coveted permit for a rifled gun if you have five years of experience in legal possession of a gun at the time of submission of the documents. The decision on granting a license for hunting shotguns/rifles accepted authorities within one month from the time of application. The citizen pays the license fee (smooth – 100 rubles per unit, threaded – 200 rubles, 2017).

Has received a license, you can now think about buying and storing guns

The license is valid for six months from the date of issuance. During this period, you must purchase the weapon in the property. You can buy it in a specialty store or from a private party. The license is valid only upon presentation of a passport. The room, system, caliber rifle made in the hunting ticket of the buyer. When buying guns in a gun shop, the seller must fill out the license and leave the buyer a third part of it.

If the seller is an individual, the license is filled in OLR, where they were received. This will reassign it to a new buyer. Bought hunting weapons (smooth-bore, combo, threaded) to a two-week deadline from the date of purchase is registered at the regional ARR. You need to apply and make part of this license, the seller left the gun store.

Take care of the safe to create conditions for safe storage, and to completely eliminate extraneous access to your weapon. According to legislation, it must be kept in the safe of the metal/metal Cabinet/drawer made of wood, covered with iron, together with cartridges, where the owner lives. The safe closed with a secure lock (usually two). Inside the safe is equipped with compartment with lockable ammo. If the alarm cannot be set, a safe bolted to the wall and to the floor by bolts of steel. Authorities the right to inspect the conditions under which is stored the trunks.

Permission to storage and the right to carry guns

For free transportation and carrying guns will need to obtain a special permit to keep. Without this document, the cartridges do not sell. Here is a set of documents that are required to collect, submit them personally to the territorial division of licensing service of the interior Ministry or through the portal of state services in 2017:

  • statement prescribed form;
  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • photos 3×4 (2 PCs.);
  • the hunting ticket;
  • a copy of the license marked on sale or with a mark-confirmation of the Ministry of interior on transfer from another owner.
  • a copy of the registration certificate for a hunting rifle.

To apply for a permit (Roch) is required two weeks from the date of registration of the trunk. Before authorizing the owner did not have documents on the right of gun ownership. At this period the barrel should put you in a box and not move anywhere. Finally, permission is received. Now you can go hunting with their own gun freely to transport and buy their gun ammo.

Remember, the person who is the owner of the weapon responsible for proper storage of the barrel and ammunition. The owner is responsible for the consequences resulting from non-observance of rules of storage and operation weapons. The legislation prohibits the sale of hunting guns or transfer guns to other persons, if such actions did not have the authorization of government bodies.

If you refuse to grant permission

If the granting of a license for a weapon is denied, the applicant must give written notice – reasoned opinion in full indication of the legislation of the Russian Federation and normative legal acts of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation violation of which was the reason for such a decision.

Why can deny?:

  • the age of 18;
  • providing inaccurate information or incomplete set of documents, for example, the lack of certificate in the prescribed form, as the account in a psychoneurological or narcological dispensaries;
  • there is no documentary evidence of the visa applicant’s relevant training;
  • the lack of permanent registration;
  • there is outstanding/uncancelled conviction for a crime committed intentionally;
  • deprivation of the right to own a gun court;
  • re during the year of offences of an administrative nature or one that is associated with narcotic and psychotropic means;
  • the lack of the prescribed conditions for storage of weapons.

If a citizen believes a waiver is not justified, then he has the opportunity to appeal the decision of the authorities in the court of the place of its incorporation. The owner must have the exemption notification. If the notice refuse to provide, contact the Prosecutor’s office. The court a certificate confirming your right to the license. For example, a certificate for expungement of information center Department of the interior, if the refusal is motivated by this circumstance.

As practice shows, to obtain a license in this case is not easy. Probably influenced by the weight of the article. Officials reluctant to take responsibility and give permission for the possession of weapons by person for a heavy article such as, for robbery with causing of heavy harm to health. Although legally this refusal illegal.

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